Wednesday, September 30, 2015

out of my comfort zone?

out of my comfort zone! 

out of my comfort zone?

what is that supposed to mean? 

WTF is WRONG with Comfort? 

I happen to just LOVE Comfort! 

As everyone knows I am built for comfort not for speed.

Out of your comfort zone is bullshit propaganda fuelled by trainers, gurus and religious leaders for their OWN PROFIT as 

Always follow the money trail. Always follow the money trail.

They want YOU our of your comfort zone for THEIR profit and financial COMFORT.

Plus, as always, as Nietzsche would say, and as it is with spiritual leaders and rapists,
it's always about POWER.

Monday, September 14, 2015


That article was somewhat over my head and way TL;DR but it gave a little food for thought.  To the extension that selfish vs altruist is a bit like saying republican vs liberal also.
Not sure yet if Pinker is a friend or a foe and don’t know enough to tell or care but he seemed to have some good points. 

An awful lot in life, politics, and religion IS “diluted by metaphorical, poetic, fuzzy, or allusive extensions that only serve to obscure how profound the genuine version of the mechanism really is.” The deviousness of the human mind is bottomless.

I am not a scientist or an erudite and would it help me if I were? But sometimes I feel I am on the edge of the ultimate epiphany… the light bulb to light up the whole universe and the meaning of life and would I get there one day it would be only to discover that I got the answer to only ONE universe and that there are a universe of universes out there.

Our minds are so little yet wanting to be so big and to UNDERSTAND! To understand the beginning of understanding. Longing for wisdom and yet would not recognise wisdom if it hit us in the face. I don’t think the human species has what it takes to begin with.

What is called Economy seems to be one of the biggest road blocks as it is often obscured by greed and all sorts of twistedness.  The lies and the bullshit scientists have to go through to get funding etc and also the way the funding is spent on whosoever has the power and his pet theory.

We all question the trillions going around in this world while half the planet is starving lacks water education and basic needs.

The only reason I would love to live forever is curiosity to SEE and HEAR what is going on in the millennium and where humankind is going is this ongoing sci-fi soap op.

I would love to see a very logical and practical planet totally free of superstition, ignorance and violence but I can’t foresee it in a million years. Something bigger and better than star wars and star trek where no death stars and photon torpedoes exist.

Ideally again a world of Eloi without the Morlocks kind of even though the drawback to this picture is that the Eloi are not interested in knowledge and education but then again knowledge and education and science today lead to better and bigger weapons of mass destruction and also to endless pointless debates.

What is the use of wasting time on things that would never happen one might say? What’s the use of wasting 40 years of life to get a gold watch? What is the use of anything? All of this will be gone, vanished, vaporise in a short time if you consider 8 billion years a short time. Our planet being entering its middle age kind of being 4 billion years out of a possible 12 billion.  8 billion being almost the middle age of the universe also if we are to believe today’s knowledge of 13.82 billion years. Maybe 13.82 billions year out of an alternate universe much older than us. Who knows?

Anyway all that to say that time is relative and short and runs fast.
Well stay put anyway when I do get that epiphany you will be the first to know. J
Even though epiphanies are doubtful and not to be trusted especially after one falls down from his horse and damages his temporal lobe. Two thousand years later we are still suffering from one’s such epiphany.

Could write more I suppose on the extremes of life, right vs left, selfish vs altruist but I too would become a TL;DR.

Will skip more waste of ones and zeros for now.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Never forget?

Never forget?

Forget what?

That expression is always used in the media to justify the expenses and horrors of war and organised murders, to rationalise past mistakes.

I LOVE the fact that truth is not a word in Greek there is no word for truth, only for its negation.

Aletheia, the absence of oblivion or forgetfulness or concealing, disclosure.

The absence of that Lethe River we all have to cross when we die.

There ARE many things we certainly should remember but the media is very very keen on which “they” want us to remember.  Remembering that the media is a big money machine for one thing is not a thing they want us to remember and that money corrupts and soils all it touches via greed is not among the remembrance meditation list either. As the old wisdom says the love of money is the source of all evil.

Of course we should remember some Western things like Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Napalm, Agent Orange, My Lai, Drone bombing children etc. but you won’t see that in our newspaper since history is written by the conquerors.

Not to me to tell you what to forget and what to remember.

What I remember is that is old world is senseless and absurd and I shouldn’t be sad when I leave it and finally get to that river Lethe.

Sure there are some beautiful things out there and some people see them and don’t let the bad things negate the good ones but I don’t think I was ever built that way. I am afraid I might have swallowed that other lie about Capricorns being taciturn and melancholic.

Black bile seems to be my daily business when I don’t find a way of escaping it.

Anyway the good part is always to question everything, look at the source and try oh try to think for yourself if we are still capable of doing so.  Thinking seems to be a business of the past since most of us now are literally trained to be totally unable to read a book even in this world of 140 characters or less.

On another note I am glad we’re over that 911 hump as I am so sick of hearing of it and also of all the other conspiracy theorists out there who go all Halloween orange and Chimney red on that day.

And now I forgot all I was going to write about but then again I have said it all already a hundred times so just reread my old blogs then! J

But it’s always good to stay far away from any site that has the word truth in it.