Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Barbers do not exist

'You know what? Barbers do not exist.'    

Dear Concerned Student:
I am not allowed in schools.

The sound and the fury, the madness 
of a compartmentalised mind, 
so limited in its perception,
so blind to its own limitations.

What does it take to see, to hear, to Know?

The so petty arguments for such a petty moronic powerless impotent little god of their little minds.

What will it take?

A cheap god who pouts and crosses his all-powerful arms in a corner unable to act and do one of his very few miracles, a bit of a Scrooge with his miracles in fact, healed some sick raised some dead blah blah blah, changed some water into wine.

Why pick and choose? Why not heal ALL the sick raise ALL the dead and have wine at the tap now? 

What about the poor fuckers that DID NOT get healed? 

What about the poor mothers that DID NOT get their sons back? 

Free will and all that bullshit I am omni-everything  but totally impotent to change most things because of what? 

BECAUSE of a stupid puny capricious moronic ape that I created apparently who just won’t let me BOO HOO HOO.

Otherwise I’d be breaking his free will, free will he never had to begin with.

He did not choose when to be born and where and in what kind of family and he cannot choose to get out of this pattern he was thrown into and I don’t even give him the free will to end it all when it becomes too stupid or painful, after all Life is MY gift (apparently) and he does not have the right to take it away.  Not mentioning that he does not have the right to stop it from happening either.

 Free will my ass.

I cannot help the kids being murdered, maimed and butchered in school because they kicked me out of school?

FOR FUCK SAKE what kind of a puny impotent whining god is that now?

I can’t help them because I don’t exist and I CBF by the 7 billion of procreating monkeys that are overpopulating a little dot in one huge universe, one of many.

Man’s gods are so much like man it is a wonder no one ever clued up. 

Puny petty 12 year old pouting and fighting.

All the mythologies are about war, incest, drunkenness and petty fights and we see this as the absolute top of holiness: how blind can we be?

12 holy sons/tribes born of 2 wives 2 mistresses conniving and lying and these are the crème de la crème of humanity.  Not talking about the sexual prowess of Zeus or Krishna now.

Cheap tales made by cavemen.

The religion of billions based on wild tales many of them told by a guy who fell off his horse and OBVIOUSLY severely damaged his temporal lobe.  

Would he be around today no one would give him the time of day.

And the only reason we have a “young” earth is because we have a “young” WRITTEN history. DUH!

No writing = no old wives tales to carry on.

Six thousand years of writing has not made us any smarter now and six million more years won’t help us either.

The hubris and pride of it all is mind-boggling for those of us who still have a mind.

The “CHOSEN” people is the beginning of hell and blood and murder wherever one might be.  Once you are CHOSEN you are better than the rest of the dirt that doesn't deserve to live and should be eliminated by your special god but since he doesn't exist and is impotent, 
“WE” have to do his dirty work always and KILL, KILL, KILL.

Down with the infidel, he is not one of US.

WE are so much better than him, the goyim, the infidel, the trashy dog.

And then the reverse also happens because we all know what happens to the smart ass who thinks he is better than all of us: we call it here the Tall Poppy Syndrome.

Not forgetting also that KILL, KILL, KILL also makes you many enemies with long memories.

What a stupid self-righteous hysterical mob we are.

There will not be a day on this planet when someone is big enough to imagine a bloodless god, a magnanimous ethereal being of pure love and knowledge and peace and joy and wisdom above all human capacity.  

A god that doesn't fuck left right and centre, commits incest or encourages it anyway, orders to kill and is so petty and explosive

… a consuming fire

… a consuming fire DOES NOT love, 

it destroys everything on its path with no mercy or compassion or knowledge or even consciousness.

A god that is much concerned with words like BLOOD and SACRIFICES and SACRED and HOLY, all words of pain and contentions, of pride, hubris and arrogance.

Show me such an ethereal perfect being or show me nothing.

And nothing is what we will all get. 

Once you’re gone, you’re gone. 

And all the delusions, dreaming, wishing, and all the religions of the world will not change anything to this immutable fact. 

What does it matter, a dream of love
Or a dream of lies
We're all gonna be in the same place
When we die
Your spirit don't leave knowing
Your face or your name
And the wind through your bones
Is all that remains
And we're all gonna be
We're all gonna be
Just dirt in the ground

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

the Deuteronome was written by a Deuterostome

the NEED for eliminating subjectivity and treacherous emotions from the human being has created our FICTIONAL Vulcan Mind and Detached Zen and probably a great part of Buddhism too. All wishful thinking considering our apian and incurable heritage.  We are now down to trying to comprehend why some homo sapiens continually refuse to use their frontal and temporal lobes and much prefer to give way to their lizard brains.  What is the use of some of us using our frontal lobes and to what extent will that prevent humanity from going into complete chaos> Even though I would think the latter is just a matter of when rather than if.

7 billion temporal life forms among many other billions and billions of temporal life forms and given the power of time none of this will matter at all in a too near future.

So many have passed already unnoticed and long forgotten if not for the fact that some of them have left descendants, descendants who know nearly nothing at all from their only case to be here for a short time, a long forgotten and ignored antecedent who left his mark on this planet for a short time.

We know nearly nothing at all; the little we know is hardly worth mentioning.
First of all we are very limited in our neocortex according to Mr. Dunbar and his number.

The media keep showing us also that we are at core very parochial and that for a Canadian or an American or anyone it is only the local news that really matter and how "our own" are doing in the Olympics or in any world event.

The greatest scientists in the world barely know their only subject and are totally ignorant of hundreds of other sciences and histories.  We're even highly ignorant of our own history let alone thousands of years of Chinese, French, Egyptian or Greek civilisations with the billions of souls that went through them.  

The very little we know is based on lies, what we call history, the conqueror's report of their grandiose conquests where of course they are always the good people and the millions they butchered, murdered and massacred were obviously wrong AND Evil too.  

Today we are repeatedly reminded over and over of only one massacre and holocaust in the whole of history.  Forget the Amalekites and the Canaanites who did not deserve to live neither did their children or their animals.

Forget the Armenians. Forget all other atrocities. 
We concentrate on certain numbers only, forgetting all the other numbers that ever existed, that still exist today.  Everyone can tell how many died at Pearl Harbour, in Auschwitz, on 911
but who remembers how many died in Hiroshima? Nagasaki? Dryden?

How many Indians and African died in British Imperialism? 
How many aborigines where slaughtered in South America? North America? Australia? Wherever else the white man decided to set his foot upon and “declare” his.

How many died in Iraq? Iran? Afghanistan? China? Russia?  

How many have died today? Children dismembered and charred by a hellfire drone or just starving to death from economic sanctions? How many civilians were charred with Napalm?  How many die every day from the millions of Kalashnikov- brandishing- illiterates all over the world?

Today is the first day of just another year just in our tiny neighbourhood here half a dozen have died already. Many of them I would strongly assume related to alcohol and an already limited brain power. 

Two people/souls
(someone's mother, brother, sister, child, loved one) 
die every single second on this planet and too many from sheer stupidity and utter cruelty and nonchalance from the powers that be, that is when the powers that be are not directly involved in the death of those. 

So what are words to express beliefs and opinions?

Beliefs and opinions in what anyway?

The deadly fruits of politics and religions?

We don’t have the neocortex, or the temporal lobes nor the frontal lobes to know anything good or anything worth knowing.  

We fight like ants and monkeys and pretend to be so much better and superior to them. 


So opinions and beliefs will go on until the last one of us finally disappears so the saying is right the last opinion will disappear with the last asshole.

After all don’t forget that all the laws of this planet were established by assholes.

Yes the Deuteronome was written by a Deuterostome

someone who started as an asshole.

So from one Deuterostome to another

Live long and prosper while you can