Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fifty Nine and a Quarter Today!

Fifty Nine and a Quarter Today!

Like a good business I count my progress in quarters now! J

This first quarter which also coincides with the year quarter has been “movemented” for sure.

(mouvementé in French: eventful, turbulent)

Cruise: Noumea, Fiji, New Zealand, Jacuzzis galore and more wine and beer than my usual

Sue’s accident. New Computer. Foxtel. My car accident and most importantly our little baby’s illness.

Time flies and I am not sure when was what exactly.  

Car accident was 3 weeks on Friday IIRC and the car has been back on its ‘legs’ (tyres) just very recently.

Last thing was also buying and setting a new computer for my MIL.

That momentary road rage was quite troubling and traumatizing for a 

while but has been ‘erased’ by all the troubles our little Twitch has 

unwillingly caused.  

A couple of existentialist crisis nights and questioning of the order and 

purpose of life (lives) altogether.

He certainly takes an awful lot of room in our hearts for sure and stands quite high on our affection chart.

Add to this a return to Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls and a “moderate” 

265 hours in the past 5 weeks since we’re back.

A blog that is seemingly dying, thoughts that are scrambled and a 

feeble attempt to return to some sort of a routine in “comfort & joy”.

So these are the corporate news for this first quarter of 2015. 

Will add some more when brain is unscrambled, 

maybe the new coffee machine will help! J