Monday, June 24, 2013

the phenomenon of life

on a lighter side again and maybe for the first time this blog
is written straight on the blog itself as opposed to first on a word document and pasted and copied and edited on the blog.  For whatever it means but here it goes.

The blog site auto-correction apparently does not like the word blog itself. :) O well added to dictionary and problem solved.  Did I say here it goes? well here it really goes.

I was talking to my mum late last night (mid afternoon for her) and I learned for the first time that my mum had rubella when she had me and of course transmitted it to me as a newborn PLUS I was born in a basement in the middle of winter, a CANADIAN winter, with a faulty furnace and therefore no heat at all.

In other words from day one I was lucky to be alive and to survive, not mentioning my later multiple extremely dangerous manic adventures on top of that.

And somehow it is the same thing for every ant and human and any other gazillion species on this planet that so-called miracle of life (still looking for another word for that phenomenon, a less mythical and religious word perhaps)

phenomenon (n.) Look up phenomenon at
1570s, "fact, occurrence," from Late Latin phænomenon, from Greek phainomenon "that which appears or is seen," noun use of neuter present participle of phainesthai "to appear," passive of phainein (see phantasm). Meaning "extraordinary occurrence" first recorded 1771. Plural is phenomena.

I might just keep this word now PHENOMENON as words are important and too often devious also not mentioning tainted, I could go on and on on words if you know me at all but let's go back to my phenomenon of life here.

So I am still, here it will be 57 years and a half soon or 

3000 weeks
21,000 days
half a million hours
30 million minutes
1.8 billion seconds

and the rest of the numbers well it is not up to me really, in fact any single one of these numbers is not and never has been up to me.

And everyone of these seconds is also relative of our consciousness, of our association or DISSOCIATION with every single one.

There is this old disease with a new name now where all these seconds are very relative indeed as technically you, your body, is still here but your mind is gone.

There comes a time when time is not time any more.

And back to my consciousness pondering, time is only time when I have consciousness of it. One could almost say that sleeping time is not really time as one find relief from pain or imprisonment in it somehow.

So I was "lucky" from second One I was told and I guess I have been "lucky" every other second after that in some way to be still here annoying you with my ramblings.

or as Little Nell would say:

I'm Lucky, You're Lucky, We're ALL Lucky!

here is another word that needs to be examined LUCK aka Fortune.

So in the spirit of spontaneity I think I will end this rambling here for the mo' 

to be continued in a near future if and if and if ...

Infinitesimal specks of dust in a humongous universe

Infinitesimal specks of dust in a humongous universe which by itself could be the smallest of universes and is only limited by our knowledge and that knowledge itself could be extremely limited as well since epistemology will tell you there is no way to know

i.e. you cannot test knowledge by knowledge.
Watching my pet rabbit for a few minutes frolicking in the back garden I was admiring the ‘miracle’ of life.  I hate that ‘miracle’ word really and will try to change it for something else one day like other words we use. So far I have almost completed the transfer from God to Fuck since both are so easily interchangeable and I cringe every time Doctor Who uses the word ‘creation’, and especially attached to whole, whole creation.  Doctor Who with its prophets and prophesies in a billion years from now a world that has obviously not evolved much still preoccupied much by war, sex, and religion.  Aliens are strangely like us, a bit like other fictitious characters, called gods, being strangely like us.
The ‘advantage’ of the Homo Sapiens or the difference anyway is that we write, we transfer stories, useless knowledge which rabbits and dolphins don’t seem to bother with much.
Like no rabbit here unless his name is Peter or Bugs will come and write stuff on a paper or a keyboard. We do. 
Our specks of dust leave particle that if not stay a little longer than other animal particles at least float in a different realm for a while, a realm of zeros and ones that we also call thoughts.
We leave some stuff behind and for most of us our stuff disappears quite quickly but for a few some stays a little longer and by longer let’s keep it in perspective* too:
Mozart, Plato, even falling out of fashion good old Marx and quite a few more.
It doesn’t do anything to them at all that their ideas stay behind it doesn’t change the composition of their transmutated atoms one bit,
rien ne se perd rien ne se crée as you wish.
Many errors and lies also have been propagated for centuries, even milleniums.
So this blogging is nothing short of an urge to extend my stay at times.
Considering blogs die faster than Europeans in the Great Plague it is a bit of a vain and hopeless task I admit.
And these zeros and ones are as fragile as life itself as I took the time to do a save before a short necessary break here.  One power surge and they are all gone all previous 430 words.  As Emma Thompson knows so well. I wonder if Stephen Fry reminded her of the story of Thomas Carlyle and the French Revolution as he spent hours trying to retrieve her Oscar winning script.  Today it is a short power failure, back then it was a careless maid and a fire and 300,000 words gone in smoke.
So my atoms, my zeros and ones will remain a little longer behind me like an old Facebook account of a deceased one.  How long and why would it matter now is another question.  What good will it do me for them to think of me is irrelevant what is left is what good will it to them or do you dear reader?
Tic Tac Tic Tac shorter of breath and one day closer to death as Pink Floyd would say. I am always a bit horrified even though it does happen many times a day, everyday and everywhere but the media loves to remind us the rest of us don’t exist by reminding us that one of us, a “CELEBRITY’ of course DIED today at only 51.
At 57 and a half soon I realise I have outlived so many celebrities and historical giants in two ways, one in the amount of years that they have lived and two in the fact that even if they had died older than I am, well I am still here and they are not. 
It is the strange feeling you get when you watch some old movies and some of these old movies are not that old let me tell you and you hear yourself whispering in a creepy way a la Haley Joel Osment. “I see dead people”.
I am here now, I leave some sort of a wake behind me until my wake, or a wake before my wake if you prefer.  Mind you I don’t really want a wake.  When it’s over, it’s over someone must have said before.
Leave a wake before your wake.
Here is a sentence that would lose much in translation I am sure.

* How Long Has There Been Life On Earth?

The earth is about 4.5 billion years old, but life did not exist on this planet until about 2 billion years ago, when certain kinds of bacteria and algae began to appear.
Land plants did not appear until about 430 million years ago; reptiles, 300 million years ago; and modern mammals, 75 million years ago. The first apes appeared about 35 million years ago, and the first apelike men, about 10 million years ago. Man, himself, has been on earth for only about 300,000 years.
If the 4.5 billion year history of the earth were to be measured in proportion to one year, man would not appear until Dec. 31, at 8:30 in the evening!

Friday, June 14, 2013

And Justice for All

“The punishment sometime don’t seem to fit the crime”

 Steven Victor Tallarico

It seems more to come straight out of Dostoyevsky doesn’t it?

It comes out of every single thinking mind I suppose.

More words that we humans are awesome at massacring, torturing and defacing beyond any recognition. 

Crime, Punishment & Justice!

Yeah, Right!

On this planet (or any other realm really) NEVER, not once.

For the reason that we just don’t know what it is at all. 

We have 7 billion plus different ideas of it all.

The poor it is well known doesn’t get justice and the rich buy injustices all the time.

What is Justice? What is a crime? And What is fair punishment?

Where does the letter of the law apply and where does mercy come in
and to whom and more importantly why?

What about our growing numbers of psychopaths who are beyond redemption or healing?

With PRISM now in this was probably the last blow to justice ever possible.
All you need to do now is commit a thoughtcrime and this is it.
If you resist, you will be assimilated, resistance is futile.
The whole purpose of this PRISM is not to find terrorists but to eliminate all resistance and trouble to one’s agenda. 
The moment one gets in the way his whole past is exposed to light
and an enormous Ad Hominem war starts.
Destroy the man in order to destroy his message and that is all there is to it.  

People LOVE Ad Hominem they crave it, want it, and need it daily like a good drug. 

Why do you think all these scandal rags and lame disgusting tabloid and daily shows survive so well?

Why do you think there are so many Wal-mart customers lining up at the cash reading the national inquirer? Translate that in any language in any nation now, Tesco customers reading the Daily Mail or what not. Trash reading trash.

And if you think you are not trash then why are you reading the trash then?  We all are getting trashed slowly. In line at the cash, in doctors office, anywhere we wait, what does big brother serve us? Trash Magazines or Oprah or Judge Judy or some other idiocracy on telly. 

Try turning the telly off just once in a waiting room and hope not to get crucified or lynched or at least really hated and yelled at, treated as a traitor.

So back to Justice or the word/concept of justice whatever that is.

What is just really and more importantly who decides?

Submitting to a ‘jury of my peers’ seems to be the most ridiculous and unjust thing I can think of.

And finding a fair judge is nearly impossible, consider that all these judges were lawyers first and there you have it.  

Some of Solomon’s wisdom is certainly greatly needed here but nowhere to be found. A superhuman judge with discernment and able to read lies even and cut through the Gordian knot of justice and decide what is fair for both parties always each and every time.

What is a victimless crime? What kind of justice do you apply to this and again where is the perspective, the comparison chart? Death Penalty for the accidental death of one and death penalty for the murdering of millions (it usually takes a politician for that amount)? Or life sentence as some other prefer but what is a life sentence today? For some it is a very short time with again another system that is failing us badly called Parole, meaning word literally.

Here is another big horrible trend rising now. First we had McDonald’s sued and ‘losing’ millions over a hot coffee but more exactly over someone utter stupidity and greed and now add on to this ‘civil damages’ for death I think they call it.

Shaking my head in disbelief and disgust over this world sinking lower and lower everyday really.
What is “civil damages’ for death? Well let me try to explain this to you. It is trying to compensate for the death of a loved one by COLD HARD CASH, putting a price to life and make the criminal pay in $$$$$$$$ instead of time which does not bring anything to you at all really. 

Cold, gross and utterly disgusting if you ask me.

Pure opportunistic criminal behaviour gone badly wrong really.

I mean reverse the situation now and try to offer some money for someone’s death and see where it goes?
I always resent mixing life and dollar value as if these two were compatible or similar.  We’re not even talking apple and oranges here, or temporal and eternal values or nothing close.

The government does it; corporations do it, but it is just wrong, deadly wrong pardon the pun.
So why talk about justice at all since it will never happen right? The closest we can hope for is a cheap clone of it called justice but we do not have what it takes to apply it and we will never have. Not the brains, not the heart, not the knowledge and nothing necessary to accomplish true justice. 

All religions of the worlds have tried to compound a few basic rules on paper and all have failed.  Laws for rape and incest and land and different murders and what not, read that bible of yours and find out what was really said about cities of refuse and rapes and slavery and all the tiniest details of one’s life: the bible or any other book covered in imagery of incests and bloody wars and violence and sexual prowess and cunning behaviours and trickery and lies.

How can we ever believe that this utter bullshit is the optimum spirituality? 

Puerile tales of a retarded race they are.

The Elyseum, Valhalla, 1000 virgins? 

I mean fuck come on! 

Wake up and smell the coffee someone.

And you only have to tell yourself one thing, if one is wrong (and they can’t all be right) then they are all wrong, every one of them. 

From Allah to Zeus,
from Baal to Yahweh,
from Christ to Xolotl,
shall I go on?
From Dionysus to Wagyl
From Enki to Vishnu
From Freya to Uranus
From Gaia to Titans
From Hercules to Sisyphus
From Isis to Ra
From Jupiter to Quetzalcoatl
From Krishna to Poseidon
From Loki to Odin
From Marduk to Neptune

One of the very proof that they are all wrong is that there are so many god of wars among them, approving, conducting and condoning war all the time including the Lord of Hosts himself Yahweh Sabaoth.
Some would argue that ‘evil’ has to be warred against but then again their definition of evil always leaves to be desired and is quite limited really and fickle and whimsical, in fact they have no idea what evil is and wouldn’t know it if it was right under their noses.

War is evil and evil is war, so any solution including war cannot NOT be evil.
Blood and murders in any book have always been a big no no.
Life is the only thing sacred and whoever takes it for any reasons.

Well I guess justice might be paid if a life was taken for each life I mean
a president (or a soldier) would not last very long though,
you have one life to choose,
pick wisely. 

As for the other billion injuries we inflict on one another
who knows how to amend or make it right? 

The Talion law apparently doesn’t work and mercy serves no one.

We like to imagine parallel universe these days and change a thing here and there and even though I believe there is no such thing it still is fun to run to dreamland to escape an otherwise very sad apian reality.
The thing is though that I wouldn’t KNOW how to imagine a perfect world, not sure if anyone of us has this capacity, this ‘power’, the tools needed in our epistemology to do so?

In fact a perfect world in our deformed minds sounds utterly boring really and yet…
Many write about the failures of human beings as being our strengths somehow or compensated by other strengths but are they really? 

Does Love really cover a multitude of sins?
Does One Sinner Destroyeth much good?
(The sempiternal bad apple)
Is there such a thing as Redemption?
Can we BUY BACK our past evil deeds?

It makes a good story but it doesn’t really REDEEM anything at all.
What is done is done is done is done is done.

How can you cover a past hurt given or received?
How can you bring back one single life?
One might be able to erase a physical scar but the cause remains even when the effect disappears from our eyes.

Enough Zeros and Ones wasted on this for the moment but questions are good.
Socrates was a fucking genius! J

We live in a strange world where everyone wished to the other peace and salvation with their mouths but their actions lead to war and perdition. Shalom and Salut and what not.

Strangely enough a literal translation of the Hebrew “How are you? Good!” Could read

How is your peace?
In perfect order.
Ma Sh’lom Cha?
Beseder Gamur.

What is order now and more importantly what is perfect?

As for order Pacino described it well in of all title “JUSTICE FOR ALL”

"You're out of order! You're out of order! The whole trial is out of order! They're out of order!

The whole world is out of order, therefore one could say Chaos reigns.

Chaos might have been our first and only god in fact.

Chaos is the one sure thing it was there at the beginning and it WILL be there in the end. This universe contrary to our religious lies is not without beginning and with no end, it is not eternal and it is all we have.

And in the meanwhile? Well the Ecclesiates and Voltaire might agree here.

Ecc 11:6  In the morning sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold not thine hand: for thou knowest not whether shall prosper, either this or that, or whether they both shall be alike good.

"Excellently observed," answered Candide; "but let us cultivate our garden."

Well my garden happen to be words and I won’t be rich that way J

He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap.

But I will keep talking to the wind no matter what King Crimson says

I'm on the outside looking inside
What do I see
Much confusion, disillusion
All around me.

You don't possess me
Don't impress me
Just upset my mind
Can't instruct me or conduct me
Just use up my time

I talk to the wind
My words are all carried away
I talk to the wind
The wind does not hear
The wind cannot hear.

Because after all as Wikepedia says Justice is a CONCEPT and one must never forget the CON in CONCEPT in fact this sounds much better in French really
N’oubliez jamais le CON dans CONCEPT.

Wisdom is better than weapons of war: but one sinner destroyeth much good.

But if a man live many years, and rejoice in them all; yet let him remember the days of darkness; for they shall be many. All that cometh is vanity.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts
absolutely but some of them big canon atheists, the big names, always seem to get too big for their britches. 

Each having their little personal agenda and pet peeves and picking and choosing, all of them. 

Dawkins especially at times but the others too,
Hitchens, Harris, Shermer and Cie

The trend lately is to pick on Islam as a favourite easy target somehow and most of them do not dare to touch the Orientals/Hindus/Buddhists with their untouchable mythologies and mythical mythological stories, the same horrors of wars and sexual prowess as the Greek Judeo Christian or other mythologies. 
Stories of hubris and incests and what not.

But why pick on Islam and not the horrors of contemporary and past Christianity and Judaism and others?

For one thing it is very hard to pick on genocidal holier-than-thou CHOSEN Judaism without being counter-attacked by the Mossad and being accused right away of anti-Semitism.
The Jews have been done wrong and therefore can do no wrong if you can follow that ‘logic’.

But if you want to be a true impartial atheist they are ALL wrong and deluded; all of them.

Not just Islam, 

Not just the Jews, 

Not just the Christians, 

not just the Hindus and EVEN the Buddhists, 

not just Wicca or any other MYTH, 

ALL and I mean ALL of them. 

Americans Indians, Australian Aborigines EVERYONE.


But some myths are easier contemporary targets I suppose and more fun to poke at or at least more PROFITABLE.

So let you’re A in A-Theist be comprehensive and include them all.

Do not limit yourself in your war against lies and myths and delusions.
They are all wrong and ALL must go.

Do not BAN one.


My feelings about Russell T. Davis characters

I get this odd feeling watching Russell T. Davies characters. 
Some sort of rage, 
very old rage 
over injustices and wrongdoings.

A lot of his good guys male characters are totally emasculated and ridiculed.

He seems to come up with this idea that it is OKAY to be unfaithful to a dull ordinary good guy. 
To go madly in love with a superhero and have a huge fling with him is fine.  

His women have the same relationship with the hero that they would have had with Jim Jones or David Koresh or even Charles Manson.  

Worshipping the leader and looking down on the ordinary loving faithful good man that has always been there.

At least if they left the former to pursue the later but no they keep turning the blade in over and over into the good guy and bleeding him for all he’s got.

Some really strange unreal kinky fantasy if you ask me.  Does it apply to all sexual orientations now I don’t know?

But I find it very resentful and irritating.

Not only is it okay to be unfaithful in body, in mind, and in heart but also good to lie about it and cover it with some retcon.  

Mind you so far Rose is not as irritating as Gwen Cooper about it though.

 I haven’t seen the rest of them so I can’t comment about it but after over 50 hours of Davis story watching that is the distinct feeling I get.

Plus his female characters are so clichés and almost misogynist as well. The hysterical gung-ho totally illogical and dangerous female who has to be rescued by the wise male, so patriarchal and old.

Like I said many times if everything was hunky dory and perfect there would be no story to tell but I can’t wait to see some decent character writing on both sexes one day. No need to go to opposites and extremes either, just a regular thinking human being of any sex will do.

It is probably hard to remain normal when the story is so over the top I suppose with so many impossibilities to begin with why not add some more.  Not that I could do a better job writing anyway and in general he comes with brilliant ideas to explore and political and philosophical points of all sorts to ponder over for aeons.

Wild ideas like no death and children kidnapped by aliens for drugs and the ‘compromises’ of high level corrupted politicians and what not.

But so many characters seem so petty and selfish as many would be in real life I suppose like the whole world perishing and someone boohoohooing over his pet or girlfriend etc. 

Get with the program buster!

Anyway I am sure there is more to ponder about this but having lived in the cult for many years, I am painfully reminded here of this infuriating character flaw.  It seems quite normal for many British programs to have bossy cows as American have horrible patriarch figure a la Archie Bunker. 

Speaking of which is there a show where Penelope Wilton is NOT a bossy cow? LOL Harriet Jones, Isobel Crawley! Get Thee behind me!

Having never watched the older Doctor Who I wonder if that attitude was prevalent in the pre-Davis world now?

The Voice Australia 2013

Alright alright why not?

Every time I read a celebrity magazine I feel dirty and everyone and his monkey has a blog on current tv programs of some sort so here is my POV and my not so humble opinion on my favourite show lately, almost the only show I really watch.

Here it goes.

I LOVE musical shows of all sorts, Australian Idol, Australia’s got Talent, even X factor to a point and definitely these days The Voice.

I really enjoyed it the other day when Michael Paynter AND Caterina Torres were eliminated. Everything was at last right in the Universe and my faith in humanity was almost restored. J

That these two made it at all was everything that was wrong with the world and there were so many irregularities and too way too much hormones involved in both of those choices.  First of all Delta has no business at all pushing other coaches button, that is a hand cutting offence in some countries and Ricky made me question his real orientation with is matador machismo over a pair of legs.

So all was going well in the world and then last night there was a major upset with the sad loss of Miss Murphy, quite a shock to my system as I was sure she was a shoe in.

Then the whole thing went anticlimactic.  Lame bland songs one after the other and I don’t care how many hits they got on YouTube. 

I was really hoping and expecting Danny Ross to come up with his Everpresent song but he didn’t so we will never know I guess if I was right or not but I strongly believed that this song could have clinched the title of the Voice on its own.

So here we are and I don’t really care who wins now I mean I’d like to see Danny win but then again the title hasn’t helped Karise Eden that much so…

Harrison seems to be a favourite and good for him and good for Seal another coaching victory under his belt.
I will keep wondering if that everpresent song ever came on the discussion table at all and why it didn’t make it as to me it is one of the best song written ever.

So here you go my two bits on The Voice Australia 2013 edition.

Hope Danny makes it internationally as he is a true artist and musician way up there with Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, and Van Morrison.

That’s all I gotta say about that.

Ciao for now

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Water and food and shelter and medical attention to ALL equally

Industry a word that used to refer to cleverness 
but thanks to man’s cleverness it is now more associated with the satanic mills which were a big industry too and there are still millions of ‘satanic’ industries, modern slavery, using chewing and spitting out blood and souls out of an infernal insatiable oven.

It seems nearly impossible these days to not dread a job, a mean of living, that will not chew your ass out from Monday to Friday and Beyond.  A world of fairness and no abuse is only a fantasy for most. 

Predators and Preys is more like it just like the animal world really but with an added humiliating touch. 
I try to imagine a world where everyone works for his peaceful happy living seeking ONLY what one needs for the basic daily requirement of he and his family.  Someone said once that we could stack the entire population of earth in Texas or something like that and the numbers and geometry seemed to be right.
Imagine that now 7 billion people with a house and a garden and a little white picket fence, working the land and all, living happily.  Mother Nature certainly has not always helped in that aspect but a few rare people have succeeded.

Imagine a world full of Helen and Scott Nearing now, self-sufficient in all.  

Everyone has plenty and no one needs to fight.

From the beginnings of time it has been nearly impossible to achieve with feudal system and capitalism bleeding the poor to death always, never treating them as equal or giving them a chance.  All these nobles who would not be caught dead working because they are so self-important, feeding off the misery of peasants.

But this Industry is always out to get you, praising the conquerors at the price of the vanquished.  The music and entertainment “Industry” in this realm is not any less guilty than the satanic mills owners. It has chewed and spat out countless of hopeful souls who have been used and abused and cheated as much as can be.
Some I admit come out a bit too well off but then again it just keeps showing the inequality of it all.  Many are ruined and cheated and robbed in broad day life by the industry and its managers to the point where a tired and old Leonard Cohen has to drag his body all over the world just to survive.

Industry, Industrial and so many other words that are supposed to sound so nice and represent the pillars of our society are nothing short of serial killers most of the time. It is still the servant obeying the master and a synonym to slavery in too many cases though. 

We know that many psychopaths end up as CEO and we obey those fearfully and yet if that psychopath had turned out to be a serial killer instead we would run away from him as far and as fast as we can.
All this again to say that at heart I certainly am a communist in the best sense of the word. I haven’t studied or read any of it, Marx or Lenin or Trotsky and all and I do understand also the impossibility of the dream, certainly the impossibility of the dream without violence which I am also against but the dream itself is nice, very nice.

All labourers profiting equally from the fruit of their labours and needy people looked after properly. 

Water and food and shelter and medical attention to ALL equally 

not counting the price.

Very Utopic indeed I know and it will never happen but in the world of MUSTURBATION as Ellis calls it, it is the best there is, the best SHOULD possible.

How the world SHOULD be.

Impossible to imagine on a planetary scale and even impossible to imagine on a national scale, in fact I would say impossible altogether as many cults have proven.  Power it would seem and ‘administration’ always become abusive as if no man could withstand it without being corrupted. Something about the want of power itself is insane altogether and a chaotic hive produces no honey.

It doesn’t seem to exist much in the animal world either as if Life itself was meant to “evil”.  That survival of the fittest thing is murder to most of us.

Survival of the ‘cunningest’, the most twisted, devious, cruel, and sanguinary?

Looking back it would seem like “Life” has always been like that wouldn’t it?

I hate to give Life itself an entity, a will, a personality like all those new age charlatans do. “Life” has no will, it does not care about us individually one single bit.  As a matter of fact we may have one consciousness and one body but we are not one life, we are billions of lives in one container, and all these billions of lives try to survive as long as they can and when too many of them go wrong well the whole system fails and that is when we, as a bigger container of many lives, fail as well.

Funny how our economic system mimics our biological system at times. Capitalists would love to point the finger and boast here. See! That’s how it works.

Back in the old days you had to procreate 12 to have at least 2 of them procreating again and that’s how it goes, tough luck for the ten losers but we still grieve each and every one of them well those of us who can still grieve not the psychopaths CEO’s and serial killers I mean.

But this ‘groaning creation’ still leaves to be desired.

Without the eugenics of a “Brave New World” and without the sempiternal so necessary apparently CLASS DIVISIONS, 
one would like to think that in a parallel universe somewhere life doesn't have to be such a bitch.

One would like to imagine higher purposes somewhere, higher entities so much BIGGER than our biggest petty incestuous entities we call gods. 

I mean Yahweh, Zeus and Krishna Come on! 

Children stories of pettiness, bloodshed, and sexual overdrive.

A world where a life is not a constant struggle led by violence and pettiness and whimsical behaviour?
I do have to admit though that writing the history of such a world would be a tremendously boring task from a human POV.  

Imagine a story with no violence, no murders, no adulteries, no incests, no jealousy and no pettiness?
What is left to write about?

Happy people have no history and that in itself is the tragedy right there.

late 15c., "cleverness, skill," from Old French industrie "activity; aptitude" (14c.) or directly from Latin industria "diligence, activity, zeal," fem. of industrius "industrious, diligent," used as a noun, from early Latin indostruus "diligent," from indu "in, within" + stem of struere "to build" (see structure (n.)). Sense of "diligence, effort" is from 1530s; meaning "trade or manufacture" first recorded 1560s; that of "systematic work" is 1610s.

Dunbar’s Number

Doesn’t work as well in a dissociative mind I suppose.

I can’t grieve for a Facebook Friend’s Third Cousin’s Pet.

Fuck I can barely grieve for my very own and when I see photos of the past they seem like a million years away.  I may not have Alzheimer but I have distinct idea of what it might feel like to be in an alien body of some sort, not to have a past, to barely have a present and a bleak future.

I get so overwhelmed with emotions that I go into a shutdown, a literal meltdown.

Whether it comes from not being very resilient to an over cruel mother, a betraying father or what else I don’t know. It’s just the way I am, it seems like the way I have always been looking for a bubble to protect me from this cruel world.

Always meeting with an awful lot of hostility and never ever fitting in no matter where I went has left me with this singular perspective I suppose.

So death that I fear and desire at the same time will be some sort of a relief I guess.

I fear it because I have always been extremely curious and death is certainly the end of curiosity if nothing else.  If curiosity is the death of this cat, curiosity also ends in death and with death.

My love of sci-fi and dystopia wants me to stay around to look at the incoming horrors and yet the horrors seem to affect me and destroy me more than the average ape out there.  I could definitely be wrong on this one, we all deal differently with horror, and thinking of death daily is not the sanest wisest thing to do I am sure.

Yes it sounds very poetical but most poets were not very happy people and many ended up insane.
So in the meanwhile I go on, one day at a time, one second at a time waiting and waiting for the next corner, the next exhilaration which is becoming more and more elusive the older I am getting.  57 and a half in 20 days and counting, counting the days, the seconds, thinking of my dad’s 2 billion seconds on earth… my chances of making it to 3 billion seconds are almost nil and in the meantime I waste all the seconds in between trying to extend the amount.  The only seconds I don’t feel wasted are exactly those here where I can put words and thoughts together side by side down on something, something more resilient than a dissociative forgetful mind full of a gazillion wasted thoughts a second.  Not that this will stay much longer it is after all at the mercy of one accidental cyber accident, more at risk here on a fragile  hard disk and still at risk on a blog in this vast Huxleyian cyberworld lost among billions and billions of other zeros and ones.
So here you go posterity and legacy, another little piece of my mind before it disappears forever as all minds do.

As I was saying just yesterday in some sort of mythical way:

You are because I am. If I wasn’t you would not be.  ~ Consciousness or Narcissism?

To which a friend firmly replied with realism which made me smile.

 it's neither .........I am because I am.....if you wasn't I still would be and if I wasn't you still would be

And he is right to but what I meant is still there that without consciousness nothing exists from the point of view of the viewer.

When I am gone, you’re all gone. When I go, you all go.

Yes you do all continue to exist but from my ‘empirical’ POV you might as well be all dead too.  This is the moment really when nothing really matters to this poor boy as the great prophet Farrokh Bulsara once said.
My words, my thoughts, my sentient being, eventually my cyber print, social medias and all and maybe even like Mozart but unlikely all my genetic prints gone forever no traces.  Well in fact all my genetic print is likely to disappear anyway in the next 5 billion years unless we move up on the Kardashev Scale which I doubt most of our energy being spent in destroying rather than building.

The earth in fact is middle age, having a mid-life crisis, nearly 5 billion years old and just another 5 billion more to go.

So my little 50 years plus inside of 10 billion will not leave a major mark for sure.

I was here 0.000000005 of the time. 

200 million of me in the planet’s time.

Make that maybe 100 million considering we, Homo Sapiens, were not very active in the planet’s first half life.

Here I have gone on rambling again, started well but drifted away, the story of my life really, 

rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


It’s fucking nightmarish. 
‘Tis the lowest shit 
of the worst dystopia and 
we are LIVING through it.  
There are no words to tell how low and insane 
and utterly paranoid it is. 

led by fear 
do not lead. 

Besides the obvious fact that it is hiding a much bigger secret agenda. 
No need to be a conspiracy theorist for that.

Information is power. 

Power corrupts and 

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

This has been my position now for years back to an old debate in college against the Mondo Card.

It’s not even communication anymore. 

It’s mindless gibberish aimed at doing what one is going to do anyway, 
some sort of psychopath monologue really or two monologues wrongly referred to as a dialogue.

In this  illusional /delusional  democracy it doesn't matter at all who you vote for, the general agenda remains the same over and over.
Pointing away at dictators so one looks away from just another dictator or dictated rather, dictated by much higher forces than the one seen, 

forces smart and wise enough NOT to be seen and not to let their fate decided by a whimsical ignorant mob.

So it was funny to write a dystopia in 1932 /1948 and like the frog in cold water we never noticed we were living it gradually.

But where does it end and can we ever go back to freer times? Ever?

In a way this is where it leads in thinking one is the “good” guy and all others are evil. The very principle of schizophrenic paranoia I guess.

In the meanwhile one can only sit back and watch, it’s not like we’re going to stop this and one can talk and think as long as they will let him because as George Carlin once said 



Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality
Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see
I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy
Because I'm easy come, easy go, a little high, little low
Anyway the wind blows, doesn't really matter to me, to me

The wind is certainly blowing and 
Bob Dylan was FOS (Full of Shit)
because there is no answer in it at all 
and Scorpions were deluded as well 
because the winds of change 
have been tamed on 911,
they have been terminated with extreme prejudice

Thursday, June 6, 2013


An NBC News review of classified CIA documents for a 14 month period beginning in September 2010 lists 114 drone strikes that killed as many as
613 people. However, in some of those strikes, the CIA did not know the identity of the victims. 

No big words here like OUTRAGE and DISGRACE, no one foaming at the mouth, no one ripping their clothes off, self-immolating or throwing dust and ashes wearing a hemp sack cloth here, Nope, none of that.
Just your regular tralala life goes on attitude. 

We are extremely SELECTIVE in our choices of deaths to rant over, extremely partial and biased in deciding who is a human and who is not, quite parochial/provincial indeed, small minded some would say. 

Petitesse d’esprit.

OUTRAGE and DISGRACE are strangely very selective dishes we serve willy nilly here and there on our whims of the day.

Some French journalist once said:

Every single French or American citizen has become a little tribunal to themselves.
Chacun, chaque citoyen français ou americain aujourd'hui est devenu un petit tribunal a lui tout seul.

So when one uses the term 'Absolute disgrace of a human' it is often dependent of where he lives and a million other factors. 

Disgrace is a funny word like that as is its opposite GRACE.

That French journalist actually suffered from some petitesse d’esprit himself as being judge, jury, and hangman is not reserved only to French and American. 

It belongs to all of us, every single one of us since the beginning of time.

This is why we have that mythological story of the garden of Eden trying to tell us that NO it is not knowledge that is dangerous, au contraire, (funny how this story got so distorted in time to the point of totally losing its original meaning),
not knowledge as I was saying but the Knowledge of “good” and “evil”.

Once we go down that road it gets quite scary everyone turning into its own hysterical foaming at the mouth Germinal Mob over the local morality of the day.

I said local morality of the day because we all know morality changes with time and place.  Examples abound.

A thirty year old marrying (i.e. fucking) a twelve year old was quite common for the longest time and some would say necessary and proven by nature since the female was fertile at such a time. The birds and the bees have no such qualms.

Older male with younger male was nothing short of the rule in Greek times as well. No disgrace, no outrage, maybe a little bit of game to save another funny word here, HONOUR.

68 years ago, (a very short time) burning and killing Germans and Japanese by the thousands perfectly normal.


Today killing Arab babies by the dozens perfectly normal.

In 68 years from now an outrage, a disgrace?

All of us in everything we do, every single day we have been given the gift of JUSTIFYING.

Normal Citizens, War Criminals, Serial Killers , Goody Two Shoes We ALL DO IT.

And We all are right and justified and have reason.

The thing is though that black cannot be white and white cannot be black 
so some of us are necessarily WRONG 

but of course it is ALWAYS the others that are wrong strangely enough.

As Don Henley puts it so well:

We satisfy our endless needs and justify our bloody deeds, 
in the name of destiny and in the name of God.

The first casualty of war is truth, truth buried in the history of the vanquished.
How can one study history anyway as a compass of right and wrong? How can one study history as anything remotely close to reality or even as a ‘science’?

So in the meanwhile let’s keep reading the news the media is FEEDING us so hungrily and let’s keep judging and commenting and getting OUTRAGED at the DISGRACE. 

Forget about classes on syndicalism in Primary School Mrs Marois instead of recreation. How about we teach our kids to think for themselves and to know their etymology and linguistics and logical fallacies and weasel words when they see them ten thousand times a day? That would certainly NOT serve a government very well I understand but it would make a hell of an interesting world now.

Teaching primary children syndicalism is just another form of Orwellian/Huxleyian propaganda. Replacing religion with politics is no change at all.

So while I can still go, I’ll go on pondering on the merits of this life, on the grace and disgrace of it all, on the rage and outrage of it all.  Pondering on the local present knowledge of good and evil and the purpose of war and media head filling and the power of money for good and evil, mostly evil from my POV here.

Next subject to ponder on speaking of the love of money is the medical future coming to us, a very near future where some will be able to AFFORD to even have organs printed maybe? 

There is a part of me that finds great wisdom in death somehow.

Fear is the path of the dark side.
Fear leads to anger.
Anger leads to Hate.
Hate leads to suffering.  ~ Yoda