Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I can't keep track of each fallen robin.

I really like that line from Leonard Cohen's Chelsea Hotel

"I can't keep track of each fallen robin. "

Years ago I lost what I called my

"Christ Complex"

I cannot and I will not be the Saviour of the World.

Especially on the Internet now and on social media the circle has grown exponentially way way beyond Dunbar's number.

There are bleeding hearts and then there are bleeding hearts.

Sure you "bleed" and suffer for your family and for your bloodline up to a point. 

That would be the matter of a totally nother subject I may have cover previously regarding blood NOT being thicker than water.

i.e. a wrong is a wrong is a wrong no matter who does it

But when the 2nd cousin of a Facebook distant friend dies of cancer at 98 years old
am I gonna bawl my eyes out now? 
I think not.  

Or what is much more common these days too the grandmother of a minor constellation dying at 95 being a tragedy,

Some people do though and I don't know how they find the courage to live.

And now one as to establish the frontier of eyes bawling.

One extreme of course is your daily psychopath:
be he a CEO or a Game Developer or your average serial killer.

Those people cry for nothing.

Also a good note of this is apparently how one treats animals at a young age. 
I can imagine those Game Devs ripping the legs of a fly one by one and then its wings and then let it live.

But it seems to me that in order to survive though in this day and age of much much more information than our little brain can assimilate, one has to be a little callous now.

Then again there is that famous map I keep posting.

White people die boo hoo hoo
prayers and thoughts and flags and bullshit galore.

Hundreds of Egyptians die?
Who gives a flying fuck?

We are as a rule a bunch of hypocrites; a bunch of phonies as Salinger would point.

We includes yours truly here.

So anyway all this to say here that I still have to find a middle somewhere between complete psychopath and bubbling useless bawler.  

There is a fuckton of suffering in the world, 

fucktons and fucktons even 

and one should be aware of it to a point but one has to live and function and keep going somehow.

We're all gonna die and in 200 years from now none of this shit will matter but somehow it is difficult to find the proper answer to absurdism and nihilism in this crazy world.

One cannot raise the intelligence average level of this planet and the intelligence average level of this planet is very fucking low. 
100 might be an average IQ for a human but with many psychopath being Mensa and the amount of foaming at the mouth hatred and hysteria in this world our little 100 would be an absolute retard to be destroyed by a more advanced more "civilised" wiser and so much more intelligent civilisation.

Life is life is life and all life ends.

Be it the ant or the man, the mayfly or the lobster. 
All want to live by instinct
but no life has ever achieved immortality.

And ironically most lives on this planet are ended to provide for other life forms...

chicken, cows, pigs, fishes,

or humans in need of oil or other greedy acquirement.

Many humans literally killing their peers for the sole purpose of making a fuckton of money selling arms to the highest bidder. 

Civilised indeed we are.

As I have said many times before

the one who makes the trigger,
(the one who sells the trigger)
is as guilty as
the one who pulls it.

PTSD indeed Quelle Surprise.

Anyway Just another circumvoluted blog
that took a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

That's all Folks.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Danger Danger Will Robinson

Is the world trying to be repulsive or am I getting old? LOL

I am getting to be such a curmudgeon in my old age I must say if not at the level of Ovi still quite a grumpy old man.

So-Called "News" site irritate me to no end.  

The bigger the site 
(the bigger the money some would say) 
the bigger the irritation.  

MSN seems to be better at it than Google though. 
Better at being WORST I mean :) 

More shallow more LCD than others. 
(Lowest Common Denominator) 

In fact they compete with the lowest yellow journalism site and programs for the LIMBO ROCK of News.


Modern trends of TV are nothing but older trends with a twist.  

This so-called extraordinary people show is nothing short of a Barnum and Baileys Freaks and Monsters show with a thin veneer of care and political correctness.

Step right up 25 cents to see the freaks of the world 

Come In Come All.

The one ad I find the most repulsive of them all is this 

New Housewives of Melbourne.

How far do you have to travel and how long do you have to search for such a horrible ensemble of shallow pasty phoney and downright ugly bunch?

(I can feel Holden Caulfield rolling in his grave LOL) 

Money does not buy class and beauty.

A Swine with ear rings and expensive jewelry is still a swine.

Add to this some petty fights over shallow nothingness, 
some drunken appalling behaviour you would not tolerate on your street 
and Voila the latest recipe for success apparently. 

Well if this is success I certainly wanna be an utter failure.

Ugliness personified and all the make up in the world cannot hide that.

The worst of it I suppose is all that phoniness all those lies and devious deceptions presented as truth  and spontaneous reality when all of it is edited rigged and scripted.

Sue was very disappointed to find out Mystery Diners was a fake. LOL

The bad acting was so obvious and the fake outrage (besides the dumb as fuck management) and more importantly the arrogance and holier than thou attitude of the culprits caught red-handed.

Some Nerds are horrified at all the wrong things going on in historical movies.

I am horrified at how much suspense of disbelief I have to put in over some afghan dog looking man trying to pretend to be intelligent OR being an expert in every fucking field possible BESIDES also being as good looking as fuck and all for the women at least that in high heels sometimes.

Sue always points that English people are allowed to be ugly on TV LOL

Americans set low standards for all the Western World and every national media worships everything and anything that comes out of USA.

Why would my local news be concerned with the death of some US minor celebrity's grandma FFS?

I find it very hard in this over abundance of information to find something worth following.  

I think they forgot to provide us with the SOMA when they decided to go with the Brave New World formula instead of the Orwellian system.

Divide and Conquer the old Roman Stategy seems to work as well today as way back then.  When you have millions of factions discussing petty nothing and nonsense then you can go on and do whatever you want no one is gonna disturb you. 

Many money makers being arms makers as well 
( quelle coincidence) 
are happy to support any petty nonsense to keep the peasants occupied.  

There is big and I mean BIG money in arm making and in Media.  

Funnily enough the media would not report every arm deal that goes in the world now that would be counterproductive.

Anyway every generation like Mike says blames the one before 

and our old generation of  Lost in Space and early Star trek was not better fed by the boob tube for sure but the circus is getting more and more unpalatable to me in general.

Of course there are a few rare exceptions I would say.

True Detective Season 1 comes to mind and Fargo 1 and 2. Westworld also.

AND AND AND the greatest mind and absolute prophet of our 21st Century:

Charlie Booker and his BLACK MIRROR.

Long Live the King

P.S. Seeeeeee? British again NOT AMERICAN :P 

Mind you Nic Pizzolato IS an American genius

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

News are shite Comments are shiter!

Comment: I would love too but I'm struggling myself

Comment: I bet she’s not doing the packing in her high heels and tight dress. Shame on you Foodbank WA for sexualising something as honest as donating to charity 😡

Me: I would love to too :P Give me two.

Me: It's not like she is a bimbo in a bikini with silicon tits now FFS.  Get a grip. Have another drink.

Anyway I finally got rid of this horrible horrible MSN default page now on Microsoft Edge.
My Chrome is acting up lately on FB and I have to use Edge sometimes and I don't mind but that default page was about to throw me over the edge.

What the Media calls news is just more and more sickening.

Tragedy for so and so Star (or minor constellations as Sue calls 'em)

His 95 year old mother died boo hoo hoo. Well for one thing she was 95 fucking years old that is not a tragedy it is a good long life and newsbreak here we all die. 

Number 2: I am sad to tell you that non stars ALSO have tragedies and mothers and loved one dying and it doesn't make the fucking news.

I made the mistake of looking a Tv Channel news page just to look closely at a kick ass burger picture and I found myself reading as if it was my facebook page and got more and more depressed til I realised I was on the news channel page still.

What are they doing? Peddling their shite to the lowest common denominator here? They better get a bigger shovel and dig deeper.  What they call "NEWS" is so not news like MSN lately running out of shit to say and filling dead air with shite about Brittany what's her name fucking YEARS ago and quelle surprise "we" STILL don't know what happened?

 I mean REALLY?
And this horror is why you  became a so-called "journalist" for?

Get a REAL JOB FFS or even better just become a homeless hobo.

Clickbait should be the real thing. Once the sucker bites you yank him out of the water and watch it writhe to death slowly.  Natural Selection, the Circle of Life...

I'd prolly be dead as well lol but fair is fair

Hard to find somewhere uplifting to go in this WORLD WILD WEB.


 Fun for the spider not so funny for the fly though.

And with the Ajit Ijut trying to funnel the death trap even tighter not funny at all.

Oh yeah speaking of sexualising and news wave and fads.  Now I do agree that Fat Rich Scums who clearly abuse their powers should face the truth.  Weinstein is beyond any doubt despicable and repulsive.  But in this new trend of coming out though I am afraid some poor innocent smuck will have his life ruined forever by some malevolent woman who was who know maybe jilted or rejected years ago OR even simpler is in dire need of attention no matter the cost.  Truth is truth and Lie is Lie. Period. Very hard to differentiate at times.

And the motives of the heart well they are devious above all things at times.

I wonder if we will have a true lie detector one day to the point where it will become ingrained deep inside us to always tell the truth, especially to ourselves.

I mean Animals practice deception too so on this point we are but an animal too and lies have been around as long as stories have been told.

All these loose thoughts going nowhere as usual preserved for the mo in the amber of cyberspace.

I could write to you about my games but I have hardly played at all in weeks trying to survive this ordeal of pain here ... had a bad spell yesterday ... went through the ceiling in  pain at a cold turkey 'debriding" of my donor spot on my neck

so bad actually we had to stop and we are trying again tomorrow where I will come prepared actually with enough Oxycodone to feel "Comfortably Numb" during the 'procedure' if possible as per arranged with all parties concerned.


Who doesn't?

(you tattoeed persons out there are sick fucks LOL)

Ciao for Now

there is no pain you are receding...

Monday, November 20, 2017

write write write right right

I hope Rachel is not related to Cherie now.
“If you write what you yourself sincerely think and feel and are interested in… you will interest other people.”  
~ Rachel Carter

Well what I know what I have known...

What I've felt
What I've known
Never shined through in what I've shown
Never free
Never me
So I dub thee unforgiven

Side tracked again Anyway 

here is a short condensation of my past week or so.
With surgeries piling on one after another it is beginning to take its toll I guess. I just have had what could be considered the worst week of 2017 maybe? 

Always something new and always a first even at 61 almost 62 but I could have done easily without this double skin graft on my head recently.  

Bad enough I was still suffering and still healing from a huge cut on my forehead just a couple of weeks ago ( I might check the dates later) Hell my elbow still hurts like hell at times from my old double somersault back in June.

Anyway just to say that I was reminded of Ani DiFranco's lyrics:

It's the little things that kill.

or her exact words: this little war is what kills us

The old story I heard somewhere of the Chinese Torture 
(tried on MythsBusters IIRC , Kari Byron was not a happy camper) 
a single drop of water dropping on your forehead 


This little pain here, this little pain there, this constant reminder, the lack of sleep caused by it and add enough of it and it's enough to have enough at one point.

I seem more concerned now about escaping reality than occupying my remaining time.

Anyway stiched dressings is my idea of hell and/or Chinese torture at 2 places also to make sure there was not a single comfortable position to sleep.

O well I survived I guess and the much anticipated day has arrived and AT LAST the dreaded stitched dressings are gone.  But what a long week it was though.

I realise of course many people all over the world are into so much more misery but somehow it doesn't help my misery at all even after watching the Queen of Katwe and see how miserable life was in the slums of Uganda bad I did not even mind this poor soul peddling his delusions really ... his Christianity at least was real and certainly not the American ugly style.  

I had had this/his opportunity in the past but now I seem to have lost it and don't have the stamina to chase it again: those chess sets at Safety Bay Primary might just have to rot without me. 

 It was hell on wheels of red tape and what not to try to take a few kids to Applecross forget Russia now.

Anyway as a result of a consequence or a normal progression of chronic depression I guess I seem to have lost all interests in my game despite a short return to Diablo recently and a new coming expansion on Path of Exile.

The little things again I find the "death penalties" too disheartening on POE where I can't seem to reach level 90 no matter what.  It certainly IS possible and thousands have done it but as a noob I suck, I play too long, too tired, and get into a couple of stupid deaths that throw me hours back.

Prolly just need a rest til the new expansion comes and then take it one day at a time but as I was telling the admins there it seems to overestimate my rapidly declining Charlie Gordon Intelligence here as the game is getting more and more complex and I can only follow the instructions of a brilliant YOUNG engineer blindly without really understanding what the fuck I am doing and/or why did I die there? 

Any hoot here is my 'letter' to them now

a drop in the ocean
I don't mind my kills being a drop in the ocean 
What I DO mind though
is my ocean being emptied by the fucking bucket load every time I died
Diablo got rid of this clusterfuck YEARS ago 
Why be so far behind in time?
What is next? Losing all your shit and try to get it back naked when you could not survive full armoured? Really?
That is the biggest disheartening fact that might keep me away from POE and move on to GD to see if they got their shit together
After waiting all day for the power to come back here after electrical work being done in the neighbourhood I started at 70% to end up at 53% after a couple of hours and a loss of the will to live  
Back to D3 for a while where a death only costs me a few coins ... Fuck I d rather lose a Chaos Orb rather than exp
ALSO while I am here I feel GGG is overestimating the IQ of the general audience.
The game is already quite complicated and is getting more and more complex where the average Joe will just have to blindly follow the kind advice of a brilliant engineer instead of making any sense of it.
I used to be intelligent like Charlie Gordon in Flowers for Algernon but I have no idea how a mind can follow the HUGE information overload: 10 to 15 unknown squares at the top of the screen some of them being there for a couple of seconds only plus reading all the monsters abilities while trying to survive too seems a bit much for me.
O well my opinion too is just that A DROP IN THE OCEAN so here it goes

and their kind answer

Hey there,
Thank you for contacting support.
I'm sorry to hear that you feel this way. I will be sure to pass your feedback onto the appropriate team members for consideration.
Please feel free to contact us again if you have any further feedback or suggestions, we really appreciate hearing thoughts from the community.
Kind regards,

I had a few other notes I wanted to mention and again my failing memory is errrr failing me again

One of them was that it would be nice QOL (Quality of Life) to add on again another Diablo copy where you pick one you pick them all.  All this one by one picking is really tedious especially in the BeachHead end map.

Otherwise it is a great game I just wish I would have picked it up 20 years ago when I had some brains left

That is also another part of the little war that kills to see the constant decline of faculties I always empathized much with Charlie Gordon and almost understood him, even if he was a fictional character.  Daniel Keyes ' masterpiece Flowers for Algernon should be a must read for anyone and especially for someone who is working with Alzheimer's and Dementia patients who I guess don't play video games either anymore.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Quick thoughts on Path of Exile

2 months gone

Here we are been back for 2 months and what have I done?
(The following might be Greek or Chinese to any non POE player)

Well errr most of my conscious time I would have to say has been spent on this new game / addiction of mine.

It took me a while to join the POE crowd but now I am in...well sort of.

I thought I was going to give up for a while as there is so much for my ageing declining Alzheimer's brain to grasp and retain,

But then a decent guide came on and I persevered.

Thanks to Brian from EngineeringEternity.

I am still struggling with much and have done so many stupid mistakes and still do but I am progressing slowly, breaking a new record every day,

My last record was NOT to die to the last boss of Act 10, a feat I had not succeeded at previously.

I spend crazy mad hours in this game and after 2 months of it I am no better than some 'kid' who would have played it for a week but I am moving along slowly learning every day.

I have managed a few 'titles' and I am proud of that too.

I call ascendancies titles :) 

I have a level 88 Berserker who even though was struggling for a while is doing better now. I have invested much in him, including 2 divine vessels and he might get somewhere one day. He is for the mo my daily mission hero and also my beachhead map killer.  

He is the finder of my whole 2 (TWO) Exalted (make that 3 with all the shards I got in BeachHead. 

Exalted seem to be much related to Zana so far,
by the way she should turn level 7 tomorrow.  

Elreon is my only level 8 so far soon to be followed by Haku.

Vorici is an asshole with all his rules don't kill this don't kill that etc  I am not in the leaving alive business.  

Speaking of Vorici I might need him at 8 soon to fix one of my most horrible mistake. 
Remind me to tell you my Tabula Rasa story one day.

What I find so out-of-reach is one of those 6 links armour that either cost 500 chaos ( I barely manage to gather and keep 200)

My biggest expense was a cheap Dying Sun at 80 chaos.

It's either 500 chaos or way more fusing that I can afford and never come close to owning such an amount.

Mind you spreading myself thin with many 5 linked comes expensively as well.

Nest is my level 87 Necromancer who for a while was my best.  Good for some maps like the one where I could not leech where my Berserker and my Juggernaut would not do well at all.

Speaking of Juggernaut he is my latest obsession now at level 75 soon to be wearing that belt at 78 if I can fix my incredible intelligence problem :P 

Another thing I am utterly slow at learning is proper crafting and it should not be hard on this character since he's only got two slots to fix all the rest is predetermined. 

I gotta craft or find somehow some incredible helm and boots with INTELLIGENCE galore AND loads of life AND loads of resist preferably Fire. And oh yeah some movement speed is primordial too my Necro is killing me with slowliness and my Juggernaut speed had to be fixed at all costs.

I have no idea really what each machine does and even when I get my masters to level 8 I certainly don't have the Ex required for fancy crafting.

Anyway more to come on Path of Exile soon they say write about what you know well too bad for that rule now but it certainly what I DO anyway even though badly.

There were more thoughts I wanted to share about my past 2 months but they will have to wait as the sun is about to rise soon, a common happening in this vampire house so off to my coffin for now with more later. 


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

pre post not erous

August 29th last day in Arles after a long month of trials and tribulations LOL good food good cheese and good wine.

The plans of mice and men have gone somewhat awry but then again not making plans is our awry style.

 “The best laid schemes o' mice an' men /
 Gang aft a-gley.”

Not sure how to feel at the mo, too early to tell

Underwhelmed? Overwhelmed? or even whelmed at all? 😇

Something will hit hard when I get home if I am to go by previous experiences.  
My post-travelling depression is usually quite abysmal.

Wherever you go there you are! 
So there I will be.

Fortunate to travel? 
But then again HOME SWEET HOME 
is always a good place to go back to.

Every time I travel I have a feeling it is the last time ever. 
Financially and physically and emotionally.

Good to see different places and people and there are many ways to travel but I am often reminded of Paul Kelly's song though:

Every Fucking City is the same.

So anyway we did Paris and 
we will always have Arles Darl 
but memories are a fleeting thing and just seem to "fleet" at light speed lately.

Expensive memories but we don't take either when we die anyway: 
the money or the memories.

More coming soon I suppose, as always this is not your typical travelling blog more like a temporary stream of consciousness.  Temporary here being a redundancy.

It was mostly fun while it lasted: 5 long months of expectations and 1 month of "living it up"

Most back burner projects went off the fucking stove as they usually do but I am fairly satisfied with the way it went despite some drawbacks and a comedy of error and all.

What we ended up doing as far as outgoing trips are:

Abbaye de Montmajour

St-Remy ( in a tight race for return bus)
and Avignon after almost giving up on it after a few strikes out:
Miscommunication galore inside and out.
That Arelate festival interfered with our shuttle bus hours and it took us days to realise it.

Then also my mini depression when we faced the closed doors of les Halles as I had planned this for 5 months.

But altogether it was alright with the cute little touch of calling my mum as I was standing on the Pont D'Avignon so she would have something to proudly share with the old folks at the residence.

Today is the last day and with the tiredness and the heat my last mouse plan will prolly go awry too but I don't care.  I was kinda missing that Pont Langlois on my Van Gogh trail but it is not the same bridge and not even at the same place.

As a matter of fact nothing is the same since over 100 years have passed since Vincent but I tried to appreciate the light as much as I could me not being a real artist and all.

But anyway enough rambling for now here is my shortstop stream of semi consciousness for now.

Friday, August 4, 2017


...when one is on a very special vacation one would blog about that with tons of photos but that is what Facebook is for.  My blog to me is for long rambling of sort.  Two things on my heart now:

1. I forgot already hahaha errrr oh yeah the dichotomy of travelling and "enjoying" your holiday while your daughter is dying!!!

That's a big one.

I feel a little bit like a psycho with a total lack of empathy posting joyful photos.

a) Sue had a point though that one she enjoys them too.

b) We made that full decision with her blessing come what may.  But still is for the living but losing your baby under the Mediterranean Sun does not make it easier.

2. Among the many hot discussions (read altercation and all its synonyms) one was people maybe especially here in France but all over the world.  

I get easily upset behind what I call inconsiderate people.  Lining up as we do (reminiscent of the Hamlet soliloquy here, 

For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,
Th' oppressor's wrong, the proud man's contumely
The pangs of despised love, the law's delay,
The insolence of office, and the spurns

Sue on the other hand thinks Patience is better.
And (don't tell her that) she is probably right and Albert Ellis would agree with her too.

ME?! I live in a grand delusional world where everyone should practice MY negative golden rule:




When I pick my change and stuff it in my pocket and will sort it out later just to get out of the way of people trying to be AWARE that public service is just that and that I am not a king or a queen to be attended to.  

You KNOW what they do in this country to kings and queens dontcha?

So the ethical dilemma here is

Should I be Considerate OR Patient?

Sad part is I have to be both reluctantly
as I find that consideration is this world is a totally forgotten word and concept. 

And all my MUSTURBATION in the world will change nothing to it.

Voila for now on a hot canicule day in Provence.

More to come soon I would think

for the remainder of my time :(

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Off my chest again Blizzard Love/Hate relationship

What does it matter, a dream of love
Or a dream of lies
We're all gonna be in the same place
When we die

Nothing really matters,
Anyone can see,
Nothing really matters,
Nothing really matters to me.
Any way the wind blows.

Is it going to matter in 5 years from now?

The subject here seems to be “mattering” innit?

Well matters or not it really bugs me and deflates me at times.

I mean I knew in my heart of heart that it was coming but still.

Am I talking about some great tragedy in life?

Or a death or an accident of some kind?

(Even though I’ve had both of those recently)


I am talking about a “hobby” of mine.

If we can call 5757 hours a hobby now.

With the last 74 hours and 42 minutes spent/ wasted on their new necromancer.

The hobby/game for anyone who knows me is obviously Diablo 3.



I had this sense of urgency to hurry before they kill it one more time but I should have been wiser in hindsight in my use of painfully and dreadfully slow gain of materials.
I had a humongous amount of mats before the necro  came out that I wasted trying to improve a set that is now USELESS again.  Not mentioning the effort it takes me to bring a character to a proper and decent 80 lvl Caldesaan.
A breeze for others maybe but hours and hours of grinding for me.
I just seem to invest

all these hours however on the wrong fucking horse every time.

I would have been better in hindsight to save all my level 80 gems and invest them on the Hammerdin

but the day I do that is the day Blizzard is going to nerf it to the ground as well.

It is extremely disheartening and discouraging to be knocked down your horse every time for no other reason that something is just working well.

It is a well-known fact that many CEO’s are psychotic and have no empathy whatsoever but it certainly must be a pre-requirement for developers as well to destroy one’s work, one’s aspirations, one’s dream with no empathy, no remorse, and no regrets and fuck forbid to change something back and re-establish it as it was when it was good.

I shouldn’t complain? I raised my personal best from GR82 to GR85
whoop tee fucking doo!

Not even enough to even qualify for the lowest 1000th rank on the leader board at 90 but I was happy and grinding slowly.

In good time I was aiming at maybe 90 

the 100 mark being always kept out of sight by the benevolent eye of Blizz for sure.

I am not a high level player by any means (Paragon 1390) I am way too fucking old but I keep on grinding and the hours alone placed me in the top 200 on a very early leader board and then I needed sleep.

ALSO having my own pace and rhythm I am almost exclusively a solo player which is a punishable crime for Blizzard even if though technically they suffer it reluctantly.
I was expecting this fully and I had a sense of urgency as I said that something was wrong because Blizzard from my experience does not keep something good unless it’s a wizard maybe they don’t mind those cheating away and getting away with murder.

There was nothing wrong AGAIN on the leader boards to justify such a whimsical and cruel act in the same manner that they fucked up a working WD.

So here it is: my worthless opinion which I am fully entitled to with the amount of hours I played and the 20 years I wasted on this crazy game: almost the only game I play and ever played btw; dabbled a bit with Overwatch at the AI lvl but that too is not really my cup of tea.

So keep doing it of course that’s what you do best: trashing people’s joys as if this was some sort of an S & M game for you guys.

In the meanwhile like a good addict I might see the light one day and get a detox from you toxic people. 

I would hope that enough people would quit for you to lose your destructive jobs and deprive you of your control freak power trips.

Constructive comments? 
I think not definitely not PC 
but true and real feelings.

In case it wasn’t evident this is my reaction to the violent nerfing to the ground of the Inarius set with your Mirinae mega nerf .

exactly the same same same thing you did with Helltooth
and the Ring of Emptiness not so long ago

You are nothing but predictable.

Finishing with a last song,
You always bring back Kenny Rogers to my mind
of all people for a reason LOL

You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille
With four hungry children
And a crop in the field
I've had some bad times
Lived through some sad times
But this time your hurtin' won't heal
You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille

After he left us
I ordered more whisky

Hater will Hate and Mockers will Mock and Trolls will Troll.

P.S. I don’t want my money back
I just wanted a game that works and is fun.

Speaking of which you wisely chose the Euro exchange over the U.S. exchange on the Aussie dollar to squeeze an extra 2 bucks. Well done.

P.P.S. You STILL can’t work a decent density in GR’s
Here was something that REALLY needed fixing.
Leave your abacus behind and start doing proper maths.
Monsters per square yard is a very SIMPLE number.

P.P.P.S. In the meanwhile like a good addict I might see the light one day and get a detox from you toxic people.   


Move on to a new drug!
Maybe this Old Dog can learn a new trick :)

Path of Exile here I come 
Come What May! 
I'm a POE man from now on

So maybe it was the last straw Blizzard 
after 20 years 
this camel's back is broken

Thursday, July 6, 2017

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"

“I am just a brown woman who speaks my mind”

What a LOADED statement!
Without knowing anything else at all about the context I know we are in for some bullshit rhetoric diarrhoea.

1.       Let’s play the racist card right off the bat
2.      Let’s play the feminist card next to stack the deck and
3.      My favourite let’s use the infamous Freudian defence mechanism.

“I am just speaking my mind”
“I just say it as it is”

is mostly uttered by arrogant rude and obnoxious assholes.

For one thing anyone who had watched one of my favourite episode of Star Trek just KNOWS that ONE does NOT speak his or her MIND. Period. *

A mind is not meant to be spoken it is meant to be filtered and edited and analysed and concerned about the impact of one’s words on others.

The bishop in Alexandria was just “speaking” his mind on Hypatia, even using the good word to his nefarious end in the fictitious Agora.

It is so obvious in the very faces of people with such statements.

The hardness, the defensiveness, the arrogance and the literal ugliness of it all.

One who says such thing is usually single or lives with a partner with a banana for backbone or maybe an absolute Zen Saint. 
I mean Socrates’ wife was famous for speaking her mind too apparently, 
so are chimeras probably.

The world/ the Internet is full of such behaviour obviously being brought more and more into light by anonymity and by the abundance of words and wasted ones and zeros out there where at roughly 3 PM there are

3,673,769,286Internet users in the world today
145,922,242,150Emails sent today
3,089,789Blog posts written today
413,585,119Tweets sent today
3,300,253,256Google searches today

The stat said BTW that as of 2006, 200 million blogs were left without updates.
Considering blogs die faster than Europeans in the Great Plague it is a bit of a vain and hopeless task I admit.

So here it goes for today my 700 words on 10 little words juxtaposed.

“I am just a brown woman who speaks my mind”

Funny part is it was a short appearance on Facebook I can’t seem to retrieve now since my Facebook got very whimsical and capricious lately on what it will show me and in what order.  
I lost my ordering button on the left probably because I have too many blocks and restraints on Facebook to begin with LOL

Et Voila!

*Star Trek The Next Generation S07E08 28 February 1996 “Attached”
Beverly says the telepathic implants are connected directly to the brainstem, but Lorin says they're connected to the cerebral cortex. Given the localization of function in the human brain, an implant in the cerebral cortex would be more intuitive. The superficial location of the implants would suggest connection to the brainstem, which is a prime spot for inducing nausea. This ambiguity in neuroanatomy technobabble continues a Star Trek tradition of referring to the brain as the cerebral cortex even though it's just one (albeit large) area of the brain.»

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: I am not being unreasonable! 
Doctor Beverly Crusher: I didn't say that you were. I may have thought it, but there's a difference. 
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: I am not being unreasonable! 
Doctor Beverly Crusher: I didn't say that you were. I may have thought it, but there's a difference. 
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Now that we know how... each of us feels, perhaps we should not be afraid to explore those feelings.
[Beverly kisses him on the cheek]
Doctor Beverly Crusher: Or perhaps we should be afraid.
Doctor Beverly Crusher: That is not funny!
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: I wanted to see if you were still listening.
Doctor Beverly Crusher: I'm... I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I just couldn't resist.
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: I'm beginning to realize that you always seem to have some... acerbic remark on the tip of your tongue.
Doctor Beverly Crusher: Well, at least I've trained myself not to *say* it anymore.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Isn't it astonishing though how much clutter there is in the consciousness?