Friday, July 8, 2016

Seven billion cow-batteries living the dream

I  am pretty sure that Elon Musc is FOS  

and I am pretty sure that what’s her name too is FOS, JenniferNagel.

I am NOT dreaming and nobody else is.  

Why would the perception of bees or ants be the same for all then? 

Why would we all see and hear the same thing more or less?

Nah sadly we are not dreaming and we are not a computer program and we are not eternal. 

We are just a strange product of hazards:  

Cruel, entropic, and weird.

Same fate for almost all of us except maybe a lucky lobster but even he will meets his end one day when the planet boils of freezes whichever comes first.

We are NOT in a strange matrix even though the idea IS entertaining somewhat like any form of utopia or dystopia or anytopia you’d like.

We are here. We are now. And we are very temporary.

What kind of computer would program mass hysteria and religious madness and wars and shit and diseases and famine anyway?

What would this universe be now? A cheap novel?

Only WE can do that.

I know the difference most of the time when I dream so far as I can tell myself to wake up when shit gets too weird.  But there is no waking up from reality for most of us.  LSD would help but then again LSD is not reality now is it?

We are a hazardous soup and if we were a computer program well the RNG developer would be some special sick fuck, a master shithead.

Epistemology is definitely warped though I will give you that.

Too many things we don’t know and worse even

Too many things we think we know.

It just can’t be.  Seven billion cow-batteries living the dream? Come on!

It is as it is and it is very sad indeed that this is the best evolution can do.

If you ask me it is a rather stupid and bloody slow process.

Not caring whatsoever for the individual and what am I if not an individual?

Even if I was a bloody bee or whatever else.

“Even a brick wants to be something.
A brick wants to be something.
It aspires. 
Even a common, ordinary brick... wants to be something more than it is.
It wants to be something better than it is.”
 Louis Kahn

P.S. FOS for those not used to my blog stands for
Full of Shit! :)