Tuesday, May 9, 2017

And Sartre didn't even have the internet

 I'm a vet. Ptsd is a bitch but it's no excuse for killing her service dog. Hope she burns in hell

Well according to your mythical & medieval belief she WILL burn in your non-existent mythical HELL 
and not because she killed a puppy 
but because she committed suicide 
therefore removing herself from the control and profit of priests, imams, pastors, the Spanish Inquisition, the government, and YOU.

It always amazes me to see 
the great Christian Values of 
Mercy and Compassion 
being proned in 


while foaming at the mouth like any other hysterical mob would do be they buddhists, or muslims, KKK, or christians.

Jesus said:
"But go and learn what this means:
'I desire mercy, not sacrifice.' 

but Christians go 
like Vicky Pollard 

excusing themselves, 
justifying and 
what they say, do, or think
even better than Ted Bundy did himself.

Reminiscent of dark movies like
Deliverance and
Winter's Bone.


P.S. There is no such thing as hell 
as Sartre said 
and it is so fucking obvious 
as one reads internet comments:

L'enfer c'est les autres. 

Hell is other people.

Nietzsche certainly on to something  
People as a rule are control freaks 
and power is the leading cause of human apes.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Intellectuals are in dire need of “isms” for some reason

Nouvelle Chanson takes its inspiration artistically from Dada and Surrealism. Lyrically, inspiration is also drawn from fairy tales, contemporary poetry, and magical realist literature. It is also theatrical, and draws on the adoption of various personas.  ~Wikipedia

There is a great need in the small human mind to catalogue things to categorise everything, to put each idea, each breath in a nice compartment a comfortable little cube.

Particularly visible in arts: painting, literature, music.
The underlying idea being probably to simplify the marketing the profiting of it all.

Also to simplify life in our very simple minds.

By becoming an expert in one of those little cube one can inflate its self-value from the frog to the ox in his own mind.

Therefore the stench of utter pedantic behaviour and stuffiness in the arts and I might add also in science and in all aspects of life.

People hate so much saying “I don’t know” or “this is new and doesn’t belong to anything else” or “this is unique”.  

They all wanted to put Van Gogh in a box where Van Gogh himself didn’t even know if he was coming or going and was just EVOLVING, growing.

His brother certainly was strong in compartmentalising as it was part of his business and selling art is more than often nothing short of selling hot air.

When those pedantic stuffy expert could not find a box for someone they arrogantly called it “art naïf” because it did not fit in their expertise standards.

One had to belong to a school, one had to belong to a religion, and one had to be labelled catalogues and stashed away in a little box somewhere.

In this day of large numbers and expanding universe it gets harder and harder to find new boxes to put things it as less and less things fit in the fucking box anymore.

You knew now that that f word was coming soon didn’t you?

That pedantic stuffy attitude seems to be particularly relevant among the French but is seen worldwide.

Speaking of stuffiness here allow me a little parentheses on one of my latest pet peeve:  Michael Portillo.
Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, his name is synonym with utter failure and yet he mouths around the globe as if nothing had happened, au contraire.
My Bradshaw 1913 says, my Bradshaw this, and my Bradshaw that every 15 seconds regularly holding the red book like a flag making sure it is in every single fucking frame even holding it awkwardly at shoulder height for a headshot.  I can imagine him holding his relic in his left hand and jerking off with the right hand easily since he seems to be so utterly pedantic, stuffy, and fetishist about the item.
Every time I see him I feel like Jules Winnfield / Samuel L. Jackson:


While Portillo mumbles shit with a gun in his mouth.
End of parenthesis

So back to my muttons here to use a common French expression.

We, humans, are strange to say the least.  Very limited yet totally unaware of our limitations au contraire practicing the Kruger Dunning effect exponentially.

We need to frame, catalogue, compartmentalise a constantly evolving changing world that we have to begin with very little understanding of.

It would seem a priori that Dewey was a cunt. :) 

Pliny and Aristotle tried to do so too and failed miserably IIRC.

Even the most modern attempt today will be risible tomorrow.

So why do we keep trying? Some sort of thumb in mouth comfort? Much related to our fear of death? Who knows?

Point is that to squeeze someone or something in a little cube is just smothering and futile. We are what we are and that’s it and that’s all. All of it in all its time and even all that is a nanodot on the radar of the universe. 

This cataloguing will be all gone too soon 
the kata and the logos altogether.

Eat and Drink and be Merry for Mañana blah blah blah

But I won't be here anymore. Me. I'll be gone for good. If at least I'd learned something. I feel as helpless as the day I was born.
I haven't found a meaning. It's…
I have to search.
I have to keep searching.
We've been everything.
Separatists, independantists, sovereignists, sovereignty-associationists.
At first we were existentialists. We read Sartre and Camus.
Then Fanon, we became anti-colonialists.
We read Marcuse and became Marxists.
After Solzhenitsyn we changed.
We were structuralists.
-Is there an "ism" we haven't worshipped.
-God no. Think of Guo Jing.
Who was he? -An archeologist
with a skirt slit to the crotch.
Even you remember. -In the 70s,
China opens up to the West.
She comes on a cultural exchange. The
university sends its trusty radical, me...
I enter the dining room of her hotel.
I spot her, and die.
Beauty that could melt Emperor Qin's
7000 terra cotta warriors
I order tea, we make small talk.
I can see us doing Pekinese lotus.
-The Szechuan dragon.
To make myself appear intresting
I dive in: "Your country has achieved so much.
We're so envious. Your Cultural Revolution is wonderful!"
Her lovely black eyes glaze over.
I'm mortified to realize
that she's thinking,
"He's either a CIA agent
or the worst cretin in the West."
So much for the lotus and dragon.
For two years she'd cleaned pigsties on a re-education farm.
Father murdered,
mother committed suicide.

And some dumb French-Canadian who's
seen the films of Jean-Luc Godard
and read Philippe Sollers
says that the Chinese
Cultural Revolution, is wonderful!
Cretinism doesn’t sink any lower.
Voluntary simplicity.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

in the living seconds

Every past generation has thought that this generation was going to hell in a basket at light speed.

2 things today,

1.       Thought on a 9GAG picture

2.      The Young Pope

1.       The picture was of one of those sempiternal lame lame American daytime talk show. 

Some poor sad fucked up emo kid and an even sadder host who has to listen to all this utter crap.
Title of post: It HAS to stop

Kid: “I am transforming into a sexless alien”

Lamer end line even: Every day. We stray further from god.

We sure seam to stray alright but our parents and our grandparents could have said the same.

Even though I do feel that with IT modern technology and especially social medias we ARE straying exponentially and that seems a little scary.

With hashtags like #lbgtqabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz we will soon need an hexadecimal system to go further.

In this nurture vs nature fight the oil of social media is spreading every little virus like a fire in high wind.  It encourages the weak to come up with craftier ways to get their 15 seconds of fame.  I will leave it there for now as there is no going through the #lbgtqabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz  without ruffling some feathers.

Now speaking on encouraging the weak let’s go to point numero deux.

I have been watching the Young Pope lately on SBS on demand and even though I am not a fan of Jude Law or the Catholic Church I am still watching, up to episode 6 so far I think.

It is funny fiction in one way to imagine that the Americans who love power and control could also get their hands on the Vatican one day but this is not what troubles me. 

Some say the new show 13 Reasons Why is dangerous.

I would say that The New Pope has even more potential of mental madness.

Such fanaticism and intransigence may seem purist and good and Francis of Assisi like even though the new pope sure loves to pieces all his ostentation and rich fabrics and show-off gear. 

But this fervour can only lead to psychosis.  

I can imagine thousands of weak minds good willing and good hearted and all seeking arduously a god that doesn’t exist and ending inevitably in a mental hospital with high psychotic behaviour of their own creation. Everyone creates his own god after all.

7 billion different gods on this planet and some are scarier than other: the more ignorant the believer the scarier the god not mentioning the evil power wielding priests and imams and what not creating powerful hysterical mobs to achieve unsanctioned murder.

If you stare in the abyss the abyss stares back.

His motives so far are dubious and weird but his speeches could lead many to utter madness.  The self-doubting believer trying extra hard to filter all of his dichotomies.  It has happened plenty of times in the past: Nelligan, Van Gogh and thousands of others.

Let’s not forget now that the main of Christianity in the Roman Empire was started by such a fanatic who had fallen off his horse and assuredly permanently affecting his temporal lobe thereafter.
Nothing good can come out of ignorance mixed with fanaticism.

Add to this the deep internal scars and all the failures of an “infallible” man and you have a volatile recipe for disaster.

Anyway not sure what the next 4 episodes will bring me as I suppose strongly that I will watch them and finish the fictive story, I can’t say the same now about 13 Reasons Why… Jury is still out on that one and also with most Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who.  It would seem to me that the first season of True Detective has destroyed any potential good tv shows for me TD1 being the climax of all tv shows ever made.

I seem to have lost my mojo to binge ever since anyway.

Not impressed at all with the last season of Doctor Who and still wandering why I would watch it at all.  Man looks for trouble man finds it girl screams man saves the earth is getting really boring.

So here it is another lazy blog after a night of triple nightmares.

1.       Missed the train AND the Plane
2.      Flooded two rooms by forgetting taps on and going full Alzheimer’s, cried like a baby lying in 6 inches of water as Sue tried to comfort me and I had visions of losing my mind
3.      And the worst, sent a scout to our new vacation place to discover horror of horror that the internet connection is super slow

Goodbye Cruel World!  

Just Kidding… can’t go before September now and I still have this obsession to reach 2 billion seconds no matter what (just like my dad did)

May 15th, 2019  2:33 am and 20 seconds WA time give or take a second or two

I might be sitting here like when one watches an odometer reach the zeros

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

From Economy 101 to Epistemology 101

Just another tired and depressed blog

But what else can I do? 

I do still think even though it is getting harder and harder 

and I do still feel once in a while.

I shared it on Facebook with “guilty as charged”.

The fact is even more evident when you post a scientific fact and many of your FB friends/sycophants like it and cheer it and you tell yourself yeah but this one also cheers some abomination or some religious bullshit etc. so what makes me different or better?

One thought that came to mind is the old verse:

The heart is deceitful above all things.  Some version added Incurable even.

Hive-mind may work with bees and ants but in humans hive-mind / mob-mind is usually disastrous and ends up in blood.

Two things here.

One our economic system is and as always been and will always be wrong.

I know less than nothing about Keynes or Hayek or Friedman or Marx or any Economy 101 masters.

MY Economy 101 says differently.

It is unreal, idealist, unfeasible, and highly Utopian.

Everything on this planet is counted in dollars costs: 
wars, sickness, even suicide as a loss of productivity 
and therefore PROFIT to society or at least the top rank of society.

My ideal economy says life/health is priceless, knowledge is priceless, wisdom is priceless. 
On a sideline here anyone who tries to profit by selling those is a charlatan.

My ideal word is

1.       Educated

It follows also the trend of educated nation by limiting births and population.

Education is free to all and making a living during education should be provided i.e. food shelter welfare etc.

2.      Free

Free in so many ways now.  My idealist problem being how do you provide a billion dollars operation to extend one’s life by one day?

Maybe by making it not worth one billion dollars but priceless.   The cost of things often influenced by supply and demand.  Life demand should be a priority. Ok maybe I don’t make much sense but I hope one gets the gist of my soul, the bottom line of what I would call wisdom.  Of course there are a million other factors like quality of life and human value we put on one another etc.

Technological comfort: free.  

Many priorities and much money would be re-established if we didn’t spend such obscene amount of money killing each other 

MOAB and Patriot and Drones and What Not.

It is starting to feel a little like brave new world though with everyone having his SOMA.

Now on the subject of free comes this problem with peer review and peer publishing and the cost of science.  When the goal is profit and get rich quick of course things are fucked. 

Science for the glory of the discovery?

That might be a little too idealist but some have done it.

Another major problem seems to be cognitive bias when one is more interested in achieving his pet theory than finding the real facts and therefore warps the whole system.

But THE BIGGEST problem of most science is that it is eventually bought and catered for mass destruction. 

The first fucked up question always to a new discovery is what is its martial value?

The hoi polloi usually get the trickle down economy of martial research. 

Trillions being spent on how to love your neighbour better by bombing the shit out of him. 

Medicine being used to heal “our” soldiers faster so they can go back to combat hell ASAP without having figured the problems of PTSD and the many incurable SUICIDES in Armed Forces who come to figure out that the enemy of today he killed would have been his friend tomorrow.

We all love Germans and Japanese now.

Many prophets preach on bended knee. Many clerics wasted wine.
Do the bloodied sheets on those cobbled streets mean I have wasted time?
Are there silver shores on paradise? Can I come in from the cold?
I killed a man in a far away land, my enemy I'm told.  ~James Blunt

To believe that the madness, the blood, the smoke, the noise, the murders, the rapes, the booze and dope is for the glory of what?

Defending my country??????????????????????????????

Warless countries are doing just as well without the PTSD.

They mind their own business quietly 
and do not try to control the world.

Nobody likes a meddling bully.

In conclusion there is no conclusion.

I forgot to mention also one thing I said often: extrapolation

i.e. the best science of today will be the laughing stock of tomorrow.

We never know that we don’t know 

Epistemology 101

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The N word

April 20 th 2013

I don’t have a PhD in psychology or psychiatry or for anything at all really but the media madness to declare themselves all-knowing and ride the popular waves as if they created them irks me to no end.

Even in so-called professional magazines with licensed psychologists and crap Reader’s Digest's like Psychology Today,the term is used and abused and thrown away freely. 

The term being a word I have personal issues with: 


For one thing everyone’s fucking ex was a fucking narcissistic pig because he didn’t worship me, or understand me, or cater to me or lost his will and everything to me.

Who is narcissistic now pray tell?

Does this make me narcissistic now to think this way? 
Frankly at this point I don’t care and I don’t wanna know anymore.  I have dealt with this doubt many a times and now put it aside. 
The jury is still out.

But it still remains that like people do always they love throwing names they don’t know shit about. People love being judgemental and sit on their little home made thrones and pretend to be Napoleon or the pope.

The outrageous reaction described above calls for many names right away: 
neurotic at best, 
utterly callous and selfish ,
and certainly devoid of empathy altogether 
but to me it doesn’t spell the N word.

Anyway to go on and on on this would defeat the point wouldn’t it?

Nuff said methinks.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Psychology is not a fucking science

Just spent like 10 minutes in this field to be more confused than ever again.

First by learning new names of laws again that warp psychological studies without mentioning cognitive biases and what not 

  • Goodhart’s Law is most succinct: “When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.”
  • Campbell’s Law is the most explicit: “The more any quantitative social indicator is used for social decision-making, the more subject it will be to corruption pressures and the more apt it will be to distort and corrupt the social processes it is intended to monitor.”
  • The Cobra Effect refers to the way that measures taken to improve a situation can directly make it worse.

and then I started reading this article in the horrible reader’s digest of PsychologyToday (might as well listen to a TED talk eh?) and the more I read the more question I had. 

It was about boy vs girl and a few doubtful statements were made as they do and I had this clever hunch that the whole article was written by a ‘GIRL’ and lo and behold it was!
I am so clever sometimes! J

Then she proceeded in a deeper black hole called morals and that was it I had to check the source and lo and behold again I was right. 
Quelle Surprise!

A seminarian FFS! 

Teaching at Notre-Dame what next?
She is a ‘scientist’ creationist too? 

When you start mixing your so-called science with your archaic pre-conceived matriarchal society beliefs there is no end to where you may end and of course everyone being a fucking Napoleon everyone will have all the rationalisation possible to stand solid on their wrong foundation as one does.

My first alarm bell was when she went like this

·         Boys mature slower physically, socially and linguistically.  CHECK!
·         Stress-regulating brain circuitries mature slower in boys prenatally, perinatally and postnatally.  MAYBE
·         Boys are affected more negatively by early environmental stress, inside and outside the womb, than are girls. Girls have more built-in mechanisms that foster resiliency against stress.  WHATTTTTTTTTTT?

Everybody does that, the JWs are one of my best examples they bring one or two truths to get your confidence and then bury you in dubious facts to confuse the fuck out of you.

. Girls have more built-in mechanisms that foster resiliency against stress.  FFS

Where did you get that one now? 
My first thought going on how extremely complex and warped a mother daughter relationship can be at times and that to me there are just as many fucked-up females as there are males, 
each having just their peculiar way of being fucked-up.  
And yes in a matriarchal society of course the outcome would be warped for both.
As Freud said if it’s not one thing, it’s your mother! J

To begin with any of those studies absolutely cannot “not be biased” as the sex of the author will warp a lot of preconceived ideas as it was so obvious in this short text.

Anyway what is the word I learnt and forgot already now? Will have to stick to dilettante now damn memory it was such a nice word too.


YES! Thank fuck for browsing history in the age of Alzheimer’s.

One who exhibits only superficial knowledge; a self-proclaimed expert with little real understanding. 

I is a sciolist! :) 

She is also an expert on circumcision would you believe and on breast feeding as well extremely popular apparently too but that has always been a bad sign to me too.

Genetic determinism is so 20th century. In the 21st century, we now know that epigenetics are involved in most outcomes: experience shapes how and whether a gene is expressed or activated. Humans are the most epigenetically shapeable creatures, making violent disposition a matter of experience. In early life, humans are the most epigenetically plastic (with only 25% of adult brain size in place) (Narvaez, Panksepp, Schore & Gleason, 2013).

The more I read the more I wanna puke.  Home birth Jesus had one etc and this here

The table shows that every study is flawed-  (she says)
except mine of course as always.

Psychology and much of science I am afraid is very much like art;

a field of inflated egos full of hot air valuating nothingness and ignorance.

I am glad I got this blog to hide behind as of course I would be awkwardly silent in a head to head debate with many but debates don’t prove shit, both parties go back home as convinced as they were when they entered.  Hot air is hot air no matter what you call it and like in religion here there is a stench of pre conceived ideas first and then looking for evidence to support my proud and arrogant and foolish stand backed up as always by a few sycophants.

  • Goodhart’s Law is most succinct: “When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.”
  • Campbell’s Law is the most explicit: “The more any quantitative social indicator is used for social decision-making, the more subject it will be to corruption pressures and the more apt it will be to distort and corrupt the social processes it is intended to monitor.”
  • The Cobra Effect refers to the way that measures taken to improve a situation can directly make it worse.

P.S. Just a short note here to remark that a site I used to love very much just like everything else is suffering from catalytic entropy.
The article in Wikipedia could not be more self-praising and biased.

Also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McLaren_Flint  "forgets"  to mention that

On January 13, 2016, Snyder said that 87 cases of Legionnaires' disease, a waterborne disease, were reported in Genesee County from June 2014 – November 2015, resulting in 10 deaths. Although the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) said that there is no evidence of a clear link between the spike in cases and the water system change,[3] Edwards stated the contaminated Flint water could be linked to the spike, telling reporters:
It's very possible that the conditions in the Flint River water contributed. We've actually predicted earlier this year that the conditions present in Flint would increase the likelihood of Legionnaires' disease. We wrote a proposal on that to the National Science Foundation that was funded, and we visited Flint and did two sampling events. The first one was focused on single family homes or smaller businesses. We did not find detectable levels of Legionella bacteria that causes disease in those buildings. But during our second trip, we looked at large buildings, and we found very high levels of Legionella that tends to cause the disease.[80]
In a second report released January 21, state researchers had still not pin-pointed the source of the outbreak.[81] The next day, an official at McLaren Regional Medical Center in Flint put out a press release that said:
After the City of Flint switched to the Flint River as its water source in April of 2014, we noticed an increase in the number of Legionella cases that were coming to McLaren for treatment, as well as those being reported across the county and at other hospitals. Because of that concern, and concern over the quality of water that we were receiving from the city, we began aggressively testing our water supply. An early test result indicated the presence of a low level Legionella. All Legionella and lead testing continues to show that the McLaren Flint water supply is well within safety and quality standards. It is important to note that no test have ever determined that McLaren is the source of exposure for any patients testing positive for the Legionella antigen, and that there is no definitive data to support that McLaren Flint is the source of exposure for any patient testing positive for the Legionella antigen.[82]

Well mentioned for now until Winston Smith gets to it to ‘correct’ it.


Saturday, March 18, 2017


Saturday March 18th, 2017

I find myself worried more and more at my lack of attention, my lack of concentration or mental stamina. 
A million things that would have caught my attention in the past can’t keep me for more than a minute these days,
30 seconds even rather. 

It is a little frightening to see it slowly slipping away. 
It makes me wonder if ever I will read the smallest book ever again. 
And moreover what will I do with the rest of my life?

I still get excited at a million things WANTING to know more but everything leads to an exhausting spiralling and endless labyrinth. 

One example among many now a friend mentions a sci-fi book,
light goes on right away.
I am on it.
Check the author.
Check the book.
Check his other books.
Oh Wow it deals about philosophy.
I love philosophy. Let’s open the next links:
Platonic Realism & Nominalism and then

BAM! I die. 

Just like I did before
but only after 4 or 5 books
now I die after 4 or 5 lines.  

And DYING is the best word I can think of. 
My other metaphor is that the wind stops blowing but now that wind has gone crazy if not crazier.

Not exactly sure what it is and Ritalin at this moment seems like a life saver.

The wind has stop blowing and my ship is in the middle of the ocean.

Some would say pick yourself up blah blah blah but they don’t understand.

This is not how my bipolar mind works at all.
The wind blows or it doesn’t blow (0 or 1)
and I am quite powerless over that wind from my simple POV.

Now I’ve got a feeling the wind will be fine in August despite or maybe because the enormous incoming change of routine. 
The wind has been good in the past in such situations.

That wind just about got me lost again in a short trip to the dunny hyperlinking mentally from a Dangerous Method to Stereotypical to which I will have to put on hold for now in the interest of concision. (Side note there is a reason why some things are called stereotypical and there is a tendency today to just reject them as if they never existed)

So time will tell which direction this Charlie Gordon is going: Dementia, Alzheimer’s or some other form of slow death or just your normal run of the mill dissassociative absent-minded professor genius.

I am certain many people are utterly satisfied with watching mindless sitcoms all day and utter trash TV of the reality show/housewives horrible type.  Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

My dream persona wants to see itself reading endlessly all of Dostoyevsky, Dickens, Shakespeare, Balzac, and hell Zola and Hugo and Tolstoy too and so much more.
(Ibsen, Gogol, Pouchkine, Chekhov and on and on)
I envy very much Rowan Williams who learnt Russian in order to be able to read the works of Dostoyevsky in the original.

Know everything about history and science and what not.

My real persona is lazy as fuck unfortunately and has the concentration of a fly on shit even though I imagine the fly winning hands down, well little hairy legs down anyway.

And just as Charlie Gordon I feel as desperate and powerless trying to remember the glorious past that may or may not have existed. 

The good old age where I could do algebra with my eyes closed and could not explain it for the life of me because my mind skipped so many steps that others needed.

Or even the time not so long ago where I had an A- in Calculus just before my diagnoses of Diabetes which may or may not have to do with the whole situation as it is fucking hard to think I guess when your blood is as thick as molasses.

Here is another study I could get lost into: the brain decline in diabetics.

Anyway I just hope that wind changes soon as these windless days make me a bit wary of the kind of future I might or will have.

Over and Out for now Charlie Gordon.

P.S. I have this wonderful button on my browser that allows me to close 40 tabs all at once just to start all over again and open 40 more for nothing again. 
It must be somewhere in one of Dante’s Circle of Hell or some Serlingian Twilight Zone nightmare.

K what was I talking about already?  

Maybe I got a permanent MIB Neuralyzer implanted in my brain? 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Street Signs or Priorities Totally Screwed

Where are we going?

Melbourne lobby group pushes for ‘gender-equal’ traffic light icons

In 2017 I would refrain to say I am a feminist.

Semantics again but the word has lost all meanings today.

I try very hard to stick to the old French Revolution motto even though this one too is getting so outdated today.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité and here we go again Triggered like Guy Fawkes' powder kegs.

FRATERNIWHAT? What is this patriarchal bullshit blah blah blah and so on just making sure we are not getting anywhere at all, contention for the sake of contention like the little belligerent pugilistic frustrated activist loser that you are.

I am not quite sure where I stand and who I stand with even though I do not have to stand with anyone at all. Like everything else in life I am more sure of the negatives, like who I DO NOT want to stand with.

One could start with the Desiderata I suppose.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons,
they are vexations to the spirit.

Of course I do not believe in violence physical or emotional or of the passive-aggressive type.

An another thing I do not believe in is women in infantry.
To me that is pushing it too far.
Hell I don't even believe in men in infantry or any form of war so.

I have reservations about the police force too but I have to draw the line somewhere.

Of course I am writing this from a male point of view so I am biased but so is a woman towards woman so we're equal that way too.

My ideal world does not seem to include much work so we wouldn't have much to disagree on my planet. As I often said my ideal world looks very much like a scene from Time Machine 1960.

Even though his future vision has a little too much of Harrison Bergeron or Idiocracy to it not mentioning the fact that the casting director seemed to be a little Aryan to say the least.

So no Morlocks
(I can live with the Eloi's fashion 'sense' or lack thereof)
a little more intellectual matter moving a little bit like Alanis Morissette's Utopia
and a good mix of bohemian beauty of all colours with some not so beautiful but oh so interesting people and I hope we will have solved the problem of ageing by then.

Intellectual pursuits though seems to be much more part of the problem than part of the solution.
A little bit of daydreaming mixed with eat and drink and be merry seems better to me.

With all this I haven't said much about feminism and equality now have I?

I am taking the Morgan Freeman approach by denying its existence.
There is no black there is no white
there is no male there is no females
just us humans with our own aspirations.

Some differences do exist at many levels, biological as shown in the Olympics
and the ability of our livers to process alcohol apparently
and down to many other organic and hormonal levels.
For instance us blokes live shorter lives thanks to testosterone
and we do have to shave but we don't have to bleed monthly etc

Saying we are equal in rights now just brings another semantic problem where we all turn into Pauline Hanson.

Please explain equal.

Please explain rights.

As a matter of facts there are many societies where we are not equal and many societies are somewhat matriarchal in some ways. Think of the power of the Jewish mama, the Italian, the Greeks and the Japanese husband who brings his paycheck to the wife even though all these societies also have appalling male habits.

The world certainly needs some major improvements a million times a gazillion times more important than changing a bloody street sign FFS.

Think of all the baby girls in China think of all the oppression in many cultures and religions.

Bad enough that most girls family names are Damnatio memoriae if you study genealogy long enough.

So to all these SJW's straining the gnat and swallowing the camel I say get a life FFS and get your head out of your own ass.