Tuesday, May 9, 2017

And Sartre didn't even have the internet

 I'm a vet. Ptsd is a bitch but it's no excuse for killing her service dog. Hope she burns in hell

Well according to your mythical & medieval belief she WILL burn in your non-existent mythical HELL 
and not because she killed a puppy 
but because she committed suicide 
therefore removing herself from the control and profit of priests, imams, pastors, the Spanish Inquisition, the government, and YOU.

It always amazes me to see 
the great Christian Values of 
Mercy and Compassion 
being proned in 


while foaming at the mouth like any other hysterical mob would do be they buddhists, or muslims, KKK, or christians.

Jesus said:
"But go and learn what this means:
'I desire mercy, not sacrifice.' 

but Christians go 
like Vicky Pollard 

excusing themselves, 
justifying and 
what they say, do, or think
even better than Ted Bundy did himself.

Reminiscent of dark movies like
Deliverance and
Winter's Bone.


P.S. There is no such thing as hell 
as Sartre said 
and it is so fucking obvious 
as one reads internet comments:

L'enfer c'est les autres. 

Hell is other people.

Nietzsche certainly on to something  
People as a rule are control freaks 
and power is the leading cause of human apes.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Intellectuals are in dire need of “isms” for some reason

Nouvelle Chanson takes its inspiration artistically from Dada and Surrealism. Lyrically, inspiration is also drawn from fairy tales, contemporary poetry, and magical realist literature. It is also theatrical, and draws on the adoption of various personas.  ~Wikipedia

There is a great need in the small human mind to catalogue things to categorise everything, to put each idea, each breath in a nice compartment a comfortable little cube.

Particularly visible in arts: painting, literature, music.
The underlying idea being probably to simplify the marketing the profiting of it all.

Also to simplify life in our very simple minds.

By becoming an expert in one of those little cube one can inflate its self-value from the frog to the ox in his own mind.

Therefore the stench of utter pedantic behaviour and stuffiness in the arts and I might add also in science and in all aspects of life.

People hate so much saying “I don’t know” or “this is new and doesn’t belong to anything else” or “this is unique”.  

They all wanted to put Van Gogh in a box where Van Gogh himself didn’t even know if he was coming or going and was just EVOLVING, growing.

His brother certainly was strong in compartmentalising as it was part of his business and selling art is more than often nothing short of selling hot air.

When those pedantic stuffy expert could not find a box for someone they arrogantly called it “art naïf” because it did not fit in their expertise standards.

One had to belong to a school, one had to belong to a religion, and one had to be labelled catalogues and stashed away in a little box somewhere.

In this day of large numbers and expanding universe it gets harder and harder to find new boxes to put things it as less and less things fit in the fucking box anymore.

You knew now that that f word was coming soon didn’t you?

That pedantic stuffy attitude seems to be particularly relevant among the French but is seen worldwide.

Speaking of stuffiness here allow me a little parentheses on one of my latest pet peeve:  Michael Portillo.
Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, his name is synonym with utter failure and yet he mouths around the globe as if nothing had happened, au contraire.
My Bradshaw 1913 says, my Bradshaw this, and my Bradshaw that every 15 seconds regularly holding the red book like a flag making sure it is in every single fucking frame even holding it awkwardly at shoulder height for a headshot.  I can imagine him holding his relic in his left hand and jerking off with the right hand easily since he seems to be so utterly pedantic, stuffy, and fetishist about the item.
Every time I see him I feel like Jules Winnfield / Samuel L. Jackson:


While Portillo mumbles shit with a gun in his mouth.
End of parenthesis

So back to my muttons here to use a common French expression.

We, humans, are strange to say the least.  Very limited yet totally unaware of our limitations au contraire practicing the Kruger Dunning effect exponentially.

We need to frame, catalogue, compartmentalise a constantly evolving changing world that we have to begin with very little understanding of.

It would seem a priori that Dewey was a cunt. :) 

Pliny and Aristotle tried to do so too and failed miserably IIRC.

Even the most modern attempt today will be risible tomorrow.

So why do we keep trying? Some sort of thumb in mouth comfort? Much related to our fear of death? Who knows?

Point is that to squeeze someone or something in a little cube is just smothering and futile. We are what we are and that’s it and that’s all. All of it in all its time and even all that is a nanodot on the radar of the universe. 

This cataloguing will be all gone too soon 
the kata and the logos altogether.

Eat and Drink and be Merry for Mañana blah blah blah

But I won't be here anymore. Me. I'll be gone for good. If at least I'd learned something. I feel as helpless as the day I was born.
I haven't found a meaning. It's…
I have to search.
I have to keep searching.
We've been everything.
Separatists, independantists, sovereignists, sovereignty-associationists.
At first we were existentialists. We read Sartre and Camus.
Then Fanon, we became anti-colonialists.
We read Marcuse and became Marxists.
After Solzhenitsyn we changed.
We were structuralists.
-Is there an "ism" we haven't worshipped.
-God no. Think of Guo Jing.
Who was he? -An archeologist
with a skirt slit to the crotch.
Even you remember. -In the 70s,
China opens up to the West.
She comes on a cultural exchange. The
university sends its trusty radical, me...
I enter the dining room of her hotel.
I spot her, and die.
Beauty that could melt Emperor Qin's
7000 terra cotta warriors
I order tea, we make small talk.
I can see us doing Pekinese lotus.
-The Szechuan dragon.
To make myself appear intresting
I dive in: "Your country has achieved so much.
We're so envious. Your Cultural Revolution is wonderful!"
Her lovely black eyes glaze over.
I'm mortified to realize
that she's thinking,
"He's either a CIA agent
or the worst cretin in the West."
So much for the lotus and dragon.
For two years she'd cleaned pigsties on a re-education farm.
Father murdered,
mother committed suicide.

And some dumb French-Canadian who's
seen the films of Jean-Luc Godard
and read Philippe Sollers
says that the Chinese
Cultural Revolution, is wonderful!
Cretinism doesn’t sink any lower.
Voluntary simplicity.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

in the living seconds

Every past generation has thought that this generation was going to hell in a basket at light speed.

2 things today,

1.       Thought on a 9GAG picture

2.      The Young Pope

1.       The picture was of one of those sempiternal lame lame American daytime talk show. 

Some poor sad fucked up emo kid and an even sadder host who has to listen to all this utter crap.
Title of post: It HAS to stop

Kid: “I am transforming into a sexless alien”

Lamer end line even: Every day. We stray further from god.

We sure seam to stray alright but our parents and our grandparents could have said the same.

Even though I do feel that with IT modern technology and especially social medias we ARE straying exponentially and that seems a little scary.

With hashtags like #lbgtqabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz we will soon need an hexadecimal system to go further.

In this nurture vs nature fight the oil of social media is spreading every little virus like a fire in high wind.  It encourages the weak to come up with craftier ways to get their 15 seconds of fame.  I will leave it there for now as there is no going through the #lbgtqabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz  without ruffling some feathers.

Now speaking on encouraging the weak let’s go to point numero deux.

I have been watching the Young Pope lately on SBS on demand and even though I am not a fan of Jude Law or the Catholic Church I am still watching, up to episode 6 so far I think.

It is funny fiction in one way to imagine that the Americans who love power and control could also get their hands on the Vatican one day but this is not what troubles me. 

Some say the new show 13 Reasons Why is dangerous.

I would say that The New Pope has even more potential of mental madness.

Such fanaticism and intransigence may seem purist and good and Francis of Assisi like even though the new pope sure loves to pieces all his ostentation and rich fabrics and show-off gear. 

But this fervour can only lead to psychosis.  

I can imagine thousands of weak minds good willing and good hearted and all seeking arduously a god that doesn’t exist and ending inevitably in a mental hospital with high psychotic behaviour of their own creation. Everyone creates his own god after all.

7 billion different gods on this planet and some are scarier than other: the more ignorant the believer the scarier the god not mentioning the evil power wielding priests and imams and what not creating powerful hysterical mobs to achieve unsanctioned murder.

If you stare in the abyss the abyss stares back.

His motives so far are dubious and weird but his speeches could lead many to utter madness.  The self-doubting believer trying extra hard to filter all of his dichotomies.  It has happened plenty of times in the past: Nelligan, Van Gogh and thousands of others.

Let’s not forget now that the main of Christianity in the Roman Empire was started by such a fanatic who had fallen off his horse and assuredly permanently affecting his temporal lobe thereafter.
Nothing good can come out of ignorance mixed with fanaticism.

Add to this the deep internal scars and all the failures of an “infallible” man and you have a volatile recipe for disaster.

Anyway not sure what the next 4 episodes will bring me as I suppose strongly that I will watch them and finish the fictive story, I can’t say the same now about 13 Reasons Why… Jury is still out on that one and also with most Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who.  It would seem to me that the first season of True Detective has destroyed any potential good tv shows for me TD1 being the climax of all tv shows ever made.

I seem to have lost my mojo to binge ever since anyway.

Not impressed at all with the last season of Doctor Who and still wandering why I would watch it at all.  Man looks for trouble man finds it girl screams man saves the earth is getting really boring.

So here it is another lazy blog after a night of triple nightmares.

1.       Missed the train AND the Plane
2.      Flooded two rooms by forgetting taps on and going full Alzheimer’s, cried like a baby lying in 6 inches of water as Sue tried to comfort me and I had visions of losing my mind
3.      And the worst, sent a scout to our new vacation place to discover horror of horror that the internet connection is super slow

Goodbye Cruel World!  

Just Kidding… can’t go before September now and I still have this obsession to reach 2 billion seconds no matter what (just like my dad did)

May 15th, 2019  2:33 am and 20 seconds WA time give or take a second or two

I might be sitting here like when one watches an odometer reach the zeros