Saturday, December 6, 2014

Curmudgeons “Я” US!

Ebenezer Scrooge here!

Still early in the day and I shake my head at most things I see including a video on world slavery and all I can think is I wonder how much this photographer spent on her hair and clothes and make up 

Plus all the obscene amount of money she is making from all this etc etc  

But what bothered me most was the drama or the dramatic presentation or the use of drama anyway something on that line.

A man in Armani using the same techniques would have provoked the same reaction BTW.

Then next comes a well-known fake smile with his new age diet vomit riding his short span of glory and milking it for every penny.

Actually pennies come a lot to mind when I watch these wannabes celebrity chefs how they milk the system, freely advertise their restaurant or bullshit, make tons of money doing it and as money brings money and celebrities get an awful lot of free shit they buy the most expensive shit for themselves with the money that belongs to the station that hired them: a little non-taxable fringe benefit.  Often they steal ideas from others and profit from them while the originator gets nothing a bit like corporate management eh? They travel for free get all the glory and the monkey carrying the camera and doing everything he does but backward gets no glory whatsoever speaking of slavery.

Everybody and everyone have an agenda and a bias. 

Even watching this BBC science show where 2 so-called scientists and doctors start with their own biases and quelle surprise finish with exactly the exact same bias! 


The Power of Science! 

I tell you.  

The subject here is that BBC Horizon latest about the female brain vs the male brain a repeat of Trading Partners really mixed with some Simon & Garf here:

Still, a man hears what he wants to hear
And disregards the rest.

And a woman too like Alice Roberts.

So many so-called scientists like a lot of religious people start with a pre-conceived idea and filter all information out that they don’t like, and they filter it out so easily too, all the while pretending to be unbiased and seeking the “truth”.

Personally on the nature versus nurture subject, I might tend slightly towards the nature side but then again nobody knows nothing as always.

Just so I make a little more sense the triggers of today are

Here and here and here.

Now on a different subjects it might be apparent that I play much less Diablo these days as this blog is getting a breath of air recently but Blizzard is reminding me of my mother lately so I stay away! :)

Their attitude is: 

“OH You LOVE this eh? GOOD! We’ll take it away”

Authorities and powers that be! Pffft!

O well enough curmudgeoning for today I guess! :)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Electrons are good, protons are bad!

Everything that is ‘good’ is a negative.

We seem to associate good with positiveness and bad with negativity but in the old and ancient languages it was totally the opposite.

For instance there is no such word as truth. The only original word in truth is Oblivion. 

(Forgetfulness, some would say concealment).  

Truth is the negation of Lethe.

Same in Buddhism all good virtue is the negation of a poison, unwholesome root

Opposite wholesome qualitiesThe three wholesome mental factors that are identified as the opposites of the three poisons are:

amoha (non-bewilderment); prajna (wisdom)

alobha (non-attachment)

advea (non-aggression, lack of hatred); mettā (loving-kindness)

So there IS NO truth then! :)

Science and CONscience

Two words that should mean the epitome of human endeavour right?


Both of them are highly and I mean highly corrupted by other heavily human factors.

Pride, Greed, Ignorance for instance, almost always coming back to the three poisons here, Gautama must have been on to something. J

When science is not obscured by pride and ignorance it is heavily tainted by greed and aggression, i.e. the best minds of the planet selling their souls to the devil aka so-called ministry of ‘defence’ more like the ministry of offence, lies, and bullshit.

Now on the word conscience, WITH knowledge, usually heavily slanted, twisted and repressive knowledge of a particular group much in love with their ethereal power made of thin air and different for each group too:  A very muddy well at best.

Anyway we got about 1.5 billion years to wise up. Considering homo sapiens is relatively young that is quite a long time but by then we might have to move temporarily to Mars before the Sun collapses and that is if we survive the collision of the Milky Way with Andromeda and another billion things that could happen to us.

Or Brian Cox maybe right and No life form hangs around long enough to be consequential or to amount to anything really