Saturday, September 1, 2012


I always resent the “suck it up” and the “harden the fuck up” and the man up expressions so common down under.  Ok I was a soft kid, a fat geek and in some ways I still am but the HTFU’s and their gurus are not very attractive to me.

What suck it up and become like you?

A hardened heartless mindless hard drinking loud talking bozo who on the outside can take anything live by the sword and die by it?
 Thanks but no thanks.

I even Resent the Resilience word apparently necessary today especially in school and well all over the world now as we see bullying infiltrating all social medias.  Callous mindless heartless primitive bullies again forcing us to become a little more like them.  And we are supposed to have evolved, moved up, and moved AWAY from monkeys apparently.

It is a necessary attitude in a bikers gang maybe but what if one does not ASPIRE to be a biker?

I know it is and always will be impossible but I still dream of a world where everyone will be ALLOWED to be his or her own self, warts and all, weaknesses and all but in this jungle we call human kind it will never happen.  As Tom Waits I think once said: The Human Kind is NOT Kind.

As a group we have an innate tendency to ridicule the different, to harass the sensitive and laugh at the weak. 
So keep on dreaming dreamer and try to get the absolute minimum of resilience necessary to survive in this jungle we call the world.

Maybe it is a sign of nature that our minds have to match our bodies which also have to be quite resilient is this chance-happening-chaos-fighting-and-breaking we call LIFE.

I still wish all the HTFU would just STFU.

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