Wednesday, April 26, 2017

From Economy 101 to Epistemology 101

Just another tired and depressed blog

But what else can I do? 

I do still think even though it is getting harder and harder 

and I do still feel once in a while.

I shared it on Facebook with “guilty as charged”.

The fact is even more evident when you post a scientific fact and many of your FB friends/sycophants like it and cheer it and you tell yourself yeah but this one also cheers some abomination or some religious bullshit etc. so what makes me different or better?

One thought that came to mind is the old verse:

The heart is deceitful above all things.  Some version added Incurable even.

Hive-mind may work with bees and ants but in humans hive-mind / mob-mind is usually disastrous and ends up in blood.

Two things here.

One our economic system is and as always been and will always be wrong.

I know less than nothing about Keynes or Hayek or Friedman or Marx or any Economy 101 masters.

MY Economy 101 says differently.

It is unreal, idealist, unfeasible, and highly Utopian.

Everything on this planet is counted in dollars costs: 
wars, sickness, even suicide as a loss of productivity 
and therefore PROFIT to society or at least the top rank of society.

My ideal economy says life/health is priceless, knowledge is priceless, wisdom is priceless. 
On a sideline here anyone who tries to profit by selling those is a charlatan.

My ideal word is

1.       Educated

It follows also the trend of educated nation by limiting births and population.

Education is free to all and making a living during education should be provided i.e. food shelter welfare etc.

2.      Free

Free in so many ways now.  My idealist problem being how do you provide a billion dollars operation to extend one’s life by one day?

Maybe by making it not worth one billion dollars but priceless.   The cost of things often influenced by supply and demand.  Life demand should be a priority. Ok maybe I don’t make much sense but I hope one gets the gist of my soul, the bottom line of what I would call wisdom.  Of course there are a million other factors like quality of life and human value we put on one another etc.

Technological comfort: free.  

Many priorities and much money would be re-established if we didn’t spend such obscene amount of money killing each other 

MOAB and Patriot and Drones and What Not.

It is starting to feel a little like brave new world though with everyone having his SOMA.

Now on the subject of free comes this problem with peer review and peer publishing and the cost of science.  When the goal is profit and get rich quick of course things are fucked. 

Science for the glory of the discovery?

That might be a little too idealist but some have done it.

Another major problem seems to be cognitive bias when one is more interested in achieving his pet theory than finding the real facts and therefore warps the whole system.

But THE BIGGEST problem of most science is that it is eventually bought and catered for mass destruction. 

The first fucked up question always to a new discovery is what is its martial value?

The hoi polloi usually get the trickle down economy of martial research. 

Trillions being spent on how to love your neighbour better by bombing the shit out of him. 

Medicine being used to heal “our” soldiers faster so they can go back to combat hell ASAP without having figured the problems of PTSD and the many incurable SUICIDES in Armed Forces who come to figure out that the enemy of today he killed would have been his friend tomorrow.

We all love Germans and Japanese now.

Many prophets preach on bended knee. Many clerics wasted wine.
Do the bloodied sheets on those cobbled streets mean I have wasted time?
Are there silver shores on paradise? Can I come in from the cold?
I killed a man in a far away land, my enemy I'm told.  ~James Blunt

To believe that the madness, the blood, the smoke, the noise, the murders, the rapes, the booze and dope is for the glory of what?

Defending my country??????????????????????????????

Warless countries are doing just as well without the PTSD.

They mind their own business quietly 
and do not try to control the world.

Nobody likes a meddling bully.

In conclusion there is no conclusion.

I forgot to mention also one thing I said often: extrapolation

i.e. the best science of today will be the laughing stock of tomorrow.

We never know that we don’t know 

Epistemology 101

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The N word

April 20 th 2013

I don’t have a PhD in psychology or psychiatry or for anything at all really but the media madness to declare themselves all-knowing and ride the popular waves as if they created them irks me to no end.

Even in so-called professional magazines with licensed psychologists and crap Reader’s Digest's like Psychology Today,the term is used and abused and thrown away freely. 

The term being a word I have personal issues with: 


For one thing everyone’s fucking ex was a fucking narcissistic pig because he didn’t worship me, or understand me, or cater to me or lost his will and everything to me.

Who is narcissistic now pray tell?

Does this make me narcissistic now to think this way? 
Frankly at this point I don’t care and I don’t wanna know anymore.  I have dealt with this doubt many a times and now put it aside. 
The jury is still out.

But it still remains that like people do always they love throwing names they don’t know shit about. People love being judgemental and sit on their little home made thrones and pretend to be Napoleon or the pope.

The outrageous reaction described above calls for many names right away: 
neurotic at best, 
utterly callous and selfish ,
and certainly devoid of empathy altogether 
but to me it doesn’t spell the N word.

Anyway to go on and on on this would defeat the point wouldn’t it?

Nuff said methinks.