Friday, December 5, 2014

Electrons are good, protons are bad!

Everything that is ‘good’ is a negative.

We seem to associate good with positiveness and bad with negativity but in the old and ancient languages it was totally the opposite.

For instance there is no such word as truth. The only original word in truth is Oblivion. 

(Forgetfulness, some would say concealment).  

Truth is the negation of Lethe.

Same in Buddhism all good virtue is the negation of a poison, unwholesome root

Opposite wholesome qualitiesThe three wholesome mental factors that are identified as the opposites of the three poisons are:

amoha (non-bewilderment); prajna (wisdom)

alobha (non-attachment)

advea (non-aggression, lack of hatred); mettā (loving-kindness)

So there IS NO truth then! :)

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