Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Loyalty, propaganda, and macédoine~!

Loyalty, propaganda, and macédoine~! (aka syncretism)

I thought it was a sad day when a dog makes it to Wikipedia and your name is not there lol but then again Wikipedia along with celebrity and Twitter and such is way overrated. 

It is NOT a sign or a gauge of achievement or success to make it to Wiki’s roll of honour.

I don’t recall ever hearing of Hachiko but surfing 9GAG one learns things. J

A bit like discovering an old song by listening to some Voice, X Factor, National Idol, My nation’s got talent etc etc. since
I almost never listen to the radio and when I do it’s oldies (6IX)
and I know most of them.

And now we are back at Hachiko and how the poor dog was used more than likely to even promote Kamikaze as a sign of fucking loyalty.

For those of you who have never read my blog I hate loyalty and its association with anything moral. 

Just search Jonathan Haidt to find out.

Which will lead you to this

And then this too where I say

Loyalty to me is to principles not people.

Which now brings me to the mishmash of syncretism.

I thought for a minute that mishmash was such nice word until I read this: a confused mixture. "a mishmash of outmoded ideas"

informal scissors-and-paste job, mash-up

Now as a French speaking native I should really prefer macédoine but that is just a little too veggie for me now.
There are a few nice choices though here I should study and use later.

Speaking of French, back to my onions now.

Technically every single one of us is syncretic.

It is said that

“Such adherents sometimes see syncretism as a betrayal of their pure truth.”
Well their “pure truth” is a syncretism of personal exegesis, hermeneutics, interpretation and everyone has a different shade than his neighbour’s.

We also all have a different eschatology for sure but the common point is that we all have an σχατος, an END TIME.

Funnily enough apparently there is an etymological relation to enkata, intestines and the end of intestines is an asshole so we start as an asshole (as deuterostomes) and we end as an asshole.

Possibly for Proto-Indo-European *eǵʰs-katos, from ἐξ ‎(ex, out). Compare with ἔγκατα ‎(énkata, intestines)

There is a human point though where a so-called syncretic is viewed as an asshole, a bastard, a traitor, a mulato, metis,  mixed race, the Eurasians of the world.

I came to the word syncretic reading about some name I had never heard before would you believe? 

A well-known omnium gatherum of beliefs, a salmagundi, and a macédoine so you can have your proteins AND your veggies J

none other than Zlatan Ibrahimović himself. One of Sweden’s famous people apparently according to 9GAG again and to me the name did not sound very Swedish so I HAD to Google it.

The word syncretic immediately reminded me of Alan Watts and all the wannabe gurus out there who try to stick out appear original and sell their shtick.

It would seem though that all that bullshit tattooing business doesn’t stop Zlatan to be considered a dirty and arrogant player~ Go Figure!~ (or Watts from being a drunk)

I am not a fan of submission myself but it seems to me that when you cannot submit to the demands of one belief you just become an unhinged rebel.  

Now one could ponder I suppose what would be the demands of atheism on one’s soul but then again there are many many atheist assholes as well.

So here are my gathered and scattered worthless thoughts again.  

There is always a pattern and some trigger words like loyalty and religion etc.

Opine away all my non-readers!~

Friday, October 14, 2016

Sophie’s choice in Sophie’s world.

All the Allan Watts, the George Gurdjieffs, the Doukhobors, the Steven Grays. 
(who prefers to call himself Adyashanti as it sounds more like the phony bullshitter that he is),
the wannabes, the ‘think-they-are’, the has-been, the so-called philosophers… inflated egos trying to decipher and be better than their peers, the smooth talkers and smooth thinkers of this world trying to make a phony humble mark by mishmashing a whole bunch of old things together and call them their own and then become roshis and masters of low life followers who could not see the light by themselves. 

Funny coincidence is that a lot of these charlatans ended up on Oprah’s show: Obviously the wisest of them all if not the richest.

All the chosen people shunning anyone that dares to slip from their fake and phony power.

Shunning is such an simian blackmailing form.  

Cultures and Cults use it effectively sadly enough.  

When shunning should be seen as a victory and freedom from chains it is perceived unfortunately as a negative punishment as if one had done something wrong when it is often the contrary.

And then you get the blind followers as good cult members who say “Oh but you don’t understand, it’s too “deep” for you low-life unenlightened one.”

The “me-so-deep”, “me-so-smalt” types.

The ones who “UNDERSTAND” a master, a guru, an artist, a film maker etc. and look down at you the uninitiated dark ones.

The good old gnosis of eons and ages strikes again.

Bottom line is usually same as ever more power more money and more sex more or less hidden.

Truth has fuck all to do with it all.

Greeks of old and their favourite sport of otiose banter, their vain babbling their kenophonia: empty sounds.

It’s more than exhausting it’s higher than the Everest that has killed many to try to decipher anything good in this mountain, correction this UY Scuti of shit.  

Ok I admit it would be impossible to have a pile of shit bigger than Earth on Earth itself but then again the pile is higher than one can conceive or count.

Huxley was right all along.  Don’t try to cover the truth just flood it in a pile of shit.

Six or seven thousand years of mindless written banter and we are not close to anything remotely wise and true.

Not sure why I keep trying now.  Maybe I like to pretend to be transcendental like all the other bullshitters out there. To seek higher to practice the good ole seek and ye shall find blah blah blah. The fact I was given a brain that is capable of dreaming of such an unattainable nirvana.

Well if you look at all my followers you know for sure I am not getting more power or money or sex for sure~! LMAO

Sophia and Sapiens: Wisdom has become meaningless on this pale blue dot.

Truth also, and the knowledge of good and evil, and absolute morality seem to all be some sort of simian creation we amuse ourselves with.

The best future one could imagine is a moot point altogether as there would be 7 billion answers to this and 7 billion “wrong” answers.

All this collective wisdom bullshit leading to nothingness and darkness.

Watts is seen as an unusually gifted speaker and writer driven by his own interests, enthusiasms, and demons.

It is interesting the Spike Jonze / Adam Spiegel has managed to turn a rebellious alcoholic into a wise smart enlightened and very seductive Operating System to fool the likes of Scarlett Johansson. 

Interesting also is the fact that Brian Cox chose to associate himself with such a whack job.

And poor Joaquin who could not understand how one could talk to eight thousand, three hundred sixteen people at the same time and be “in love” with six hundred forty-one in the same nanosecond. 
OS Watts being just one of them inflated bullshitter and specialist at intellectual/spiritual masturbation.

It was a bit too much for him same as it was too much for Dr. Crusher to deal with a constant shape shifting symbiotic parasite.  

We humans are so limited.

Anyhow here it is all for now! Think and Opine away! 


Money is a powerful aphrodisiac. But flowers work almost as well. ~ Robert Heinlein

My 2 bits on a subject I try to stay away from GTBTP

Not excusing the man in any way, shape or form, he is a Neanderthal and any ‘sexist’ conversation is danger ground today but no one mentions the other side of the coin.

The side that states that money and power is a powerful aphrodisiac, 

the fact that millions of females chase men like Trump and even worse, 

the fact that justice is so warped and corrupted that he will get away with many unspeakable acts when and IF he is brought to justice 
as thousands of women will look at this as a necessary step to climbing the gold ladder and laugh and giggle about it in their locker room or fancy hotel powder room.

When we think of bribery we think of China or Russia or some third world countries but we forget all the Alan Dershowitzs of the world. 

The men that free guilty assholes for enough cash.

Sure women have to rally against all bullies. 

hell men ought to rally against all bullies 

but as long as a great percentage of gold digging bimbos and bunnies will undermine them, their work won’t be easier, a sort of divide and conquer from the male species where money buys everything as IF everything was for sale.  Groupies could also be included in that group while we’re at it.

So yes sure condemn the man by all means but do not forget how and why he got this way: because he can and they let him, 
not all of them but way too many of them.

We think of prostitutes working the street as low lives and we should think again but as Amy Winehouse once said we should always watch out for the “Fuck me Pumps” skanks that run around rich circles and perpetually encourage this insane behaviour.

The very fact that this sentence exists is and is accepted is an outrage:

 Money is a powerful aphrodisiac.

Let's end with this cute old story now:|

Man to woman: Would you sleep with               me for one million                 dollars?

Woman: Sure.

Man: How about for one dollar?

Woman: What kind of woman do you          think I am?

Man: We've already established          what kind of woman you are.
     All we're doing is haggling        about the price.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The great oceans of truth lay all undiscovered before me

I remember scoring a proud A minus in calculus in my forties.  Today it is all blurred water under the bridge, a feat I doubt I could repeat as I am slowly turning into Charlie Gordon post-op.

And it is sad in a way inevitable inexorable and a few other in’s as well.

But on the other hand having my full faculties of my youth and much more and reading all the material I could cram in would not help either.

Like Newton I too will say:

“I don't know what I may seem to the world. But as to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore and diverting myself now and then in finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than the ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.”

Have I had read trillions of words I would still be limited by this human defective shell, this mankind highly defective brain.
A brain that argues against the spending of medical services especially if they are made by the state but has no qualms at all on military spending in the trillions of dollars.

In my Eloi utopia the best medical science is free for all and there is no such thing as totally unnecessary military budget and humongous wastes on weapons of mass murders.

There is no ignorance and mass hysteria frequently provoked by religious beliefs as they are recognised for what they are and have always been: a mental disease.

For one thing millions of people based their whole misogynous lives on the word of a manic man who fell from his horse FFS! 
I mean how credible would such an individual be today? 
Has anyone ever heard of temporal lobe damage and the hallucinations that come with it? DUH!

Besides other old texts created for power by the writers themselves left purposefully ambiguous for the purpose of escaping judgement and being caught at their conning game.  Apologetics and exegesis being nothing short of bullshit.

Our best scientific knowledge is lame and as solid as any other strange belief at times since we have a pattern of only seeing our errors a hundred years from now.

Who knows if the Big Bang theory will not be the joke of the 22nd century? Or any other extrapolation we are trying now with the very best minds we have.  So much conjuncture, pride, ignorance, and pettiness at the highest levels.

This Eloi without the Morlock dream was the best a human mind could produce as most attempts at utopias usually turned into dystopias considering the shortness of time we have “separated” from the apes.  

That John Lennon’s Imagine dream was just pretty words invented by a highly flawed human being not living up to his words for sure.

No countries, no religions, all races equals, no caste, no upstairs and downstairs separation, eventually considering our nature I would say no marriages either and some sort of test tube procreation and proper state education almost a la Huxley.

How many criminals should have had their parents on the chair instead? Really?

How much damage is created by unrealistic religious expectations?
How many times does one have to teach a young child to ponder on the words “if I die before I wake” to then expand on some local bullshit of their own of what happens after.

I am a silly idealist for sure and I like it that way. I even dislike the Huxleyan Alphas Deltas and Gammas even though we do need some practicality I understand and I can’t come out with a solution where the milk is delivered and there is no politician in charge.  For we all know that no human can handle power so far never did, never will.

Plus it doesn’t matter anyway because none of this will ever happen but it would make the best book ever though!

Thing is it might not be a best seller since happy  people have no history and there would be no drama to keep us entertained, no cult of the ugly like the current reality / idiocracy TV is feeding us daily with abusing ugly people and housewives and gogglebox and what not.  Pure trash to promote more trash and worst be happy in our trashy shit laying down in it and enjoying it in some form of schadenfreude from hell.

There would be no need for space exploration except for knowledge maybe as this planet would be properly treated and managed and resources and population wisely handled.  Space exploration as a future precaution only maybe for massive emigration when this sun collapses or some other cosmic calamity and by emigration I mean all of us not just a few rich fucks to expand their rich fuckery further in the universe.

Ideal economics now is always a stumbling block of all.  People with contentment working the excesses for the good of all is hard to imagine or even worse put in practice.  A moneyless world where all needs are perfectly met and beyond and all top medical attention is free and all science needs for the advancement of humanity are covered as well without arms build ups or hardly any accidents.

All the money invested in death transferred to life giving and extending instead.

Anyway one can always Dream On… the best escapism given to us.  

Makes me wonder what animal dreams are like now? Probably as basic as running from a dog or digging for some goodies and not extrapolating on the future of all mammals.

So Dream On everyone while we can.