Monday, March 5, 2012

If one has to take a stand and fit in a box then I am




Liberal (even though I am not exactly sure of all the implications of this word) but
definitely NOT Conservative.  

The word "Conservative" alone irks me and
Conservative Libertarian seems to be an oxymoron to me.

Libertarian as far as less government is best
but not for the rich to freely rape and kill the poor though

Definitely anti Imperialist

Socialist (again not sure of all the intricacies but definitely a left tendency here)
by extension definitely not a capitalist.

Countries that seem to be acceptable?

Scandinavia seems to have a nice no nonsense approach most of the time from what I know
A nice and decent social net
Better education and less ostrich approach to moral issues like STD and Teenage Pregnancy

The Moral Majority has never ever proven that their system works au contraire.

France I guess in the old days. Post war pre Sarkozy

New Zealand? I like their stand vs American Pressure

What other boxes should I tick now?

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