Saturday, December 6, 2014

Curmudgeons “Я” US!

Ebenezer Scrooge here!

Still early in the day and I shake my head at most things I see including a video on world slavery and all I can think is I wonder how much this photographer spent on her hair and clothes and make up 

Plus all the obscene amount of money she is making from all this etc etc  

But what bothered me most was the drama or the dramatic presentation or the use of drama anyway something on that line.

A man in Armani using the same techniques would have provoked the same reaction BTW.

Then next comes a well-known fake smile with his new age diet vomit riding his short span of glory and milking it for every penny.

Actually pennies come a lot to mind when I watch these wannabes celebrity chefs how they milk the system, freely advertise their restaurant or bullshit, make tons of money doing it and as money brings money and celebrities get an awful lot of free shit they buy the most expensive shit for themselves with the money that belongs to the station that hired them: a little non-taxable fringe benefit.  Often they steal ideas from others and profit from them while the originator gets nothing a bit like corporate management eh? They travel for free get all the glory and the monkey carrying the camera and doing everything he does but backward gets no glory whatsoever speaking of slavery.

Everybody and everyone have an agenda and a bias. 

Even watching this BBC science show where 2 so-called scientists and doctors start with their own biases and quelle surprise finish with exactly the exact same bias! 


The Power of Science! 

I tell you.  

The subject here is that BBC Horizon latest about the female brain vs the male brain a repeat of Trading Partners really mixed with some Simon & Garf here:

Still, a man hears what he wants to hear
And disregards the rest.

And a woman too like Alice Roberts.

So many so-called scientists like a lot of religious people start with a pre-conceived idea and filter all information out that they don’t like, and they filter it out so easily too, all the while pretending to be unbiased and seeking the “truth”.

Personally on the nature versus nurture subject, I might tend slightly towards the nature side but then again nobody knows nothing as always.

Just so I make a little more sense the triggers of today are

Here and here and here.

Now on a different subjects it might be apparent that I play much less Diablo these days as this blog is getting a breath of air recently but Blizzard is reminding me of my mother lately so I stay away! :)

Their attitude is: 

“OH You LOVE this eh? GOOD! We’ll take it away”

Authorities and powers that be! Pffft!

O well enough curmudgeoning for today I guess! :)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Electrons are good, protons are bad!

Everything that is ‘good’ is a negative.

We seem to associate good with positiveness and bad with negativity but in the old and ancient languages it was totally the opposite.

For instance there is no such word as truth. The only original word in truth is Oblivion. 

(Forgetfulness, some would say concealment).  

Truth is the negation of Lethe.

Same in Buddhism all good virtue is the negation of a poison, unwholesome root

Opposite wholesome qualitiesThe three wholesome mental factors that are identified as the opposites of the three poisons are:

amoha (non-bewilderment); prajna (wisdom)

alobha (non-attachment)

advea (non-aggression, lack of hatred); mettā (loving-kindness)

So there IS NO truth then! :)

Science and CONscience

Two words that should mean the epitome of human endeavour right?


Both of them are highly and I mean highly corrupted by other heavily human factors.

Pride, Greed, Ignorance for instance, almost always coming back to the three poisons here, Gautama must have been on to something. J

When science is not obscured by pride and ignorance it is heavily tainted by greed and aggression, i.e. the best minds of the planet selling their souls to the devil aka so-called ministry of ‘defence’ more like the ministry of offence, lies, and bullshit.

Now on the word conscience, WITH knowledge, usually heavily slanted, twisted and repressive knowledge of a particular group much in love with their ethereal power made of thin air and different for each group too:  A very muddy well at best.

Anyway we got about 1.5 billion years to wise up. Considering homo sapiens is relatively young that is quite a long time but by then we might have to move temporarily to Mars before the Sun collapses and that is if we survive the collision of the Milky Way with Andromeda and another billion things that could happen to us.

Or Brian Cox maybe right and No life form hangs around long enough to be consequential or to amount to anything really

Saturday, November 8, 2014

21,500 days on earth

Copying someone again as I said again and again none of us are ‘originals’, none of us are free.

What’s new? Same old same old, last spree was getting quickly bored by a young American with nothing new… another form of Amazing Atheist, another vlogger vaccinated with a gramophone needle pushing his shite, selling his snake oil anywhichway he can.  One good way is to comment on popular issues and viral YouTube’s videos this way you can ride the coattail of someone else and STILL cash on the leftovers: the American way.

What is he selling? Hot air and bullshit like everyone else. Snake oil accompanied by many flavors to get the maximum attention. A young kid who has watched too many YouTube in fact selling the old libertarian idiocies he has learned from Penn & Teller, a little bit of Osho here (without the abort and sterilise hypocrisy) a comment on news and popular criminals, opinions galore on many subjects, a seethed machoism and hate for feminism if I get the gist right ..all that to point to a pseudo matrix cure all who can’t seem to be enough of a cash cow to afford a fucking tripod.

His dissing of education because HE doesnt have any makes it lame and his dabbling in heavier intellectual subjects becomes even lamer.  

Maybe it is Alanis Morissette all over again! J Oops Alzheimer’s slip AGAIN!  Not Alanis but Jewel rather the Kilcher one.  Maybe he IS Pieces of Me. J 
But then again he too could listen to that song.

Another manic vlogger, 400 plus vids in less than 3 years, consistent so far but then again it is like a free commercial innit?

Why bother about him? Why bother about anything? 
Got sick of him quick, got sick of his Osho fake bullshit as well.  

The most important thing about Osho that his popular video on Marriage and Children does NOT mention is this:

“There were no children born in the ashram." 
" About 87 per cent of residents had a sexually transmitted disease "

Nuff said!

That was a short break anyway in my favourite escape to which I should go back soon really. 
I mean what else is there better to do? 
I just ran out of dopamine feeding for a while and got deflated, 
tired of it but it’s a life as good as any if not better.

All this thinking might be overrated after all you may be right young man! J 
But unlike you I got nothing to sell, not being American might be a help here since this selling bullshit seems to work so much better in America for all these young Anthony Robbins out there who are totally oblivious that there are 7 billion people on earth not a market of 300 million that there are such poor countries and continents as India and Africa and even huge part of China and Brazil the so called BRIC where all their bullshit is exactly that: bullshit.

In the meanwhile I’ll go back to ‘breathing’ on something else while I still can.

On another note last night was interestingly sad watching Warren and Glen all led to it by the inevitable love of cracked! J

Alzheimer’s always seems to me to be a fate worse than death, like being buried alive… was it Nick Cave or someone else lately that said something like what are we if not memories? 
No memories = No meaning.

Now on another note

Attachment is the source of all suffering.

All this Buddhism bullshit is really starting to sound deadly wrong to me.
As if in being a sentient animal was never meant to be.
All life has always suffered and as far as I know always will until the end, until death, 
to some the last suffering to others the end of all suffering.

Avoiding all suffering at all costs now is a strange way where many mystics have got lost. 
Avoiding all suffering at all costs is also a good addiction motto,
alcoholism and heroin preach that as well in their way.

Since suffering in general is often as inevitable, inexorable ( I love this word) as death 
and maybe both are not meant to be avoided at all cost.  

We are lucky in the western hemisphere at least and in the present time span to be able to avoid much suffering thanks to many drugs and anaesthesia. Just a short time ago, an amputation for example was a lot of alcohol and bite something hard and try not to pass out from the pain.

Anyway my point is that this ‘detachment’ on top of a holy mountain is an extreme not better than the attachment to the right or wrong thing or people.  
Osho comes back to mind here as he is somewhat interesting in his “brave new world” approach of children being raised by the commune but his practical approach utterly sucked as it does usually among imperfect humans, the most imperfect always being the leader totally corrupted and drunk with power.

The good old power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
It IS in our DNA and that too is inevitable and inexorable.
Therefore there is no solution to the human problem.

So this “do not get attached” not love anything or anyone is just bullshit selfish narcissism.  

Sentient beings are MEANT to suffer as long as we have a physical body and a soft heart.

So here it goes as always all problems and no solutions, all questions and no answers à la Socrates.

Now you do the thinking I is too tired! J

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Not infinite but very ephemeral.

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite".

But man, especially this man or any ‘man’ for this matter, is NOT Infinite. 

No Life is.

Life: A very temporary thing for the fruit fly, the tsetse fly, the mayfly (ephémère in French), the rabbit and the impala, the lion and the wolf and US.

My consciousness is very finite and the future of my billions and billions of atoms is of little concern to me, stardust or not.  

And what we do with this little consciousness while we have it is probably very limited as poets of the like of Blake, Huxley and Morrison would say.

Ephemeral from the Greek Epi Hemera, upon one day:
a day being a conceptual length of time.

Limited consciousness to the point where the highest IQ could easily be a psychopath or a criminal, an arm dealer or worse. 

Limited consciousness where there is no solution visible for this race in an infinite amount of time except maybe total and complete extinction and annihilation, the ultimate solution. 

In fact we are no more important to the "laws that be"  than any other species who have all gone extinct and will go the same way no favour granted here for our so-called superior intellect.  

We have been here for a very short time all considered and all our endeavours will disappear with us. 

I doubt it will take all the four billion years this little ball has left.

So in the meanwhile
we can all fuss and mutter
and pretend we matter.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The thing about Russell Brand

Don’t get me wrong I love a great mind, I love a bipolar, and I know one when I see one. The man can surely talk as if he was vaccinated with a gramophone needle for sure and his 78 RPM could certainly be tuned down to 33.

Anyway he talks about an awful lot and no one could really put up with his manic state for too long but this editing video about transcendental meditation and yoga is dizzying to say the least, not to mention the annoying new age music in the background.

Why O Why can’t we just listen to words? 
Why do we have to add editing music like if life was a movie and we all needed a soundtrack behind every move and word?

Anyway this “new” oriental thing is not new at all and like always people rally behind celebrities’ fad. Remember the Beatles and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and what a fraud it all was?

Nothing new under the sun and like Paul Simon says we hear what we want to hear and disregard the rest.  Yoga and meditation fans will USE Russell Brand to support their twist too.  

Some of us want to use some of us want to be abused blah blah blah.

Russell could never convince anyone for long anyway as manic is too high to follow for most and too convoluted to keep up with. I should know.

The thing about oriental also is that they rarely present us with the full context of old strange beliefs in elephant gods and blue Krishna lying and the million strange legends we are unfamiliar with which are just as senseless and irrational as our western legends of water into wine and resurrections and what not.

Try to study the Upanishads for a while and let me know.

 I have mentioned this many a times but that is basically it. 

Russell is cute and all and different and let us all  be different  but then again let us all be aware too, aware that we cannot know and that we are apes, a form of life like any others that knows nothing at all about life except that we are alive for a very short time.

End of a short story before I turn into Russell Brand myself! J

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sorry Satchmo!

Sorry Satchmo
but as long as I live I will stand with another big black bloke because it is NOT a wonderful world and none of us are free.

Watching an old video of Cranberries’ Zombie made me sad at the reality of the immense suffering of us all and in our human perception also the ‘worse’ suffering of ‘innocent’ children too often by other not so innocent children as well.

I was reminded of how much I hate the word resilience and the need for it even having it in some primary schools guidelines and motto.

Life itself needs to be ‘resilient’ I know but I am a dreamer, a Herbert George dreamer of Elois without Morlocks of ‘good’ without ‘evil’.

We are apes after all.  Our only biggest problem is hubris being the dominant species we think it means we have achieved some special status.  The dinosaurs were a dominant species at one time too and look what happened to them.  

We are no better.

A two year old can enjoy the suffering of another two year old and it will always be like this. There will always be mindless senseless wars crimes and violence.

One would think life is fragile enough without this added killing right?

Strangely enough one of the biggest killers is a silent one but still an affront to the ‘special gift’, the privilege, the random lottery of Life: Suicide.

Anyway back to my muttons here, (artistic freedom free translation), our biggest fault is hubris to think that man is the cat’s meow of ‘creation’, the ultimate good act of an all knowing all powerful all good super fairy.
Man is the dominant species for NOW and that’s it and in TIME it means nothing.

We’re the big lizards of this temporary minute in the space time continuum.

But we ARE lizards.

Always will be.

Our medulla oblongata will always be much larger than our tiny pineal gland (the size of a grain of rice) the seat of our dreams of grandeur and all of our delusions.

But all this won’t matter in time again as the circle of life will all bring us back to this tiny unimaginable nothingness of the beginning and the end of the universe, either a tiny dot containing all ‘creation’ (so impossible to fathom) 
or better a huge big black hole of nothingness, 
no consciousness, 
no feelings, 
no knowledge, 
no nothing 
and certainly no big ape temporarily called homo sapiens sapiens.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

My face is not a pipe.

This is not my face.

Many won’t repost but 
I, I, I, 
will be a 
monkey see, 
monkey do 
and try with the others to bully you into conformism as if MY reposting will change ANYTHING at all .

Social Medias and their sheepish trends I tell ya!

It almost makes you want to turn into an Orwellian Conspiracy Theorist or at best a Huxleyan one anyway.
The mad rehash is enough to question your sanity every day
and asking yourself What the Hell am I doing here?
I don’t belong here …  
♪ ♫ ♪ ♫  humming along with Thom Yorke’s Creep.

Facebook is just not FACE book anymore.  
For one thing many don’t have FACES 
but either faces of their animals, their children, 
or a picture of them 40 years ago.

I know I know that my face is not a pipe! ☺
but still I personally like my Facebook to be my recent face. 
Plus I tend to disagree that my life on Facebook is far different from my real life and a false representation of a happy life… 
ok maybe it is as  narcissistic as anyone though because I am good at the Pond Admiration Thingie.

Plus instead of PERSONAL news which is mainly why I got on the fucking boat to begin with, almost forced to, having children and grandchildren at the antipode of the planet, 
all I get is news rehash, and the one I hate the most a pseudo GUMTREE where someone is trying to sell me some shite
OR trying to help
their grandmother second cousin’s neighbour
to sell her shite for “free”.

Another is the photos that will make you puke your breakfast the Barnum & Bailey Freak Show of tortured animals or other horrors. 
Hell if I wanted to walk into that tent I would pay the fucking quarter but since I don’t want to, keep that fucking curtain closed to my sensitive heart and eyes will ya?

 there are a million horrors in the world, 
correction a trillion, 
but I don’t want to see all of them at once.

I have this very strange idea 
(and PETA would kill me for that) 
that as far as PRIORITIES are concerned 
the day we treat ALL HUMANS right and properly 
then I’ll move on to animal welfare. 
In the meanwhile I will treat my animals properly and try to live with myself while I eat chicken or lamb.

I mean I am not an activist at all, they are crazier than I am, but if I was one my cause would be humans, 
preferably children as this one alone is an endless, ungrateful cause to serve to begin with.

Write about what you know they say 
so since I spend too much time on Bookface 
I thought I’d write about that a little now. ☻

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Moral-Political Psychology???

Jonathan Haidt's Moral-Political Psychology that is.

To begin with the expression itself is the ultimate example of an oxymoron
Things that definitely DO NOT belong together.

Moral-Political Psychology???
What kind of mumbo-jumbo is this?

I have had this one on my mind for quite some time now but apparently it hadn’t made it down on ‘paper’ so here it goes in compliance with my usual opinions and ranting.  I am quite sure I have said something similar somewhere
but here is a little more light on the subject:
Morality, one of my favs of all time! J

Five Moral Value Systems  (gospel according to Jonathan)

1) Care for Others/Do no harm;
2) Fairness/Justice/Equality;
3) In-Group Loyalty;
4) Respect for Authority;
5) Purity.

Jonathan Haidt might be a very educated man and I would certainly lose an open debate with him 
but here on MY blog I am KING SHIT 
and my bovine scatological nose is wide open 
when I read this crap. 

As big as he thinks he is (and don’t we all?), 
he is spinning some incredible rubbish into modern society
trying to twist his political views into epistemological science.

Sending some “Morality” tests all over the planet 
pretending to know what he is talking about, 
creating moral value systems straight out of his ass:
educated as some would say way beyond his intellectual capacity.

To surreptitiously include In-Group Loyalty and Respect for Authority into “Morality” is just, well, so full of shit for lack of a better or more erudite word.

It is extremely right-wing minded to begin with,
a bit like the tour de force (feat of strength) it took for Hitchens 
to go from extreme left to extreme right in such a short time.
Right wing can be so self-serving at times.

In-Group Loyalty and respect for authority means fuck all because it falsely implies the group or authority IS moral or righteous and to be totally against them would be immoral.  

What a load of crap! 

In fact many would defend that the bigger the group the lower the morality is.

So to include these two made-up ‘systems’ as 40% of your moral status is just DEVIOUS and some would say WICKED.

1) Care for Others/Do no harm; CHECK
2) Fairness/Justice/Equality;      CHECK
5) Purity.                                    CHECK


3) In-Group Loyalty; 4) Respect for Authority; ???   


What kind of distorted values are we trying to create here?
Dissent is immoral?
Sounds like neo-conservative so-called ‘morality’ to me.
It actually defeats any idea in fact of Purity inserted last here.

If you are not the CHOSEN ones you are UNCLEAN and must therefore comply

Well fuck you very much Jon!

Could go on and on but I made my point.

This is just too Orwellian for me to try to distort the masses like that with newspeak
and what is next Thoughtcrimes for being disloyal and not swallowing this ‘authority’?

As far as Authority is concerned


And as a good myth buster, I reject your morality and substitute my own! J

P.S. Should I point out that the image provided with the article itself (written by ANOTHER Ph.D.) was also not so subliminal suggesting of course that all Democrats are ASSES.

P.P.S. My highlighting would seem to suggest also that there are more than one shade of grey in morality AND in Mr. Haidt's ASSumptions here! J

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Room 101

What is the difference between ignorance and apathy?
I don’t know and I don’t care.
Flight what number again from Malaysian Airlines?
Crimea River?
Animal Rights?
Local amusement at the expenses of bad cooks or dancers?
General daily Media Circus?
And that is only today’s announcements.
Tomorrow is a completely nother ball game.

Add this to my little personal announcements which are just irrelevant as well.
Yesterday should have been a feeling of elation and victory but it wasn’t.
For one thing the whole battle again ,
( one would think I should learn from that right?)
The whole battle again was only in my mind.
I worried myself sick over what I considered my Room 101.

the sad part in this young society is that I have to EXPLAIN this expression to most and it loses all its power and beauty when you have to explain it, what is the point of having metaphors when the intended recipient is clueless ?
Like saying Life or a task or a job is Sisyphean... beautiful concise words that say a whole story in very few letters of course they are folklore and mythology and so is Hell but we used the word often to express a sentiment

Now my Room 101 which I foolishly even compared to the big C news was nothing at all despite the slight chest pain I felt during the ordeal.

(on a sidenote in fact it was very similar if not shorter to my heart surgery in 2005, where the stress and the fear and the worries are so much worse than the ordeal itself, but we do it all the time don’t we? 

Destroy today for the fear of tomorrow?)

To explain myself more properly I suppose I should go into details.
I always thought my worst fear was two little words:
Centrelink Review
Translated in other countries I suppose (especially countries with social networks) as Welfare Review or ODSP review in Ontario or Dole whatever somewhere else basically a revision of a pension one is getting and depending on for LIVING.

And it came right as we also settle in what we have been waiting for for 7 years now, a nice affordable Housing Accommodation again called different things in different countries with a social net.

So now I should feel relaxed, peaceful, satisfied, totally Zen one would think but no.

And that is the trap of depression I suppose:
Nothing at all rejoices me. No new toys, no new apartment, no new things, not even the possibility of a nice cruise next year.  Everything leaves flat and deflated and always reminds me of Ani DiFranco’s words:

the sky is grey, the sand is grey, and the ocean is grey.
I feel right at
home in this stunning monochrome, alone in my way.
What kind of paradise am i looking for?
I’ve got everything I want and still I want more.
Maybe some tiny shiny key will wash up on the shore.

But the thing is I never ever even go to the fucking shore which is really close to here.
May it be the physical or the metaphorical shore I can’t be fucked to go there even.
One would think I should take anti-depressants for that no? But nah, just dragging my fattening ass along for the humdrum of the day trying to survive one more is all I do really.  The drugs I’d like anyway would be a bigger form of escape with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds type I suppose.
So a little bit of music and some humdrum of the least annoying TV series I can watch to keep my mind busy and the usual routine of dragging my ass all day trying to REMEMBER my routine and not miss a step or even worse double one.

So at this point there is no utopia to come in my mind, no nothing, just waiting for the wind to change again but the wind just doesn’t change much lately. I can’t remember my least manic episode lately as if they were a distant past of someone I used to know. And I do miss ‘em. In fact I wouldn’t mind another crisis like I had so many years ago where I went ballistic and made Michelle Bridges look like a paraplegic.  It would certainly improve my declining diabetic freefall these days but nah I am tied to this chair with invisible chains with only the best intentions as always on this road to hell. 

Fuck I wish there was a pill for that and a pill for reading too since I haven’t read in days (as in reading books) but there is no pills for me, no healing, no therapy, no solution,
ONLY waiting for the WIND to change,
ALWAYS waiting for the WIND to change
and I can hear all them phonies and Anthony Robbins wannabes screaming at me and once again I CBF.

Still waiting for my verse to day... one day....

Friday, February 21, 2014

Utopia part deux

Last night I was lying in bed considering the flaws in myperfect plan and I realised the terminator cyborg
approach was just a little too perfect and a little too cold.
Sure it got rid of the common problems many religions including Buddhism try to get rid of
i.e. our infamous appetites
by eliminating the good old eat and drink and be merry
and enjoy the woman of your life
but as I said it is just too perfect. 
After all we don’t want to turn into Data here.

So future medicine and future conception out of the traditional family unit which at best works once in a million and at worst creates nightmarish socio-economical nightmares of all sorts. 
What to do with it?
Obviously I had eugenics in mind but eugenics was kind of solved in that viral wipe-out with just a very few ‘perfect’ new and improved re-engineered ‘humans’.

Now we can add to this I suppose some form of painless birth maybe in vitro even and some form of advanced stem cells printing tissues and perfect organs to replace the ageing one while solving also a bad ageing of the brain which is not wanted either. 
So Heart, Liver, Kidneys etc CHECK!

Now we certainly don’t want a living Island of living clones for replacement part because after all we are writing a utopia here not a dystopia.

Another challenge here of course is not only we do not have the semantic ability to create this realistic utopia there would be nothing to write about it either as happy people have no history as we all know.

What could one write if there are no lies, no intrigues, no thefts, no murders, no wars, no adulteries, no offences and no offended parties?

I understand leaving sex in the equation complicates matters now.  It complicates matters in the animal world as well but what we are trying to imagine here is man at his very best beyond his actual capacity.

Casual sex for the pleasure with no ambiguous false morality or false modesty attached to it and with no strings attached as the good old line goes? What a thought!  Done somewhat in Logan's Run and Brave New World IIRC.

Like having a meal or a glass of wine with no more complications, mature and modern and some would say liberal! J

It does get different for sure when you take reproduction out of it. When reproduction is taken care of some other way, a more modern way… not necessarily through the means of a very flimsy whimsical nature.  It doesn't work in the animal kingdom and it certainly does not work among humans the idea that every sperm winning is a godly wilful act is just fucking insane.

Many will argue that there is nothing better than the love of a parent but I totally disagree since there is nothing worst either sometimes than the ‘love’ of an ignorant parent, the damage is irreversible and in a perfect society not left to chance for sure.

We cannot play Russian Roulette here with human souls.

There has to be sufficient care, sufficient supplies and sufficient everything.

One idea here would be to ‘program’ a society, a family unit with each of them having a farmer, a carpenter, sufficient land, none of that fiefdom ever any more. Equality for all.  In vitro reproduction even encourages equality for all.

It takes a village well let’s create a proper functional village then.

It certainly would be nice if it was an all-involved village with equal voices: bossing around and submission lead to nothing but trouble eventually.

Food and Sex that don’t hurt us now here is a new concept and try to add a good dose of healthy inebriation under ‘control’? Not sure is science will ever be big enough for that now? J

No Hunger Games, No Island, No Elyseum? Boring indeed innit?

I really have to reread Huxley. I liked him a lot back then but today I don’t like the idea of happy Deltas or even Betas for that matter.

Something straight out of The Village? Maybe I have read too many books and seen too many movies LOL. 

There was a certain peace to be had with the acceptance of the Hutterite style  I have to say if one could settle for this now.  Of course there were inequalities and cheating again as we can’t help being human and wrongly engineered but in its ideal view it is a nice place, a wealthy place even.

Hutterite or Amish without the bullshit religion and its boring meetings. A sense of community and sharing where everyone has plenty and is plainly happy.  Mind you I prefer the dressing code of the Eloi! J
No one is rich beyond others; there is no politics, no corruption, a minimal working week and plenty of well used leisure hours preferably in an ancient community style pre-social medias. 

A society of polymaths without the madness that usually comes with it.

Some Twilight Zone indeed on the Outer Limits of our possible current outcome.

I would like to think that Helen and Scott Nearing had a very happy life, the good life as they call it.

They were but one couple but imagine, one couple, one family, one village, one province, one country, one world… self-sufficient, non-violent, and happy.

There would hardly be any need for leaders and government or a ‘defense’ ministry or a police even.
No government, no taxes and a fair sense of bartering to meet everyone’s need. Everyone. 
Obviously that would include some form of major education and definitely a good family planning foundation.
Dream on Joe! Dream On!

Looking at the Eloi Feast photos I can’t help but imagine also this future world to be fully flavoured and fully vegetarian or at least ovo-lacto vegetarian I do not feel the need to be overzealous but just the need to respect life and not to murder or kill  and obviously I am what you would called pro-choice considering the ovo part! J

That would extend also to textile clothing of some sort.

NO PAIN! NO WARS! NO CRIMES. NO "EVIL" and NO HATE even. NO DECEPTIONS, NO LIES... in fact mind reading even...  NO CLASS SYSTEMS or CASTES.

obviously NO BULLIES and no need even for psychological resilience.

TOTAL EQUALITY AMONG SEXES too, along with among races and since there is no creed to cling to, one problem eliminated.

one idea is to solve the problem of pain and the old mythical Judaic curse of pain in delivery 

Gen 3:16  Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.
Gen 3:17  And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life;

 more to come I am sure...a fun project anyway 

What is YOUR idea of a Perfect World?

The score will say Oblivion Won

Seasons go
And seasons past
Years go on
A bit too fast
First thing you know
It’s winter time
Your life force is
A distant chime
Your best days behind
And what’s ahead?
Plans and dreams are
All but dead
Clinging to Air
To consciousness
Remembering the
Ghosts of Past
Hoping for a last feat,
A legacy
Before you passed
To history.

A tiny unit of
The bungled and the botched
One more out of a thousand myriad of myriads
Whether you shine and leave a notch
Is getting closer and closer to naught
Plus what does it matter what the world said
Once you cold and forever dead?
You are part of Stardust and Greatness
But greatness has no consciousness

While you were searching for truth
You just forgot
There is no such word
It’s just a thought
You were fighting the river Lethe
Let it be, let it, Let. Delete.
The opposite of truth is Oblivion
And you forget that in the end
The score will say
Oblivion Won!

So enjoy this consciousness while it lasts
For no one knows no one can tell
If lack of consciousness is the only hell
For all we know it could be even
That Oblivion is the best Heaven

Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Locked Room


Eu- topia ! Eulogy of topography! A “Good” “Place”!

One would think there should be only ONE eutopia right?

That forever imagine place of no pain and no death and no harm and above all no “evil”.

It certainly is nowhere BUT in a few people’s IMAGINATION. 

The Image of a Place!

Which reminds me of: “The Map is Not the Territory”.

And as much as I keep saying I would love to leave the greatest utopia behind me I cannot begin to even write a simple sketch of it.

Aldous Huxley certainly comes to mind as he appeals to me somehow in his rigidity or he appealed anyway since I read the book such a long time ago. I might have read it in French for all I know.  But the fact that parenthood as a rule is not such a good thing, that we are the cruellest animals of all towards our offspring makes me want government engineered test tube babies.

Songs like Mother for instance and Freudian approaches and what not makes me want to eliminate parental authority figures from the planet for good and for the good of the race too. (Movies like the General’s Daughter and other examples, what is worse than gang rape? Betrayal for personal profit)

So where does it begin and how does one get rid of dissidents without sounding like Mao or Stalin now? One would obviously have to eliminate dissidents at the source straight from ‘programming’ Day One.
So a Utopia without religion is one thing but a utopia without “POLITICS” now is an impossible challenge and we all know these two subjects ruin everything.

I don’t want a Harrison Bergeron, I don’t want a ruling class, and I don’t want a Philosopher Kings approach.

What I want is a planet of champions, no elite since all are at the top and equal.

It is impossible to imagine even with an apocalyptic cataclysm that would leave only two people on the planet (preferably intelligent and preferably male and female as well J )

In fact the only new beginning I can imagine is from scratch
with two “RE-ENGINEERED” human beings.

For let’s face it the original engineering utterly sucks.

So maybe Aldous was on the right track after all.  To refresh my memory I should really reread his work and its addition to it but let’s try to imagine one with what I have now, what I know now.

Now it seems quite a challenge to have a planet full of Alphas don’t it?

But the classes and the castes system horrifies me as there is so much room for horrific behaviour here and fucking colonialism and self-righteousness and what not.

So what could it be then? A new and improved Scandinavia but in a warmer climate? What if we needed the cold to cool us down now? Even though freezing does not come in my Valhalla at all.
In fact, I want 25°C, all day long, all year round and rain only at night! J 

Which would allow for another feature of my new paradise:
no clothes, so done with fashion tyranny.

So where does it begin? And how? And when? In a future where genetic engineering is possible but yet with a future not encumbered by technology and a new beginning triggered by violent nature rather than violent men, i.e. a planet wiping virus rather than a nuclear clean up.

How do you build now from 2 to a decent 1000 as close to the original as possible?

In this world it is impossible since as soon as a new religion is born, a new political party, schisms start right away and heresies as they call them and divisions and what not.  It certainly is a biological tendency for cells to tend to split.  On one hand one does not want cancerous cells but on the other hand we can’t all have exact clones either.

How to manage to get no debate necessary on all the ‘essentials’?
How to establish these ‘essentials’ once and for all in the human psyche?
So many questions which will ever only have answers in the imaginary.
School? Education? Bullies? Sibling Rivalry? Early problems in life.

And since this would be my utopia there is no sense in establishing a committee to try to form it, establish it.
That committee alone would not be very utopic to begin with.

Many would disagree with my rule number one which is no religion at all, no myth and no lies. (No Santa, No Tooth Fairy, Fantasies presented as such fictive and not real)

Religion is fact in this world is a virus that has to be quickly eliminated with extreme prejudice
and no mercy whatsoever unless we go back to what we have now.

A mental sickness with no cure provided by denial and self-delusion. 
No one is harder to cure than the one who think he is healthy.

Which brings me to this citation here:

Certain linguistic anthropologists think that religion is a language virus
that rewrites pathways in the brain, dulls critical thinking.


Korzybski's work argued that human knowledge of the world is limited both by the human nervous system and by the structure of language.
Korzybski thought that people do not have access to direct knowledge of reality; rather they have access to perceptions and to a set of beliefs which human society has confused with direct knowledge of reality. Korzybski is remembered as the author of the dictum: "The map is not the territory".

What to do with all this now?
Rewrite our genetic faulty code in the original re-spawn?
Correct our nervous system and rewire the brain
and more importantly
mightily improve in a very primitive semantic/linguistic system?

And the one billion dollars question here obviously is in a “written” utopia How the HELL do you do this with WORDS?

Wow some task here!

Come to think of it while I am at it would be to eliminate death and sickness by placing consciousness in a mechanical repairable ‘eternal’ body a la Terminator meets Spike Jonze.

Now for this consciousness not to be too Vulcan either and remain ‘human’ when the word itself ‘human’ seems to be so much more part of the problem than part of the solution.

Love without hate? Try to imagine that now.

Without reviewing my old ramblings on Utopia here my recreation of one would probably be very similar to my basic idea of it I suppose.
So here is a beginning somehow?

When? Good question. 2500 seems too early. 

I like the good old Herbert George AD 802,701

I like what the urban dictionary has to say here

supposely the year where Morlocks and Eloi are the only races.
802701 A.D. the year where there are only two races.

And here is the hick again: Two Races.
This Dualism and more importantly this monotheism which creates a duality right there and then with this Us & Them attitude and this Chosen better than thou bullshit.

This Dualism must go. What we need here is an Eloi without the Morlocks. 

And more importantly,
an intelligent Eloi that cannot die, cannot drown or burn or have an accident even and absolutely no Morlocks at all in this world, 

no Paul no Stalin.

And yes it might take 800 thousand years to get there.  By this time I’d like to hope that we’ve moved way up on this Kardashev Scale and can move our consciousness to more viable premises.

It doesn’t have to be here.

Therefore my 25°C, all day long, all year round and rain only at night! J

A gigantic DOME comes to mind here J

Also the room to expand but here rises a problem somehow there must be the birth of a brain and a ‘soul’ in this immortal world, apparently nurtured properly and then transplanted in a more durable vessel.

It is hard to imagine harmony though in an expanding race/world. 

 As if chaos must come to reign at one point as if the universe cannot just spread forever without EXPLODING.  

But we could also keep it small scale but it implies again stagnation and some sort of death.  

After all we don’t want a Logan’s Run Carrousel at any age do we? L

 Altogether an ultimate exercise in futility
but much funner than reality anyway :)
A permanent LSD trip where one totally escapes the harshness of the environment for a while
not so different from everyday life really.

It would be proper to terminate this with Rust Cohle's last heard words
In that last nanosecond, they saw what they were,
that you,
this whole big drama,
it was never anything but a jerry-rig of presumption and dumb will
and you could just let go
finally now that you didn't have to hold on so tight...
to realize that all your life-- you know, all your love, all your hate,
all your memory, all your pain-- it was all the same thing.
It was all the same dream, a dream that you had inside a locked room,
a dream about being a person...
and like a lot of dreams...
there's a monster at the end of it.

So I want my dream with no monsters that's all,
I want my locked room to be a happy place!