Friday, January 1, 2010


Came into this world with nothing and so far I still have most of it.
And that is what I will leave also.

No worries like Solomon about my progeniture wasting it all away.

I mean a blog is no Orwell or Huxley or H.G. Wells or even Agatha Christie or even worse Barbara Cartland God forbid.

I mean I feel the former were more useful to the world than the latter.
Mind you I learned of few things from Sherlock Holmes like for instance to not crowd your mind, a limited space, with facts that will be useless for your purpose in life. And my wife will tell you she learned a lot from crime novels in fact in this house we don't call them "who done it?" we call them "how to". When she looks for a crime novel she heads in the DYI and Self Help section at the bookstore.

Many great authors have left their "MARKS" but what does a blogger leave?

A Legacy is what someone or something is remembered for or what they have left behind that is remembered, revered or has impacted current events and the present day.


left behind; old or no longer in active use

Considering how many blogs die like Ira Hayes drunk and forgotten in a ditch, a blog is more like a lottery ticket really, useless if it doesn't win anything, an invalid scratchie.

Maybe a little less polluting depending on the carbon tax on my screen light and yours.

O well I COULD think of much worst things to do with my time and who knows maybe just one of them atoms will hook somewhere important like this turtle egg among millions that survives all the odds against it.

While I do it I FEEL creative no matter what and I can get back to it and look at it or use it to reorganize my thoughts and my history.

Bridge and Chess in comparison seem more futile even though at times I think everything IS futile but then again if something gives you more pleasure than another then it is somewhat LESS futile in a futile world. :)

Life could be worst and I could be Cool Hand Luke condemned to forced labours and then we might have here is a huge fucking FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE! LOL

P.S. which remind me one day I might have to put an MA rating on my blog here! :) Mild to Coarse Language.

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