Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Just discovered this strange old song that appealed to me with mixed feelings since I am not sure it meant in 1776 what some would like to make it mean today.






Cool, Cool, Considerate Men

Oh say do you see what I see?
Congress sitting here in sweet serenity
I could cheer; the reason's clear
For the first time in a year Adams isn't here
And look, the sun is in the sky
A breeze is blowing by, and there's not a single fly

I sing hosanna, hosanna
Hosanna, hosanna
And it's cool

Come ye cool cool conservative men
The likes of which may never be seen again
We have land, cash in hand
Self-command, future planned
Fortune flies, society survives
In neatly ordered lives with well-endowered wives

We sing hosanna, hosanna
To our breeding and our banner
We are cool

Come ye cool cool considerate set
We'll dance together to the same minuet
To the right, ever to the right
Never to the left, forever to the right
May our creed be never to exceed
Regulated speed, no matter what the need

We sing hosanna, hosanna
Enblazoned on our banner
Is keep cool

What we do we do rationally
We never ever go off half-cocked, not we
Why begin till we know that we can win
And if we cannot win why bother to begin?

We say this game's not of our choosing
Why should we risk losing?

We are cool

To the right, ever to the right
Never to the left, forever to the right
We have gold, a market that will hold
Tradition that is old, a reluctance to be bold.

I sing hosanna, hosanna
In a sane and lucid manner
We are cool

Come ye cool cool considerate men
The likes of which may never be seen again
With our land, cash in hand
Self-command, future planned
And we'll hold to our gold
Tradition that is old, reluctant to be bold.
We say this game's not of our choosing
Why should we risk losing?

We cool, cool, cool
Cool, cool, cool
Cool cool men.



In fact I was l googling one of my favourite word CONSIDERATE. I was quite certain there was a verse somewhere that said Be Ye Considerate but I didn’t find the exact 3 words in that order even thoug it is certainly a Christian and virtuous principle.

The words I like less in this song were conservative and right and gold since they could seem to imply some sort of capitalism with all its greed and the dark deeds that usually accompany greed.

But back on a more positive note, CONSIDER is such a nice word... OBSERVE FULLY, PERCEIVE, BEHOLD AND DISCOVER: certainly the occidental concept of the oriental meditation.

A beautiful and enriching hobby if done right leading to more understanding, comprehension, love and wisdom one would hope.

Plus being considerate seems to be a totally lost principle and virtue completely erased from the Orwellian Newspeak Dictionary.

Be Ye Considerate?

Errrrr WHAT?

What did he say?

Sorry mate I have absolutely no idea of what he is talking about.

Maybe it is some old Neanderthal concept? Useless today especially on Wall Street or pretty well everywhere else.

BUT Yes we should certainly all take time to CONSIDER, OBSERVE FULLY. It should be taught by all parents and by all schools from the very first day. OBSERVE, THINK, ASK, QUESTION, SEE AND HEAR PROPERLY. See beyond the lies and the spin. UNDERSTAND that what they call Freedom is a thin veneer to cover a much bigger lie of greed and blood. Understand that democracy means nothing: the choice between 2 losers with pretty well the same agenda to be the puppet of the big money makers often psychopaths who really rule the world. Understand that one good president, one good ruler, one good pope or one good minister who wants to eradicate corruption will be promptly terminated with extreme prejudice. This is how the real world works. A lot of us just don’t seem to see the threads attached to the visible puppets though and foolishly believe that the puppets are the real thing.

Real Education instead of being prostituted to big money as well should teach us one and only one thing: to think for ourselves, by ourselves.

2Ti 2:7 Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things.

Heb 10:24 And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Good Samaritan has now been handcuffed.

I couldn’t put a date on it I guess it’s been around for quite awhile in one form or another but there was a time where some men were real men and some were real caring vocationalists. And of course I use men in the general sense here as human kind for we all know that most of those heartfelt tender cares were given freely by women much more than men.

Not sure if it started with McDonald’s having too much money and good insurers or where the ultra professional ambulance chaser wave started but we all have paid a very heavy price now for a few greedy idiots. I mean there is justice and there is just plain idiocy, cold turkey brain greed and stupidity.

And the price we have paid is that the victim on Jericho road now is dying in the street because no Good Samaritan will ever touch him again. You can’t help your neighbours, everything has gone sky high because of the extra stupid suits and fines that had to be paid and everyone has his hands and his heart tied now in chains of red tape and insurance policies and ass covering book of instruction the size of a Britannica Encyclopaedia. You can’t even defend yourself from intrusion in your own house because this crazy world will let the intruder sue you and cream your ass.

So all we have left is a bunch of wusses and cowards and people with no hearts, no guts, and a banana for a back bone. No saints and no heroes left but just fear for your own poor ass getting caught in a cunning sling.

The first judge who started this curse on all of us should burn in the very deepest hell hung by the balls with no relief for eternity and all those ambulance chasers lawyers should be much close to him being forked in the ass every day just like they’ve done to us.

You know that there is absolutely nothing worse in this so called earthly justice than to establish a “PRECEDENT” so as soon as the first idiot gets millions for just actually being an idiot you just started an avalanche, a tsunami of gargantuesque proportions and there is no force on earth to stop it now short of a great great great depression so there is no much more money to be given to greedy bastards.

Monday, March 29, 2010

He was a dreamer, a thinker, a speculative philosopher... or, as his wife would have it, an idiot. -Douglas Adams

We live alone and we die alone but we are NOT alone, well on this planet anyway, not counting animals and insects and all living things.

As far as being alone in the universe I tend to believe we are and if we are not, any intelligent alien would know far better than getting anywhere close to us. He knows very well what we do to people we don’t know, understand and fear or people who just get in the way of our enterprises and expansion. I mean look what we did to the aboriginals, the natives, or all the colonies we have exploited and how we have treated their people. Avatar is not a new idea taken out of thin air it is human reality and it will remain human reality as long as there is one human left on earth.

Ponder on this page a couple of minutes , write the numbers you see when you start and check them again at the end, in that short moment hundreds were born and hundreds died and emotions of all sorts flew left and right by the billions like a massive tidal karmic kosmic wave, a tsunami of unfathomable proportions. Every second, like a big lung, like a big heart this planet goes through a billion sensations, one is elated, one is sobbing, one is eaten the other is enjoying his meal, millions of marriages and funerals and joys and sorrows nonstop: shallow experiences, deep epiphanies going up and down the Richter scale like an oscilloscope on crystal meth. Sartre said that Hell is other people but also Heaven can be other people it just depends where your eyes and hearts are pointing at the time, but there is both Utter Beauty and utter horrific Ugliness in this world happening every nanosecond. Which one outweighs which one is a matter of opinion.

Pro 10:12 Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins.

1Pe 4:8 And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.

And there sure is a MULTITUDE of SINS on this planet on any given day.

NUMBERS absolutely fascinate me. I have this crazy theory the the 6,666,666,666th soul born was the antichrist LOL but we’re gonna be SEVEN BILLIONS soon back in my school days we were barely 3

Friday, March 26, 2010

Long term plan

The 50’s had a good start with the beatnik movement

And the 60’s brought us a lot of hope with Peace and Love and the Hippie movement

The 70’s still were trying hard with songs and movies that meant something but then

The disco years came and brought us back to the Middle Ages and the 80’s were wasted

And the 90’s got very bad and worst with Michael Bolton’s karaoke style and it’s been the death of creativity ever since with every song and movie concerned about Mammon and money making and profit and not interested at all with something deep to say or new to bring to the world and now we are totally doomed with 9/11 with every new idea and revolutionary thinking being annulled and annihilated and sentenced to some rendition of Guantanamo Bay similes under the branding of terrorist. So in one or two words we are FUCKED! TRULY FUCKED!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hello Hello is there anybody in there just nod if you can hear there anyone at home?

That s ALL I wanna know for now, kind of very sadly I never have any comments on my blogs and it makes me wonder....AM I Alone in the World? Or maybe no one gives a fuck about the elucubrations of a mental fool so send all the comments you want positive or negative as I used to say Love me , Hate Me , just don't ignore me

Response to my dear friend Mike

A few days ago, this woman began mouthing off her opinion to the captive audience of after-diner tea. And although unsolicited and ignorant it was, she insisted on voicing her views against her better judgment. She objected against the little blue pill (Viagra or Cialis), claiming that it was unnatural and conflicted with her “old fashion” ideas. Or so she so valiantly exclaimed, as she thrusted the dagger deeper into my crotch.

I briefly entertained thoughts of strangling her with my limp dick, but instead chose to leave these childish deliberations. Better left to the young, I say. You must understand, some battles are waged only to satisfy ones pride. And I suffer not the incessant needs of confrontation and validation. So I politely excused myself, not wanting to be part of this conversation any longer. I don’t masturbate in public, since this would have been just that.

But her words kept following me throughout the evening.
Like a persistent itch, wanting to be relieved.
Like a dog wanting a bone.
Like a closeted whore wanting to be spat on by a man resembling her father.
Like some dude wanting to ejaculate all over the mushrooms in the grocery store (not me).

But how does someone come to this opinion?
Let’s see, here are some little known facts about her.
This is a woman, who in her relationships with men, has never experienced first hand, a melting cock.

Impotent isn’t just a flaccid penis, lady.
It’s a man’s inability to bring pleasure to his partner or even himself.
It’s the inevitable moment where the other person questions, is it me?
It’s knowing that you can’t follow through with any promise of intimacy.
It’s the distance unable to be bridged.
It’s resisting something that in itself, is unnatural.
It’s wanting to be part of a moment so badly, only wanting, never being allowed to know the warmth of being inside someone.
It’s having someone, completely oblivious and ignorant to the emotions at play here, sitting a mere arms length away from you, and insinuating that impotence doesn’t even exists, because you can’t possibly fathom, that is someone could accept that such a thing does in fact exists, then how can they possibly be so blatantly cruel.

Men don’t assume to know the trials women endure through their menstrual cycles. Or what childbirth can do to the mind and body. That is some scary and often tragic shit that we’ll never fully understand. And so in turn, a woman cannot and should never be so arrogant in their perfect little picket fence of a life, to have an opinion on something that will never touch her. Unless her clit grows to 6 inches, and she starts humping the family cat.

“Old fashioned” is old for a valid reason.
(takes a deep breath...)
It’s because it’s been discarded with the dirty diapers and anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic, bigoted, sexist, cult obsessed, religious fanatic, lobotomized, pill popping, negro-hanging, cigarette smoking, communist interrogating, blacklisting, prohibiting, gun enthusiast, progress fearing, electricity is the Devil, youth loathing, child beating, name calling, feminist man-hating, vegan lobbying, tv-evangelistic, info-mercial watching, reality-television producing, Reagan supporting, kitten torturing, fanny-pack wearing, break-dancing, goat humping, the garbage will be picked up on Tuesday, sanctimonious, Ale-fucking-luya, club wielding yuppies from the atomic age.
(...and exhale)
What the fuck will you target next?
Christ lady, grow up, smarten up, or get off the bus.

Mike you know how I love you dearly and I hate you too LOL. We are much alike but you make me feel impotent at times, retarded. You certainly say many of the same things I do but so much better with so much more passion and in a more literary style.

Anyway one of the reasons maybe why I don’t come up with as much ranting to begin with is that I have become quite recluse in my old days not quite as crazy as Howard Hughes yet but working my way up there. For one thing I do not have the nerves anymore to listen to stupidity or unruly people, adults or children even though they are very hard to escape at times I never ever go out without my sunglasses, my cap and especially my mp3 player (usually my mobile phone) and my PRICELESS Sennheiser CX 300, $100 is a cheap investment on my sanity.

It’s not only the pleasant nice quality music you hear that is nice it’s also all the fucking crap you are not FORCEFULLY submitted to like a Guantanamo Water Torture for the Ears.

The world is absolutely full of idiots and most of our blogging and ranting will be like throwing pearls to swine most of the time I bet we are preaching to the already converted.

When it comes to buses or trains or even driving (I can’t drive even in a suburb for more than 5 minutes without losing my temper and swearing to make a sailor blush every time some idiot cuts me off) I am always reminded of this old joke.

A son walks into the living room and asks his dad to borrow the car because he has a hot date.
The dad says, ''Sure, as soon as you cut your long hair.''

The boy smiles and thinking he has outsmarted his dad replies, ''Dad, Jesus had long hair...''

And the dad replies, ''Yeah, and Jesus
walked everywhere he went too, didn't he?''

I can just imagine Jesus driving on the highway at the 100 kms speed limit and some idiotic asshole enters the highway right in front of him at 40.

You &^%$%^ (*&^% where the #$%&^& did you learn to drive?

Oops! Sorry! Can’t save the world anymore I am not without sin but it was his fricking fault dad. Couldn’t help it.

So the solution to enlightment and Nirvana is to walk everywhere with your walkman on full blast and outside noise reducing earphones et voila Eden and Paradise and Heaven on a stick even better stay at home with your walkman on and order everything on the Internet. Isn’t there some sort of psychomania like this in Japan where a kid doesn’t get out of his room for years? Forgot what it’s called.

Your long one breath ranting a la Dennis Miller was super.

It’s because it’s been discarded with the dirty diapers and anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic, bigoted, sexist, cult obsessed, religious fanatic, lobotomized, pill popping, negro-hanging, cigarette smoking, communist interrogating, blacklisting, prohibiting, gun enthusiast, progress fearing, electricity is the Devil, youth loathing, child beating, name calling, feminist man-hating, vegan lobbying, tv-evangelistic, info-mercial watching, reality-television producing, Reagan supporting, kitten torturing, fanny-pack wearing, break-dancing, goat humping, the garbage will be picked up on Tuesday, sanctimonious, Ale-fucking-luya, club wielding yuppies from the atomic age.

And as for impotence and all other human shortcomings there will never be a lack of self righteous, egotistical, cattle raised, brain washed, immoral hypocrites who will try to lift their pitiful ugly noses and find someone who at least in their corrupted crooked eyes is lower than them.

Being diabetic, cardiac, and on all kind of meds and antidepressants and not mentioning booze and drugs I certainly can relate more often than I want to really.

The strangest last episode was kind of almost worst in fact, LOL, Little Joe responded to the task, got up where he should but went nowhere else, absolutely refused to reach the top of Mount Everest. What a frustration. The pharmaceutical company calls it a possible side effect of anorgasmia. I call it Sisyphus with a hard on. You’re NOT gonna get your rocks off buddy.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Love one another and leave me the hell alone

Ah just a few short or maybe not so short more random notes on the subject. Sanctity, Holiness, Sacrilege and BLASPHEMY. Here is a word they threw at Jesus plenty of time when you want to get rid of someone you hate you want to steal his house, his goods or his wife you call him a blasphemer, or a traitor or the flavour of the day a terrorist. Such an easy cheap accusation and how many people have used it for evil ends like rape or blackmail or extortion.

It works even best where you re some sort of a “pillar of society” again: being reminded of that apocryphal Susanne’s story in Daniel’s book here. Ah some of them pillars are going to have to answer for a lot. Not looking forward to retribution for myself but in order to have some sort of justice there MUST be retribution and reckoning one day and I mean not the kind of justice, retribution and reckoning that we have today on this utterly corrupted planet.

So I guess my current question among many is not the problem of God, even though this is an important one, you don’t wanna miss on that exam I tell you, or the problem of good and evil, another complex one, or the problem of Life and its purpose and so many others but my haunting question these days is the problem of JUSTICE, ETERNAL RIGHTEOUS JUSTICE.

Are we just animals and tough luck for the antelope or the mouse or the fish that just got eaten or the child that got molested and killed or the gazillion acts of suffering and injustice to apparently innocent people that happen every day with never a single retribution or apparent punishment for the perpetrators who too often die of a ripe old age in their sleep? I just can’t believe this.

Grace is fine at time and all of us can certainly use some but more than a few seem to be beyond grace: genocide or napalm manufacturers or psychopaths and countless others; corrupted heartless greedy murderers who just don’t seem to mind or to care a single bit. If there is such a thing as Karma one cannot imagine what they would come back as for payback.

It is getting to the point where I don’t want to travel anymore you see I have two terrible habits that would get me in big big trouble in some places. No No I don’t deal drugs, for one thing I like to kiss my wife in public and it comes to me naturally, well in some countries it would end me in the locker if not worse and for another I have this errrr bad nasty habit of having a little phlegm at time and well errrrr I just spit it out (Sorry folks I try to be discreet about it) J but in some other places that would get me the cane the same as if I had graffiti a Ferrari or something. Besides the thousands little counties laws everyone has like Ani DiFranco says Smile pretty and watch your back.

O well I could go on and on and Jack Kerouac should have started his own religion. J

But in the meanwhile to mix Jack and Ani: Smile Pretty and watch your back and

All is well, practice kindness, heaven is nigh.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sanctity and Sacredness

Semantics again! I never quite understood the principle of holiness and sanctity anyway. Be Holy is a very vague command. Plus it means a million different things to a million different people. What is holy, sacred or sanctified to you may mean nothing at all to me but primitive superstition. For one thing I have the hardest time to sanctify object or material of any kind even the more when there is a profit made by the making and selling of them.

If I had to sanctify a couple of things I suppose it would be air and water since without them I could not sanctify much else for too long. In truth and in spirit seem to be a nice ideal where much less material is involved and where it is pretty well left to you without someone breathing down your neck trying to kill you next time your hypocrisy is not as good as his.

The John Lennon song “Imagine” is the closest thing to holiness and sanctity I can think of but it will never happen. The mess is that SOMEONE is always trying to do God’s Work and it often involved killing a whole bunch of infidels of which of course we are not part. Harmony, love and respect is fine but it never stops there I am going to stick my mode of harmony love and respect down your throat whether you like it or not is more the style of the eon.

Free will as you wish but this creation is highly animal like and destructive besides being simply ignorant and sanguinary.

Can never have the blooming Elois without the bloody Morlocks it seems. All this meat eating is always bad business and one too often ends up as one’s meal not to mention the ultimate end: one’s excrements. But there was trouble before meat eating anyway even though even at this early age some killing (called sacrificing) was involved and one got his head busted over that debate.

I always come back to Kerouac, would have loved to meet the man and have a few convos with him, more or less sober ones preferably J

But he said All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together. and All is well, practice kindness, heaven is nigh.

I am not so sure at times that ALL HUMAN are dream beings but if I was to write one day my Martin Luther King Speech I am not even sure of how it will go since it would be maybe a nice exercise in beauty and truth and love and poetry but also a nice exercise in utter and total futility.

I HAVE A DREAM, well I certainly do and it might be very similar to the Eloi WITHOUT the Morlocks but a bit like this bipolar disorder and so many other things one cannot have the highs without the lows, the truth without the lies and good without evil and evil is what spoils it all in each and every one of our hearts and souls.

There seems for absolutely illogical and unfathomable reasons to be an absolute need for evil. Create 6 billions Elois and let one Morlock in there and it will spread like a virus. One cannot have the sheep without the damn wolves.

Someone has written somewhere and it is very puzzling for some of the wanna be sheeps who can never stay pure anyway and more than likely are even often deluded about being innocent harmless sheep.

And there is just no solution at all, tis absolutely impossible to cull and eradicate all the wolves to the point where some sheep would miss em and turn into them I believe.

One could not even create a small Eloi Kingdom in a far and isolated island as some Judas and Thomas or Anybody would turn it into the Lord of the Flies, which I haven’t read yet but believe to understand the concept.

Quoting Jack again men are not like gods but like dogs.

Someone got dyslexic at the very beginning and misread the recipe for creation.

O well we can still dream and lull our senses with nice words but that’s all they will remain for a long long time WORDS.

Harmony. Kindness. Love. Truth. Beauty. Understanding. Wisdom. Heck add Eternal Life to that but then Eternal Life without the previous words is not a dream anymore but the ultimate nightmare.

On a sub note worthy of study it would seem that eliminating appetites and need for it easier on a perfect world as food and sex always seem to complicate things.

Money is another ultra major hurdle and handicap to this utopian world.

O well one day just for the futility of it and the exercise of mind and philosophy I will attempt to write my “I have a dream” even though writing a dystopia would seem more reachable. J

Thursday, March 11, 2010


It just seems so obvious to me that since this planet cannot get rid of all the junk we throw at it fast enough (plastic, nuclear waste, petrol, pollution of all sorts) it will do what is necessary to survive as it has always done and will get rid FIRST of its biggest threat: US, human beings and then it will have all the time in the world to clean the tons of garbage we left behind and return to its once pristine condition.

There are only 2 solutions outside of Armageddon and some external salvation coming from above.

1. We self-destruct and leave no one behind and I mean not a single soul otherwise it will all have to be redone again a a few thousand years. Or

2. This planet spew us out entirely like a bad virus and doesn’t stop to the very last soul. And I am sure Mother Nature has a thousand way to do that, cataclysms of all sorts or just a super duper virus more like an antibiotic in fact to get rid of us the real viruses and don’t stop taking your medications til all these filthy human bacterias are entirely eliminated and annihilated to the last one.


Our priorities are so screwed up it’s mind blowing. Instead of taking care of war, famine, poverty, justice, equality, abortions and murders of all sorts, drug, alcohol, ignorance and superstition we have activists who are so much against killing babies that they kill the doctors instead, so much again cruelty to animal that they kill the scientists. I find most Activists as a rule a very scary bunch a bit like a mob out of control from Zola’s Germinal.

Some of these issues anyway have much deeper roots and sources than just pulling the dandelion out so the grass looks green. Many seem so much more concerned in this society in keeping the outside of the cup clean not minding that the inside is filthy and rotten to the core. Being a Pharisee and a hypocrite won’t solve a thing at all. A clean facade is nothing but a lie as a matter of fact I think Jesus had much more issues and anger towards the so called pillars of societies that pretended to be holy than with many sinners we tend to look down at and despise like prostitutes and winos etc.

Anyhow I just can’t join the bandwagon of optimists and dreamers who think this world would get better, it hasn’t improved at all in thousands of years and shows no sign of any improvement in the next 10 thousand years either.

And the only thing that keeps me from being a total atheist and nihilist is that despite all the illogical idiocies that happen daily, hourly in this world A DAY OF RECKONING seems to be an absolute logical end to all this. Logical in an illogical world! What a paradox!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Marasme de l'âme

Fake it ‘til you believe it.

Continue the fallacy!

Faith , Placebo, Manic Delusion and even Optimism and the grand illusion or delusion either of CONTROL.

I wonder if one day depressive realism will get the recognition it should instead of so much other bullshit and fads and controversies with a million new therapies of all kind Cognitive Behaviour Therapy being only one of them. I really resent scientists who compare our brains to computers since we are “machines” a billion times more complex than any computer will ever be and the power of intellect is one small part of us while the power of emotions, good and evil, ignorance and stupidity, delusions and mis and disinformation is as vast as the universe. Add greed and hatred and deep psychological scars sometimes from a very early age if not even preborn and here we go in the marasm of human complexity and total inability to solve any major important problems like war, famine, superstition and so much more.

A side note on this concept of continuing the fallacy and fake it til you believe it is that basically you lie to yourself until you believe your own lies so even though it might make you feel better basically you are more crazy then you were before you started and live a false delusion. Fallacy, delusions, disassociation, Lies and deceit are so far engrained in this world that it is nearly impossible to ever decipher the truth and I have a feeling that mental health to begin with should have the truth as its rock solid foundation.

Semantics again and its crippling limitations are so annoying. The word marasme in French is such a beautiful word with many metaphorical nuances where in English it is reduce to a body sickness.

Coming from the Greek marasmos it implies drying out, decaying, depression, basically a long going down hill with inevitable doom at the end.

All languages have limitations like that therefore the expression “lost in translation” ever since the tower of Babel we have crippled communications on the whole planet. It makes me wonder at times if there is not a pure state of communication somewhere in a spiritual or physical universe where concepts, ideas, emotions, feelings and needs and wants are not expressed in a perfect telepathic way. On this planet it would be totally impossible given the high impurity of the soul in emissions and in reception but it is nice to think and imagine that somewhere somehow sometime it would be possible to bond in a perfect way and have all the exact words meanings and understanding of one another.

In a less ideal way I suppose that two or three Charles Berlitz could have a multilingual conversation that would just be awesome always picking the right word from the right language to express as shortly as possible the right idea. J

It is said that he reached adolescence speaking eight languages fluently. One anecdote I always loved from him is that apparently once a reporter asked him what was the hardest part of speaking so many languages and he answered to remember or know what language I said my last sentence. Something I can really relate to even though I only speak two languages because when you’re fluent you don’t think in words but in concept and ideas and the tool used is irrelevant. I always find it very refreshing and practical to have a nice long Frenglish conversation with a bilingual friend, switching back and forth to whatever is easiest to express the right idea.

I wonder if this is not the concept explained in this famous bible passage.

1Co 13:8 Charity never fails. But if there are prophecies, they will be abolished; if tongues, they shall cease; if knowledge, it will be abolished.

1Co 13:9 For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.

1Co 13:10 But when the perfect thing comes, then that which is in part will be caused to cease.

1Co 13:11 When I was an infant, I spoke as an infant, I thought as an infant, I reasoned as an infant. But when I became a man, I did away with the things of an infant.

1Co 13:12 For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall fully know even as I also am fully known.

1Co 13:13 And now faith, hope, charity, these three remain; but the greatest of these is charity.

Some sort of Astral Love Making! J