Sunday, July 29, 2012

WTF is it with that Stardust shit?

WTF is it with that Stardust shit?

Stardust! Stardust! Stardust! Whoop Tee Fucking Doo! 
Dust is Dust is Dust is Dead is Dead is Dead.
Ashes and Gone Baby Gone! Does it really matter what kind of fucking dust you are?
Will dust do your thinking? Your Feeling? Your  Loving even your hating? 
Your Tasting and smelling and thinking and enjoying?
A big empathic NO!

Dust is dead and cold and lonely in the universe it doesn’t give a shit, it is shit.

I don’t understand the greatest minds and scientists and the poets and potheads going goo goo gaga over fucking stardust.

Dust will have plenty of fucking time dontcha worry.

Look in the mirror and think (while you still can) 
one day soon all this will be gone: all dust
-no eye reflecting eye,
-no face reflecting face,
-no thought reflecting thoughts,
-no nothing,
gone forever and ever in a happy little fucking pile of stardust somewhere. 
To some it might be a deliverance, to many it will seem too soon,
‘tis always too soon
someone somewhere might miss your pile of dust while it was moving and thinking and sometimes farting and annoying the hell out of you.
Some will leave other little piles of dust of their own behind them.

Is that good or bad now?  Fuck knows.

Some will leave no other dust than their own some would say this is sad but who knows really.

Eventually in time (what is 4 or 5 billion years really) there will be nothing else but dead dust all over with no history no achievements no one to tell what was and what was not.
Well not much different than today really since what was and what was not is never quite clean cut. Much if not most of it being lies, myths, distortions, fairy tales, and delusions or media bullshit or ugly greedy spin.
So stardust of tomorrow enjoy the air of today, the food and water of today if you have any, the love and the pain of today because I have an inkling that dust limbo is no fun at all.

All we have is this moment, 

right here, 

right now.  

The future is just a fucking concept 

that we use to avoid being alive today. 

So be  here 


Brenda Chenowith (Character)
from "Six Feet Under" (2001)