Sunday, March 24, 2013


Chasing God by Dawn French???

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. that’s what it come down to I s’pose.

Why the fuck would I want to read an article about theism or atheism by Dawn French of all people now?

For reasons unknown I have no respect at all for Dawn French OR Ricky Gervais while we are at it, which is strange because I almost worship George Carlin and every word that came out of his mouth.

Truth is I suppose that there are assholes of every creed colour nation or race.  Some creed, colour, nation, or race have more assholes than others I suppose oh and yeah let’s not forget sexual orientation too another important division on our explosive planet.

Authority is a big meaningless word really and expert means even less.

Dawkins is a biologist not a theologian.  
Hitchens for all his reading and awesome brain 
has been all over the spectrum so he can’t be right all the time.

A lot of these atheist loud mouths all over the internet seem to be nothing short of ignorant angry bullies and their support of atheism does nothing to help the cause.  They are just as bad and ignorant as any fanatic believer.  Bottom line I suppose again is,

a fanatic is a fanatic 

no matter what his/her colour, creed, nation, race 
or sexual orientation is too.

The motives of the hearts at times 
are more important than the correctness of the brain methinks.  

For instance I somewhat resent an atheist who is an atheist because he is gay and god hates gays so fuck you god. 
Or the poor mother who prayed intensely for god to spare HER child and god did NOT listen to HER so fuck you god again 
I will be your worst enemy now. 

It somewhat reminds me of that familiar Salieri scene in Amadeus.

I don’t know how Camus lived with the absurd but I do find it really arduous at times. And I’d hate to be French on top of all that too. J  I mean I am French-Canadian by nature but “THE” French to me are a really contentious snobby bunch almost worse than the Knesset and add on a French Jew and you have double-contentious here.  We Canadians I suppose are not very well known for our contentious spirit quite au contraire.  Some nations might be perceived as more contentious than others I guess. I know, I know, an awful lot of guessing and supposing here. J 

To achieve the right goal for the right reasons is just impossible on this planet.  We are way too twisted, ignorant and warped to come anywhere near the truth and true reality. 

Too apelike even at our best.

Our very best minds (make it an IQ of 200 or even an impossible 300) are nothing and often totally wrong in so many ways.

Our polymaths, our geniuses are still primates in so many ways.

The randomness of it all is unexplainable to the best of us.

Words like justice and truth will remain vague concepts forever and ever.

The randomness of life 
and all its innumerable factors and conditions to survive.

The randomness of death 
and its strange unexplainable, inexcusable dice rolls.

The total randomness of everyday life, of every nanosecond life.

The rewards of the wicked, 
the punishment of the poor, 
all of it is ABSURD.

Politics and religions are the ultimate Absurdities of them all.

And in the end the love we gave
… and eat and drink and be merry
… is about the sum of it all.

And maybe leave some offspring for some to prolong the absurdity.

Strangely enough both of Mozart’s sons 
who survived to adulthood 
died childless. L

Thursday, March 21, 2013

the WORD which is unexamined is not worth READING

the WORD which is unexamined is not worth READING
I never cease to be totally astonished by the huge amount of absolute bullshit that goes on in the world especially on the internet and particularly on sites like Facebook.

Does anyone, and I mean ANYONE ever ever stop to think? I mean just to fucking think.

Many of the statements posted on there at times are mind-boggingly stupid and UTTER BULLSHIT.

There is no proof, evidence or remote rationality to back up the shit that comes out of some 'mouths' sometimes.

Life and the Universe having a will, being entities and other bullshit defying all the laws of randomness.
Statements impossible to prove or to back up are accepted as "gospel" truth and swallowed hook, line, and sinker.

Too many examples to quote but I should start to make a collection.

Bottom line is QUESTION EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING. It is your given right and duty even.

Do not accept any statement at face value, no matter how wise or 'cute' it sounds at first.

Question MOTIVES and PROFITS, and especially PROVENANCE. 
WHO said it and WHY!


Here is an example often overlooked.

W5 is a custom marketing research practice. We focus on answering who, what, when, where and why people relate to products, services, and brands.

I mean FOR FUCK SAKE why oh why does everything HAS to be about money and capitalism and materialism.

Countries COUNTING the COST of illness and suicide in FUCKING DOLLAR$ $IGN$?

At other times it is a serious segment on local so-called news commentated by someone who PROFITS from the situation? Why bother? I mean why don’t you just tell us you are a whore to start with? I’ll tell you why because whores are much more honest than most of these vicious snakes anyway.

I wish I could bring thousands more of example but it would defeat the purpose.

The purpose is that YOU have to think for yourself. 

YOU have to question EVERYTHING for YOUR OWN SELF.

Without turning in some fucked up paranoid conspiracy theorist do not take ANYTHING at face value and always always follow the money trail.

Money talks and BULLSHIT walks.  Profits are most of the time synonymous with lies. 

Le secret des grandes fortunes sans cause apparente est un crime oublié, parce qu'il a été proprement fait.
·         The secret of great fortunes without apparent cause is a crime forgotten, for it was properly done.
·         A variant, "Behind every great fortune there is a great crime," has appeared as a quotation of Balzac; but it may have originated in a paraphrase in The Oil Barons: Men of Greed and Grandeur (1971) by Richard O'Connor, p. 47: "Balzac maintained that behind every great fortune there is a great crime."

Also BEWARE of numbers and statistics.
To throw a number like YOKO just did is devious and deceiving.
To say that

Over 1,057,000 people have been killed by guns in the USA since John Lennon was shot and killed on 8 Dec 1980. An average of 31,537 people are killed by guns in the USA every year. We are turning this beautiful country into a War Zone. Together, let's bring back America, the green land of Peace.
The death of a loved one is a hollowing experience. 
Is highly deceptive and LEADS the average person to ASSUME that most of these deaths are homicides like John Lennon was.
Some other numbers deny these by the way leaving 17,500 to 23,000 yearly deaths to ‘explain’.
But the propagandist, publicity hungry and greedy front person doesn’t really bother with explaining and yes the death of a loved one is a hollowing experience but it certainly does not leave one with an unbiased and balanced point of view.  

One only has to stand in a court of law to witness this fact.

I hope you burn in hell and so on when thousands of others have been killed every day, some children by your own government, and you don’t give a single flying fuck about them now do you?
Justice for All?
Yeah right!
Relatives wasting their lives away making sure that their hatred is propagated and that their criminal who killed their relatives remains behind bars and never get parole.  Sour and ruined Tate sister comes to mind here.
My Justice is no justice at all.
Naming too many examples would be offending to some but here is one anyway.
“Sometimes you just have to stop worrying, wondering & doubting. Have faith that things will work out, maybe not how you planned, but just how they’re meant to be.”
FOR FUCK SAKE AGAIN! What the fuck is all this and what the fuck do you think it “MEANS” altogether. Cheap words like faith and “meant to be” are delusionary when life is nothing but randomness.  A “snake eyes” is not anymore meant to be than a seven really or in fact maybe a seven is MORE “meant to be” than a snake eyes from a probability’s point of view and always remember that the house ALWAYS win and there is a perfectly good rational and mathematical reason for that.
It is all bullshit and a “mean nothing saying” posted by the same people who read the National Enquirer, the Daily Mail, forward chain letters, stand at Walmarts and watch soap ops all day while reading other trashy magazines.
It is one of the ‘tragedies’ of this Facebook we love to hate. Mass numbing par excellence.
I have mentioned other examples in the past, like Cherie Carter-Scott and others.
Why is it so hard to think and question everything I will never know but to me it seems the only logical way in this tortuous world  which brings me back to another tortuous being and saying:  Max Ehrman’s Desiderata.
Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. 
I’d phrase this one a bit differently changing business for daily (again not everything is about money)
But some of the rest of his stuff, as attractive and cute and spiritual as it wants to sound at times, is ALSO Utter Bullshit.
 You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.
Puhlease!  Child of the universe!?!?!?!? RIGHT????? Come ONNN!
And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
Says Who? By what proof? What Evidence? How do YOU know?
What is your Epistemological Substantiation on this?
And furthermore and subsequently where the fuck did you fish that one?
What hat did it come from?
Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, 
Here we go again, the foundation of every Anonymous group in THE WORLD.
Include more Gagging, Spitting & Coughing here.
The so devious wording that does NOT ALLOW you  NOT to have a god and not conceive one. What trashy evil lure that was.  What crap that is still prevailing in so many thoughts today. Devious! Devious! Devious! What a Diabolical Trap that one is, and a clever one I might add.
Hard to think BEYOND this one innit?
It makes it almost embarrassing to even QUESTION it.
Read at all cost but THINK and QUESTION every single letter at all times.
Walt Whitman seems to have been the last apostle of good sense at times.

 “Re-examine all that you have been told... dismiss that which insults your soul.”
Walt Whitman

False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.
~ Socrates
 and that the life which is unexamined is not worth living —(that you are still less likely to believe.)
~ Socrates
and that the WORD which is unexamined is not worth READING
~ Moi 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rite of Passage

If there was one rite of passage among Celtic, Irish, French Canadian ( and many other cultures) today it would be a boy’s first all night out drinking.

Not sure what age it happens to most, like some sort of a Bar Mitzvah not too Kosher, but mine was at 14 IIRC.

We had just met our new half-brothers and our family size had doubled all of a sudden. I went from First to fourth in no time at all to my greatest shock and dismay.

I was so stunned by the news and the secret they had kept from us for so many years, crying over old photos of 'nephews', all of us being ‘officially’ Caissys,
and also the strange strange fact that all other kids parents in our school had wedding anniversaries,
a celebration that surreptitiously  never happened in our house.

So on our first summer together in one of our yearly trips to Gaspé or Gaspésie as we prefer to call it
(Gaspé being a town and Gaspésie a huge peninsula)
we met our new “brothers” as my natural siblings are known to call them.  

I stick religiously to half-brothers myself, a stickler for the details of the facts. 

Now there is a story and we might never ever know now,
that I might not be exactly the prime of my father’s jizz. 
Even my mother says she is not sure and doesn’t know.  
In modern relationship terms “It’s Complicated”.

But technically he is a Rioux. All three of them were somewhat abandoned and ‘placed’ among family members not to the best terms of life I gather. 

Majella, Pierre, and Denis in that order. 1951? 1953? 1954? 

And then I came along , after a 500 miles exodus to the big city because of course you did not leave a husband and three kids in a small Catholic Bastion Village of Quebec in 1955.

Being my father’s first, and being born around Xmas too, I was named after my dead uncle, Sergeant Léo Caissy, dead just a few days or weeks before the end of the war (WW2), buried overseas.  
My dad’s oldest brother, he being the second oldest I believe.  
Well of the boys anyway there was an older sister ma tante Eva beloved by us all.  
Her family brought a lot of interesting stories to the family for sure.  

Then there was mon oncle Albenie, the one who couldn’t shut up during movies to my father’s great dismay and anger.
And some younger uncle who popped up much later in my life, when I was around 12 in fact.  According to his story he had been in college for a while college being hard time in a prison out west for armed robbery.  The baby, son of grandmother’s lover, always at odd with my dad for obvious reasons.  A big mouth and a ladies man, well he had a lot of time to catch up to and he did trust me.

It took me years to find out that Uncle Joe, Grandma’s handy man was handy in more ways that I could ever think as a child.  No wonder the 3 of them rented the last seat in the back at church: my grandmother, my “uncle” Joe, and a very old very frustrated and deaf cuckolded grandfather.

So back to that Summer 1970 now.  Even though I forgot an awful lot of my life I do remember many details of that famous night.  

A nice and big white Ford LTD. 429 cu. in. engine, 4 barrels carburator, convertible, blue top and blue leather inside, automatic with transmission on the floor. 
Guess we started drinking at the local pubs the three of us, maybe with a starter at home.  We travelled an awful lot though something like 400 kms? 240 miles? Maybe more even.  We made it to Murdochville at sunrise in the middle of absolutely nowhere at all. Denis doing most of the driving by then since my dad was way too drunk to drive, not that it had ever stopped him thousands of times before and after. That’s what they did then, in fact we managed to kill like six of our family in one shot that way once.  I remember running out of beer in the middle of the night and stopping at a hotel just before they closed, round 3 AM back then and all they could sell us was a case of beer that had been laying on top of a fridge, since they were not supposed to sell beer to take out at all, them were the rules back then too. That beer was a little warmer than what we call tablette let me tell you in fact it was piss hot and absolutely awful but we were way past the caring point anyway.  So we made it back home somehow maybe early afternoon IIRC, and I remember the wonderful feeling for maybe the first time in my life of not giving a single fuck that my mother was very angry at me for the 10 millionth time.

Oh yeah besides the fact we could all have died a thousand times, our only loss was a wheel cap when Denis lost control and made a tête-a- queue, a 180 degrees in a gravel road, in fact most of the roads were lumberjacks roads, long and winding dust filled gravel roads, miles and miles of them.  So look it up one day on Google Earth from Pointe-a-la-Garde, QC to Murdochville, QC and back alive and in one piece.

He was a pretty good driver for a drunk 17 year old. J

R.I.P. Denis Rioux (Caissy?)

P.S. there is a lot of questions as to why my mother went to name my sister, the one after me, Denise, after abandoning a Denis. It was to be a very bad omen for poor Denise.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Buona Fortuna James Eugene Carrey

La gloire est éphémère et tout et tout mais…   

Glory is short lived and all and all but…

I find it sad that Jim Carrey is playing second violin to Steve Carell.

Hell! He is fourth billing, how the mighty have fallen.

I do understand that these fragile fires burn erratically at best
but to me 
Steve Carell doesn't come to the ankle of Jim Carrey
as far as funny genius is concerned.

I do admit I know next to nothing of Carell 
but that is part of the point. 

I don’t think that it is some lame patriotism either,
maybe an attachment to mental sickness at best
or maybe the same initials :)

Obviously Carrey like Kerouac is burning the candle at both ends
and the end cannot be good. 
It would seem that the only way for these guys to live forever is to die young.

A prolonged death preceded by oblivion 
and oblivion (Alzheimer’s) 
is never too good, 
like Columbo not KNOWING he was Columbo.

Maybe Comics have a shorter life in general I suppose. 

They burn the fuel faster.

O well maybe Jim will have a comeback or two
if the bipolar daemons are graceful to him.

Buona Fortuna James Eugene Carrey.

Friday, March 8, 2013

What is YOUR perfect world now?

I have a dream, a dream where certain words and ideas have totally disappeared.

A French dream kind of, of REAL liberty, equality, fraternity, a dream in fact where even the word fraternity has changed to something asexual.  

Mind you it is a very childish impossible dream that will never happen but what am I to do on my passage on this earth but to dream of a much better one?

For one thing someone said 

Dans une société fondée sur le pouvoir de l'argent, il ne peut y avoir de "liberté", réelle et véritable. “

“In a society based on the power of money there cannot be any real and true freedom”

I am still quite impressed by a very short part of French History, an incredible part where humongous changes were made, changes that did not last long alas. Speaking here of the French Revolution Calendar of course and its complex remodelling of society thinking with at its based the dechristianisation of France altogether.

Of course they were going to meet with extremely violent forces foaming at the mouth mostly over their loss of power really when all is said and done. But the IDEA, the music, of it all was blissful for a short time.  No more of this 7 and 12 business and all down to a decimal system in a decimal world. 

The idea that each day was related to a complex vocabulary of Nature and that Reason was a god for a short moment leaves me with a sighing melancholia.

We have to confess that our million rituals, most of them somewhat barbaric, are nothing short of emotional mindless madness:  based on nothing but mass hysteria really.

Even a utopian island could not exist for very long I am afraid in this mass media society we have created: no more Robinsons & Fridays, no place to hide anymore.

Not even sure how it would function really, can’t think of a perfect world with man in it as man is so imperfect and such a failure.

Man can only dream of a perfect world, usually one to come, and SOMEWHERE ELSE, some OTHER time or dimension of time even.

A John Lennon imaginary world kind of, with no religion, no countries, nothing to die for, where people have no history really since happy people we all know have no history. No religion meaning no sacrifice, no ritual, no liturgy, no myth, and no delusions.
This is probably why it is much easier to write a dystopia, happiness is hard to dramatize as Fellowes says.

What would one read about now? Let’s face it, a Penelope is utterly boring and won’t appeal to Jane Austen or Oscar Wilde or Shakespeare.  You cannot write a movie about Penelope.
Imagine a world with no bullying, no hazing, no lynching, and no mob hysteria now? How rational! How BORING. Fuck no Jackass either! L

A world where everyone is rational, loves and respects each other, no one is cunning or deceitful or even deluded.  You can leave your door unlocked and sleep in the middle of the park at night.  Everyone is free to love whomever he/she wants, everybody minds their own business (Fuck Forbid) Papers have nothing to write really.  We really live in the pursuit of happiness happy with little and no one is lacking anything or starving. No one is filthy rich either of course.  Eloi WITHOUT the Morlocks.  Books and Music for free at every corner.  Epicurian moderate feasts with medicine to compensate. Everyone dies of old age peacefully in his/her sleep.

None of this need to be Stoic or resilient in anything.

Ah dreaming is so pleasant.

What else? A controlled population of course with everyone “allotted his lot”, A house, a bed and enough food for all.

No hatred, no gossip, no bogans or chavs or any of these low economical crime infested convict violent behaviour areas.  Epicurians with  social responsibilities.

Words like RESPECT and CONSIDERATION re-established as priorities number one in our school curriculum.  Free Schools that teach you to think for yourself.

No child is mistreated or even laughed at. 

Of course no war and not a single need for any kind of weapon.

It would seem to me also that without going fanatical PETA here or even vegan it might be a necessity to avoid meat as blood spilling seems to only need to more blood spilling.

It seems to me that a free Commensal would be Epicurian enough and answer to all tastes. 

Commensal is at least or was a vegetarian franchise where food is sold by the gram. One would be amazed at the expensive costs of something that is 90% heavy water now J

Trying to create a balanced ‘perfect’ world now also needs to ELIMINATE all form of activism/fanaticism of all kind.  Because let’s face it many are violent freaks.

One of them freak once claimed that we could lodge the whole population of the world in Texas and even though I doubted his claim at first it seems that he might have been right mathematically after all as the population  density would certainly not be as high many cities in the world.

So imagine now everyone with his little white picket fence house in the prairie, with his 2.2 children and a happy well-respected EQUAL wife, maybe not in Texas but somewhere with a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 25 all year round with rain only at night, sunny days and a nice breeze otherwise.  Maybe everyone producing enough food even for his family and a little extra. No need for lawyers.  Free doctors and specialists at all time. Life as priority number one at all cost.  Meaning being no poor or rich that one needing a billion dollar procedure to extend the length and quality of his life can have it no questions asked with no stressful waiting time.

We all know by now that I am in the IMPOSSIBLE conjecture realm and therefore economical conjectures are no object by this time since none of this will even happen. But I mean if we have the “means” now to spend trillions of dollars on armaments of all sorts, eliminating that “need’”, one can easily imagine good money being spent elsewhere on health and education where it SHOULD be in a perfect world right?

Can I even imagine respectful divorces in such a world because let’s face it more than too often it takes more than one or two trials to find the right person?

Divorces with no misogyny or misandry for that fact. Respect for the ex and what not even.

Paperwork in fact might be totally eliminated as one lives on PRINCIPLES.

Imagine waking up to this now Rip Van Winkle?  A breath of fresh air in an ethereal almost astral realm.

As I said it will never ever happen, if there was only one truth it would be this one.

A world of respect of sound and air and smells and pollution, filled with respect and consideration, filled with love with no hate and no violence at all, no need for violence.  A world where the lion really sleeps next to the lamb? Why is there a need for all these animals anyway in an Ha Olam Haba? Just curious.

No death now might be a blessing or a curse so I am not so sure on this subject.  Of course there would be some sort of inevitable inexorable forms of grief I am afraid, FEAR being included here in this expression.

So here is a start anyway, of course my perfect world is different than yours, and everyone’s perfect world is different from the neighbour.  This is intrinsically WHY there can never ever BE a perfect world in fact.

But it was nice to imagine, to put in thoughts and images anyway.

What is YOUR perfect world now?

On a final note it seems to reflect a world where your chaos is not imposed on my chaos really.  An elimination of stenches and noises in fact.

It would also resembles much of Alanis Morissette’s view of Utopia

We'd gather around
All in a room
Fasten our belts
Engage in dialogue
We'd all slow down
Rest without guilt
Not lie without fear
Disagree sans judgement

We would stay and respond and expand and include and allow and forgive and
enjoy and evolve and discern and inquire and accept and admit and divulge and open and reach out and speak up

We'd open our arms 
We'd all jump in 
We'd all coast down 
Into safety nets

We would share and listen and support and welcome 
Be propelled by passion, not invest in outcomes
We would breathe and be charmed and amused by difference 
Be gentle and make room for every emotion

We'd provide forums
We'd all speak out
We'd all be heard
We'd all feel seen

We'd rise post-obstacle, more defined, more grateful
We would heal, be humbled, and be unstoppable
We'd hold close and let go and know when to do which 
We'd release and disarm and stand up and feel safe 

This is utopia 
This is my utopia 
This is my ideal 
My end in sight
This is my utopia
My ultimate

Epictetus Fullofshitus

I am so sick and tired of the god thing. 
I miss the ‘olden days’.
This is gonna be décousu I can tell!
First the god thing I guess.

Let’s start with Epictetus now.  I was kind of boiling in the bathtub where I was presumably sitting in in order to RELAX reading the golden sayings of Epictetus part of a much broader liberal education apparently called the Harvard Classics, assembled by a dénommé  Charles W. Eliot in 1909.

Well maybe in 1909 you could get a liberal education but I doubt one can get one these days because in 1909 it was a different world, a world with no television and no internet.  I read of people like Dickens and Mark Twain who have read Thomas Carlyle’s long (and probably very tedious) French Revolution not ONCE but MANY times over and over.   
Also back then many a scholar and polymath were well-versed into every single old Latin and Greek writing from Ovid to Homer, from Cicero to Plato, from Horace to Sophocles, Virgil to Aristotle.

Anyway back to Epictetus now the father of so-called Stoics.  Here is one thing I said yesterday about him:

I only have 2 words 
for someone who wants me to be 
a better slave, 
a better soldier:


Assumptions like “so-called non-existent gods know better” piss me off.  Plus the deceiving translation of Zeus into God is to say the least misleading. 

God, Yahweh, Allah, and Zeus are all different MYTHS, different LIES, with different attributes and qualities.

Add on his all-knowing, all –present daimons here and we have a nice mixture of Greek and Christian mythological mash.  There is no such thing in the bible as the notion that each one of us has a guardian angel but it is a clear Greek mythological teaching that we all have a personal daimon, a spirit to look over us.

Nevertheless he has placed by every man a guardian, every man’s Demon, to whom he has committed the care of the man, a guardian who never sleeps, is never deceived. For to what better and more careful guardian could He have entrusted each of us? When, then, you have shut the doors and made darkness within, remember never to say that you are alone, for you are not; but God is within, and your Demon is within, and what need have they of light to see what you are doing?
Epictetus Discourses Chapter 14

So when I hear of how a proud US G.I. survived years of horrors in horrific Vietnam camps (insert visions of Deer Hunter here) I am not overly impressed to begin with since the horrors were somewhat self-inflicted, choosing a way of life I totally oppose.

And now again we have so-called science, psychology, fornicating with mythologies one more time where Epictetus is one of the champions of Albert Ellis and his therapy style.  

Some of you will still remember my rant on
Marsha M. Linehan fornicating with Buddhism’s Mindfulness.
DBT, REBT and all the other bastards BT one can think of. Let’s not forget CBT now where your mind is apparently a computer: garbage in, garbage out.

If one tries to eliminate all possible myths and lies out of his life one is left with nearly nothing and utterly isolated from so-called normal society. I mean try so find some form of help somewhere that is not FORCING you to

Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive Him to be

Why Oh Why Can’t I conceive it/him/her to be non-existent now?

I mean it would be impossible to communicate without using some sort of mythological metaphors now like this is hell or it is a Sisyphean task etc.  It is a very concise way of communicating, much shorter than to explain the whole story of Sisyphus before using the expression anyway.

I do understand some Stoics principles and I do yearn for some stoicism at times the high and lows of my epicurean life get a little hard on the system at times, like going ballistic over dogs barking and such other disturbances in the force.  But the whole base of it is ruined now, totally ruined, because if the reason for acceptance is in order to properly

worshit some godhole 


especially when one can fill the fucking hole 
with whatever he/she 
wants it, 
conceives it 
to be 

well it is all BULLSHIT then.

The way I see it I guess is Stoic equals flatline, Epicurian equals high mountains and low valleys of passions, burnings. 

What is moderation called then?