Monday, June 28, 2010

My Beef with Darwinism.

It is not that we come from monkeys and that we didn`t need a god whatsoever, (always the underlying idea) but the worst part is to do with the utter dismissal of human inherent stupidity and greed by trying to explain it away by a more tribal, visceral NEED.

Back in the days of colonialism and Victorianism, tribal and visceral was also a sign of human failure and stupidity “metaphored” into superstition and dark mythology and associated with animalism.

Why can`t stupid whores be just that? Stupid Whores! Why do we need to justify or explain their lewd behaviour away?

It comes back consistently in Darwinism and our sex life is always interpreted as intrinsically good and for our best future when it is plainly evil and twisted at times. I guess Le Marquis de Sade was also probably expressing a subtle survival skill for nothing but the benefit of the whole human/apian race.

Scientists and researchers! What a waste of good minds for bored and bone dry media sensationalists.

I hope that everyone knows by now that the “Scientists and researchers” are nothing but weasel words.

Weasel words is an informal term[1] for words and phrases aimed at creating an impression that something specific and meaningful has been said, when in fact only a vague or ambiguous claim has been communicated.


And I had promised myself not to rant today and I have barely been awake for half an hour! I guess I should stay away from these evil Medias then. I can live with watoday and ninemsn and even Google news in English or French but when I fall down to the level of Daily Mail that is when I feel really dirty! LOL! There isn’t even a point ranting about those low life scums who have nothing to say but will get one (celebrity) picture out of context and drool or spit over it for a nauseous length of time.

One of these days I’m gonna pull a Jerry Fletcher in Conspiracy Theory and hit a big one and hear a big Oomph! Not really my intention since like Georges Brassens, yes I intend to die for my ideas, but from a very very slow death! J

Anyway here is my contribution for June 28th, 2010.

P.S. I hadn’t noticed the link was related to Cleo. So now we are talking REAL “authority” then a bit like Woman’s Day and New Idea. Insert sarcastic grin here.


22 Jun, 2010

Scientists have uncovered a Darwinian explanation behind why less intelligent women have a stronger tendency to seek out 'sugar daddies'...

A new study from the Michigan University has found that women with lower IQ are more likely to be attracted to rich men than their smarter counterparts, reported UK's Daily Mail.

The findings suggest that contrary to popular belief, there's more to the 'gold digger' phenomenon than pure greed. Researchers are now suggesting that it could be seen as an "instinctive urge to guarantee a secure financial future for any potential children."

Lead author of the study, Dr Christine Stanik, of Michigan University, says it is "only natural" for women with limited education and career prospects to pursue men who are able to provide financial stability.

‘In ancient times, women evolved an attraction to men with wealth because they knew such a mate could improve the chances of their offspring’s survival,’ said Stanik.

‘It is a very strong gut feeling that is hard to shake off, especially when a woman does not have her own career which would give her financial independence.’

So next time you feel like indulging in an episode of Girls of the Playboy Mansion, don't give yourself a hard time. Remember, it's not only mindless reality TV you are watching -- but true Darwinism at work.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Got Stoned out of my a hot stone massage that is!

I was TREATED today to the ultimate experience.
105 minutes of utter bliss where the superlatives kept

running out and words failed me, unusual for this big mouth

here but words kept popping up like bliss, heavenly,

nirvaniac, untoppable and so many more I even had to

invent a few as you can see.

The Ultimate Winter Treat to be chosen over a week in Bali.
Got Stoned out of my a hot stone massage that is!

What could be better on a cold Sunday morning than an

infinite moment in bliss where each second is thoroughly

enjoyed. Heat and more heat and hardness of stone to

soothe achy and tired muscles and techniques and ploys out

of this world. You could feel the good energy and the multi

techniques knowledge right to your bones who were thankful

as well.

Oh yeah did I mention the words priceless and sublime


I shall be eternally grateful for this piece of heaven on earth.

So if you have an hour or two to spare in the Perth region I

for one can tell you where to go! :)

Thanks Deb! Words would fail me for this as well but it was

and still is very much appreciated.

If I was rich and famous I`d have this everyday but I got a

feeling my body and my mind could not take it: a bit like a

strenuous workout without the exercise part where you need

a day off to recup from all the goodness.

And also I suppose that what makes it so precious as well is

its rarity but then again one can never have too many

precious gems or gold either! :)

Me and my big mouth I always said I was gonna get stoned one day!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Follow the Money! Follow the Lies!

Hurt Mining, Hurt Everyone.

The world's highest mining tax will hurt everyone. Click here to find out how it will hurt you.

So what does one hear and see and more importantly THINK when one sees this Outrageous Propaganda on Facebook?

Oh let`s read this unbiased report filled with truths and enlightenment. I THINK NOT.

I don`t know if Rudd is right or wrong all I know is if you are going to attack the oligarchy, you better have big guns or fast legs.

Money has its own ways to get what it wants and it doesn`t care much for anything, last of all truth.

No need to do the right thing Mr. Rudd.
That would be impossible from where you are.
You have too much to lose and money put you on that chair and money can and will take you out just as easy.

Bottom line is it won`t make any difference at all either way whether you are reelected or the other loser/puppet fills your shoes.
I do have to admit though the other puppet seems even scarier as the big money might not mind his Holy Inquisition approach as a side kick show.

Small Print at the bottom

Authorised by Mitch Hooke, Minerals Council of Australia 44 Sydney Ave Forrest ACT 2603

The Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) represents Australia's exploration, mining and minerals processing industry, nationally and internationally.


So why is it when you dare to quote a person, let’s say Mozart or Napoleon

Some blanc-bec comes and accuses you: “So you think you`re fucking Napoleon now?”

No I don`t think I am fucking Napoleon as a matter of fact when I think of fucking

I`d rather be fucking Cleopatra but that might be considered necrophilia

Fuck! One can never win in this fucking name game mania.

Quoting or mentioning a name does not infer transmutation of soul.

It does not make me Mickey Rourke in Barfly or Marlborough Man or Angel`s Heart

But some frustrated angry loser might try to find some logical fallacies to throw at your face.

(One with a huge chip on his shoulder and some ISSUES as we say today, not mention the huge stick up his ass that needs to be surgically removed)

The more frustrating when the accuser has a vocab of three words: shit crazy and stupid.

Have you ever seen how many kinds of fallacies there could be? WOW!

Way too abstruse for this obtuse now.

What I like about the truth sometimes is that it “seems” so much simpler even though it is almost impossible to get at in this world! Not everyone’s name is Dr. Cal Lightman

PLUS even the master would struggle with reading a cold screen

Behind which hides a gazillion Fucking Napoleons!

You can’t write shit! Of course I can write shit. I can even spell it and smell it.












Ignorance is Strength. Freedom is Slavery. War is Peace.

- Orwellian Sarcasm and Sad Contemporary Reality.

Bottom line is there is breech of human rights and freedom and liberty and every thing decent all over the world in hundreds of places and countless countries.

You don`t see any of the western world forces involved in that for the simple and only reason that there is no MONEY to be made.

So our young men die for the mighty dollar and we swallow all the bullshit the officials give us about freedom and such.

Plus plus plus we back them up en masse. The people voting obviously having NOT lost one of their closed ones.

Callous and Blind and Self Centered but this had been predicted thousands of years ago.

And we call this EVOLUTION!

How can one even imagine that man is intrinsically good?

It`s beyond me.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Jesus himself was quite amazingly accurate on this one in fact!

I’ve just read three upsetting news today in a very short time :

3 strikes in a row as far a freedom and truth are concerned.

The huge loss of freedom is everywhere and nanny state is but the understatement of the century.

  1. US wanting a kill switch on the internet rather an overkill switch indeed.
  2. Japan banning fat people and
  3. “Secret” videos coming to media of children bombarded in Afghanistan as if media and truth ever mixed well to begin with. So called lateral damages always hidden from us poor Elois while the Morlocks feast and party.

Three more blasts on truth, liberty and freedom in 5 seconds and I assure you that the seen or perceived blasts are nothing short of a tiny weenie part of the humongous iceberg of lies we are fed every day.

Having eyes and ears is not enough apparently.

What would it take for us to see short of a “miracle” whatever that is?

Writing all this and I don’ t expect anyone of us to do much about it anyway, including myself ‘cept maybe this little note of alarm as a watchman suffering from laryngitis.

Ring the bells that still can ring,

Forget your perfect offering.

There is a crack, a crack in everything!

Every plumber will tell ya, :)

While the killers in high places say their prayers out loud.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I read bits and pieces of Kerouac and Bukowski and I find bits and pieces of me, some of them big and almost identical and others kinship of spirit like.

Hitchhiking thousands of miles and lost and cold and crying so far away from home and so utterly helpless and almost hopeless: been there done that too.

See previous blog on that: Different Light, Lightly Different

The countless beatings and the cruelty and the rage that boils with it facing my powerlessness and the injustice of it all until one day you get just about big enough to scare the bullying mom just a little and slow her down before you get to plead temporary if not permanent insanity, I mean she was totally fearless and push my buttons far beyond what I thought they were able to take and endure. In hindsight it seems that mental instability was rampant in the genes as there was a bit of a psychopath in her for sure. Referring to Bukowski`s dad for those of you not familiar with BUK.

Down to the post office where BUK lasted 12 years, I didn’t last 12 days.

Vividly remember as if it was yesterday, and yet there are so many things I have forgotten but I haven’t forgotten THAT one. Year is, well about, 1971 before the automation and implementation of the postal code. I am 16 at best fresh out of school after a couple of lousy jobs, 6 months of hard labour and slavery with my dad, exploited at 90 hours a week for $20 lifting 600 lbs carpet bails, when the minimum wages back then was $1.65... anyhow long story short again and as always too late for that I was quite pleased to be hired shortly after Christmas as surplus employee to clear the backlog they had suffer with that strike and the Christmas rush and lo and behold I only started at 10 AM there was a God after all and the pay was not bad at all in fact the best I had had so far... So here we start and they put me in front of one of those cubicles with pigeon holes in the form of half a honeycomb one row of ten by 10 squares about straight in front of you and 2 more rows on the left and on the right at about 45 degrees maybe 30 so you can still see you next bench colleague if your pile of mail baskets is not too high that is.

So here we are 10 to 4, extremely well paid, and I have Papineau to Park Avenue and within the first hour I can do my job with my eyes closed, I memorised it all and it`s easy peasy in fact way too fucking easy peasy. Two hours in and I am bored to death and struggling to breathe with the stuffiness and the bloke next to me tells me he has been doing that for THIRTY years and my jaw dropped and I really questioned his sanity and whether or not he was a fucking hero or the ultimate loser. Barely make it to the end of my shift and crawl home in the grey of winter. Day 2 and I think I was asked to start at 8 this time. Supervisor comes asked me what time I started yesterday...? 10...! What time did you finish? 4....then I noticed that in the overwhelming backlog they have, the supervisor never shows up again but before he leaves he tells me to show up at 10 the day after by 9 o`clock I can`t take it anymore this pile of baskets is nothing short of Sisyphusian and I am about to die of oppression and boredom so with my heart beating hard in my chest I just fucked off at 10AM and went to breathe some good air after rinse and repeat, supervisor comes in ask me what time I started 8 , what time did you finish FOUR I LIED and we went on again marking my hours in his book, telling me what time to come in the day after sometimes 8, sometimes 10 and moved on. That little scenario lasted 10 days with me pulling my disappearing act as soon as my hours were logged in or shortly after. I was paid for like 60 hours of work at 3 or 4 times the minimum wages at that when I had hardly done 20 and I was quite proud of myself in fact to have disappeared among the crowd of hopeless drones buzzing in that madhouse.

In hindsight today after all these years it just seems to me again that there was just no way I could have handled this for more than I did, ok yes I could have quit but the money was easy and the system was overcrowded and weak so I took my money and ran. Yes it is a service to the people and yes someone needs to do it even though they have found a way to get rid of most of these drones now with automation but it just wasn’t MY WAY and my kind of service. BUK hated it with a passion but he kept at it for 12 long years of course in an American System where you can`t afford to be different ... but I won`t explain or excuse BUK he was a much better man than I am.

Working has always been bad and evil to me some sort of a curse in fact I tried to do without a la Bukowski: I mean the constant abuse of foremen when I was a blue collar to the treachery and cut throat approach of your equals when you move on to be a white collar. I met a lot of wannabe Gordon Gekkos in my time using your head as a ladder rung to go up and ahead in the rat race, one stealing a $100 commission and my customer right in my face lying through his my $100 back for sure but I learned a lot about trust or my lack of it thereof.

Customer Service and PR manager shit was the worst .the amount of abuse one had to take got me to a point where I have paid my pay forwards for the next 700 years and no one will fuck with me anymore...hell I can barely restrain myself in a bank line as a customer when some jack ass treats the poor teller like shit I really feel like stepping up and tap the guy on the shoulder and tell him Excuse me or don’t if I care but she cannot tell you that you are a fucking asshole but I CAN MR KING SHIT so move the fuck on and let the rest of us have a good day too PRICK!

And when you`ve done all that and swallowed it all in. your manager comes in and gives you the worst review of your life for the simple reason that he is too much of a fucking cheapskate to give you the proper raise that you so thoroughly deserve leaving you stunned and deflated and windless.

But I am not bitter J

Friday, June 11, 2010



Curses and Curves! Who is to tell what is what? All the W5’s of the world remain as always unanswered. Who? Why? When? Where? And hoW?

What is more puzzling actually is that credos and beliefs of totally opposite natures still come to pass when someone “believes”, which makes pharmacology, witchcraft, astrologers, chain letters and psychics all part of one big PLACEBO system. Add to this the love of money and all its dishonesty and you just begin to see that this road has no end either. It would seem that our glasses are always tinted no matter what and no one is born with a clear vision as our entire environment and kindred work to warp it ASAP.

Most major religions have failed, adding so many useless traditions from the very beginning and basically killing the original message more than often for the sake of money or compromise or some other form of corruption. The other end of the spectrum leaves so many questions of retribution and justice unanswered as well. John Lennon and Marx leave big black holes of senselessness.

Somehow I don’t think we are “programmed” to receive “The Truth”.

(You can check out anytime you like but you can never leaveJ)

It usually involves a life time commitment and sacrifices and a lot of money and more than often for the profit of someone else.

As to why what hits us hits us? Well, nothing but guesses and conjunctures.

Yes there it is Life is nothing but conjunctures and conjunctions!

Juncture: a critical moment in time. Who is to tell what is critical and what is ordinary?

Quite often in fact a moment is only critical in hindsight as the significance of it was totally missed at the very moment it happened.

Conjunctures and Conjunctions of Causality and Circumstances of Consequences.

Causes and Effects of Chain Reactions and Domino Effects.

Nonplusses of Nonsense and Nominal Normality.

Socrates Sacred Secret: All Questions and No Answers.

So why keep asking one would ask?

Because one can and one should?

A healthy degree of Cynicism and Criticism and Skepticism?

Sure seems better than dumb sheep for the slaughterhouse anyway.

But trying to decipher all the lies is more than a lifetime work though.

O well until Nathan Messinger knocks on my door and excuses himself for the long delay *

I’ll keep knocking ad nauseum.

A.S.K. Ask, Seek, and Knock.

Or so it is said.

Ask and You Shall Receive.

Seek and You Shall Find.

Knock and the Door WILL be Open unto You!

*Daniel 10:12-14 and City of Angels

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Earth dwellers drunk on her whorish lust

Doesn’t it seem strange and suspicious to you that in a so called democracy no matter what party is elected the same shit keeps happening over and over as if changes were never mentioned? Promises suddenly disappear and all resolution is gone when the new so called chief signs in and finds out who really runs the show.

After all this talk of removing troops we find ourselves in the exact same situation as if nothing was ever mentioned, the puppet suddenly realizing that there were big strings attached to his winning. A little bullshit spinning will go a long way but words asides the killing actions remain only for the pleasure and profit of big money and nothing to do at ALL with freedom and so called terrorists and Osama Ben Ladin/ Goldstein.

Liars always have to raise an image, an idol of hatred, a scapegoat for greed. Orwell had it right in 1948 and nothing has changed much since. As a matter of fact, Osama Ben Ladin is absolutely irrelevant to what is happening now and what will happen tomorrow he is hot air, a dream, a smoke screen and a scapegoat/image of so called evil while we create and produce our own evil: collateral damage, friendly fire, babies arms flying in the air etc. Would Osama be found and executed on the spot tomorrow everything would continue exactly as it is with just has many sacrificial lambs in the field so a few Heartless, Gutless, Pieces of Shit can get richer than they already are. HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? Enough Blood? Enough Money?

Would Osama be found tomorrow another image will be created to replace him on the very same day.

What always puzzles me also is the fact that regions, and countries and whole continents, where human rights are really ignored and where misery and murder and genocide and countless deaths occur and where dictators and poverty and abuse are never touched or mentioned and THEIR FREEDOM is of no intere$t for the simple reason that they either don’t have any $$$$$ or that they are much too big to mess with as any good bully knows.

But I suppose the most irritating thing is people swallowing this bullshit and lies of so called freedom and sacrifices of young lives for the “good” cause when there is NO good cause at all. It is literally blood for money, our young people being bought and sold on the altar of Mammon.

Slavery hasn’t been abolished at all, the poor still dies for the sure don’t see these big mouths on the frontlines do ya? But the killers in high places will still say their “prayers” out loud which is the ultimate arrogance and hypocrisy and sin.

Pro 30:20 Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness.

"Come, I'll show you the judgment of the great Whore who sits enthroned over many waters,

the Whore with whom the kings of the earth have gone whoring, show you the judgment on earth dwellers drunk on her whorish lust."

Blasted with Blasphemies!

I am not even awake yet and I have been blasted not once but twice with the word “blasphemy” in less than 5 minutes. Who lowered the bar?

There was a time where so called blasphemies were immediately punishable by death by stoning but now they are a dime a dozen. Thanks to the media for cheapening everything they touch in order to make their mighty dollars.

What is a blasphemy anyway? If there was one mighty elastic stretchable word that would be one as everyone makes himself a little god/pope/imam and decides who is to die or not.

What some call blasphemy I call a damn good sense of humour and wit.

The real blasphemy is probably that this very sense of humour that keeps us light and joyful and sane is frowned at and condemned and inexistent among ignorant fanatics.

It seems to me that the extra wise “ Let He who has never sinned throw the first stone” is buried and forgotten in a huff and puff of not so “Holy Wrath” raised by every Tom, Dick and Harriet!

Sad really and the media playing with words they don’t understand, using them for a rise and a penny.

Etymology being a favourite subject of mine along with linguistics and semantics, all to be differentiated with media spin and sensationalism, I would like to know what a REAL blasphemy is.

Skipping most of the Greek stuff you all hate one gets the idea that to blaspheme is to speak evil of, here is another woozy. Everybody and his donkey use the word evil today as some sort of a device to imply that what they are about to do is GOOD???

Yeah Right! Sure! Whatever! Please read my previous blog on the Knowledge of Good and Evil!

Now back to the news, Katy Perry calling Gaga blasphemous had an immediate free association with me of Pot and Kettle and Black altogether. Nothing that Madonna hasn’t done for years to begin with plus I hardly know that Perry girl but I got a feeling she is no saint somehow.

Anyway glad the age of stoning is over there wouldn’t be much glass left in this word.

It is always extremely dangerous and scary when one starts to play the outraged and enflamed Holy Inquisitor AND Executioner at the same time: Good Recipe to wipe out the whole planet anyway.

As Tevye says in A Fiddler on the Roof: “An Eye for an Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth and this way all the entire world will be Blind AND Toothless.”

Anyway if there is a GOD I think he is big enough and strong enough and powerful enough to take good care of himself, especially if he holds our very breath in his hand now I wouldn’t be worried too much about him. The trouble always starts when WE mortals try to do the immortal’s work as IF HE needed our help for that and also as if our little offended pride needed a sacrifice of blood.

So go easy on the big words fellow mortals and humans and also the media. Roll a big one and say PEACE AND LOVE to ALL!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Decisions, Decisions Again!

To sit here passively and watch the latest Alice in Wonderland or try to go down the rabbit hole myself and find out how deep it really goes or maybe a bit of both? Watch it and then write about it as previously planned or even with maybe a new addition or two.

Both activities seem equally futile! :)

I`ll never find anything concrete down that hole I am afraid, just add on to the countless pondering and musing on the purpose of life and all that jazz... another exercise in futility where thousands pretended to have decipher the code of all this illusional and delusional world, leaving me either with a deeper abyss of darkness or some new delusion to impose to my wannabe disciple that could worship my brilliance and my narcissistic navel.

Mind you it does seem more profitable to get my little brain gears going on their own and pondering all they wish so when I am old and grey I will be a sharper fool for lack of a sharper tool.

But the phrase `to no avail` keeps popping in my tired mind though... surrounded by things I can`t explain or excuse or exwhatsoever.

Used to be don`t count anymore says Neil Diamond but we all ARE `used to be`s` or we will be soon enough anyway.

Used to be on this planet for a short while now he is gone and we don’t know where but we like to pretend we know, it`s comforting and soothing, so much better than the depth of the abyss of doubt and fear and just not knowing.

Googling my own handle I fell on this :

Kenophon Cassius WHEELER in Fairfax, Vt. EST 07 Jan 1865 30 Jan 1893 in Portland, Oregon

I kind of liked the name and the anonymity of someone who lived for just over 28 years more than 100 years ago: one of many many BILLIONS who have passed through this big asteroid.

Someone must have loved him but does anyone remember him now is the question and the bigger ask is WHERE is he NOW?

Not quite happy here to be among the `bungled and the botched` but is the other option better really whether I am remembered to be a Hitler or a Jesus what`s the diff? Is it going to hurt my ethereal feelings if there is such a thing? So what`s happening with KCW today and did he leave a trail somewhere? Did he `prolong` his life on earth by leaving some progenitors that are still around somewhere between Vermont and Portland? And moreover and subsequently what the hell does it matter to me? Or as Jesus would say: `What is THAT to THEE?`

Joh 21:21 Peter seeing him saith to Jesus, Lord, and what shall this man do?

Joh 21:22 Jesus saith unto him, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me. Joh 21:23 Then went this saying abroad among the brethren, that that disciple should not die: yet Jesus said not unto him, He shall not die; but, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee?

So Alice will have to wait a bit and Kansas as well in the meanwhile I`ll try to find the answer to


Monday, June 7, 2010


Right Extremist Religious Nuts are very scary people just as scary to me as any terrorists.

Their blind self righteousness and god complex is nothing short of Hitlerian.

Which bring me to my subject of choice, today`s “issue”: CENSORSHIP!

Is it only me or am I a clueless rebel without a cause? It irritates me to no end to have censorship forced on me, every time I watch either a TV or Airplane Flight Movie or more often these days a YouTube Video and I see this master Holy Inquisition imposing their self righteous views on ME I boil inside. Who are you to tell me what I can listen to and what I can’t and you think that children and most people are totally dumb and stupid and won’t fill the gap themselves?

The latest most irritating experience was listening to a Nickelback video that had 23 million viewers with something like a 100 million censoring as if people don’t know DUH that rock bands sing about drugs and the word ass is not to be heard either. Watching Gone Baby Gone on the plane was absolute torture to hear the word fricking every 2nd word and whatever they use for the MF word these days.

Let’s put my head way up my ass and pretend everything is honky dory Alice!

Same with Pacino screaming on TV well FORGET you right? As if? They must think we are really dumb and stupid like them.

Freedom of Choice and Free Will and anything in the name of freedom should give us a CHOICE.

Brando/Kurtz had it expressed perfectly in Apocalypse now.

We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won't allow them to write "fuck" on their airplanes because it's OBSCENE!

The real obscenities lies in the dark secrets of these morality Nazis and their thirst for blood, control, and power.

The Horror....The Horror!

Hope I didn’t break the rules of my daily horoscope today Hahaha!

Capricorn: Tolerance and patience should be your watch cries over the next two months particularly in situations where you are discussing beliefs, values, political thoughts etc. Your efforts will be highly effective if you channel your energy into those things which serve the greater good rather than selfish purposes. That is not to say you shouldn't look after your own or those of loved ones, but there should be balance between the two. There could be some travel or travel plans made over this period too for later in the year. Don't get trigger happy with words at home tonight.

Two Months??? The Stars are sure demanding a lot. Don’t think I could last two hours! J

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Holier Than God!!!

I was looking for a BIGGER expression than more Catholic than the Pope, something not so parochial and local. This expression of course refers to many activist groups I kind of resent in one way and who scare the hell out of me in another way, like my friend Camila says, can’t remember her exact words but something to the effect of a form of irrational people phobia, but who wouldn’t? Anyone who read Germinal knows a mob is something quite scary like a tsunami or a tidal wave.

Activists who will kill people to protect animals, activists who put in danger whalers lives to save the whales, activist who kill the doctor who “kills” babies, those who burn down places with people inside to protest against lab testing or fur commerce etc.

PETA is actually one of my pet peeves as they seem to attract a lot of freaks and weirdos as well plus they got their priorities screwed like most.

Somehow I still do believe is some sort of Godly order established of old well partly anyway, got some reluctances when it comes to that sacrifice word though but the old, very old “thou shalt have dominion over them” appeals to me.

I mean yeah the fur business is ludicrous and yeah the designer jeans business is ludicrous but at times and places it is alright to survive using what is at hand for food and clothing and it had been alright for a long time, never seen any crazy activist whack Daniel Boone with a placard.

Hell Jesus and Buddha ate fish and meat and I am gonna be BETTER than them? Talk about stupid idiotic pride only humans can indulge in now.

Not only did he eat them he threw thousands of ‘em in Peter’s net, how mean could he be?

There so much more important issues and priorities that are not taken care of to begin worrying about whether one species will survive over the other or not as this game has been played for thousands of years and most of the time it has nothing to do with us humans but with mother Nature whims and periods.

It often seems to me that many activists, in my not so humble opinion, haven’t succeeded to rule their adjacent world like their friends and family therefore they escape in a bigger war instead to justify their lack of victory and control over anything, usually someone with a mega huge big chip on his/her shoulder of personal life problems unresolved, so let’s play the old game of projection and deflection so I don’t have to face my issues and can escape in a world of fantasy and illusions and lies somewhere instead.

I know all animals are created equal in the gospel according to Orwell but you know? Some animals are more equal than other and if you give me a choice between a cat and my child I know where my priorities are as learned by experience.

The longest 5 seconds of my life were when our house was burning in high flames and we heard a human like scream coming from inside, I quickly counted all my chicks/sheep and sighed in great great relief that they were all accounted for while a friend of ours was hysterical about the cruel death of the cat, I for one could not care less as all my cherished ones were sound and safe.

As a rule, mobs are not quite concerned about reason and rationality.

People who mind abortions often don’t mind senseless countless deaths of their young ones sent for nothing else but GREED to die “for their countries”. Again priorities screwed, the government telling you not to kill your babies because it’s their fucking job to kill them.

In this screwed up world where nothing is really black or white I am not entirely sure that to bring a baby to life in their lost situation, already born of sin to begin with, is not a bigger sin to make them suffer a lifelong of abuse and ignorance. Having been in school and seen some very young souls lost and scarred for life I question the apparent “morality” of some pro life rednecks.

So save the whales if you wish and get the whole set but don’t forget that we are the top of creation or food chain whichever way you wanna see it and we are very lost and confused and lied to all day long so don’t be so quick to be a judge and jury and executioner.

Fallacious Logic Used to Quell Cognitive Dissonance? No Shit Sherlock! It Happens Every Day, Many Times a Day!