Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sufficient unto the day is the bullshit thereof.

Is a choice made out of sheer ignorance still a choice?
Is a choice deeply engrained in our genetics still a choice?
Do we really make ALL of our so-called "choices"?
As far as I am concerned, Sartre is full of shit, Atheists are full of shit, Believers are so full of shit and I am the chief of the full of shit myself.  It only gets sad when our fullofshitness literally kills people when we are so full of our fullofshitness that we established ourselves judge, jury and executioner too. Because bottom line we are ALL little judges and juries we are all little fucking Napoleons and Popes and Final Authority on any subject.

My final authority says that if there is a God he can come down and talk to me.  He is Big and Strong and OmniOmniOm he can defend himself.  All them holy books and hermeneutics are nothing but bullshit from bullshitters.  Puny men trying to explain, excuse, execute a Humongous God's needs and words. He created the fucking world he can take care of himself. What pride and hubris to think that he would leave a fucking monkey to do his mighty work.  There are billions of bullshitters out there and all of them more righteous or self-righteous rather than his neighbour/brother.
Religion definitely is an invention of power freaks and I hate to admit that Nietzsche was unto something when he said that it was all about power.
It would seem to me that for someone to establish himself as a guru/messiah of any kind he would have to in part at least to walk the walk not only talk the talk. 
Why do I expect my messiah now to be a non-smoker, moderate drinker, non self-destructive AND SKINNY punk? Because I was trained that way?
Why would I expect a nutrition guru to die at 80 something from a surfing accident and not from a heart attack at 40?

Anyway I love Politics and Philosophy and Mythology and Religion talk and thoughts and I also love some science but in all matters bullshit and bullshitters are and will always remain and my job in life is to stir that shit for the sheer fun and pleasure of it and force a few to THINK beyond their intellectual capacities or just to think period.

What else can one do? There will never be an answer ever on this planet and our only personal answer in death and death alone so in the meanwhile let's raise the questions and eat and drink and be somewhat merry, as merry as an eagle surrounded by turkeys can be. If it won't be merry at least it is not ready to be out of food and ammos anytime soon anyway.

It is some sort of madness and hubris of my own I suppose to see the world around me and shake my head in despair in my vain search for intelligent life down here.  I walk in a shopping centre and all I see mostly is cattle, sheep without a shepherd some would say but that shepherd only wants to milk you, profit from you and then kill you and eat you.  Who wants to be a sheep or a cow or a pig anyway? how about one of the 50 billion chicken that get slaughtered every year (315 million this year alone and we're ONLY Jan 5th). Do they need a shepherd too or just a chicken man or some large corporation?

That's all for now folks. Sufficient unto the day is the bullshit thereof.

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