Wednesday, January 28, 2015

you haven't achieved your full potential yet

With my great popularity and the enormous amount of FOUR followers I can only hope in my narcissistic way that 
dem words 
will be ultra famous POSTHUMOUSLY! :) 

Anyway here is a short addition, the first of the year to be followed immediately by a second.

Sometimes my documents remain only that documents when they really should end up here mostly.

so here it goes

Heard today.

 “Authentic people always find their Utopia in the end.”

Well thank you very much Deepak!

I would love to see your empirical, ontological and epistemological evidence on that please.  

Have you got any article in a scientific peer reviewed magazine?

Please define Authentic!
Please quantify always.
Please define Utopia and
Please define and quantify the end.

Google and Bing (fear the singularity) both seem to have missed
the absolute irony of

you haven't achieved your full potential yet”.

“You haven't achieved your full potential yet” is the catch all phrase of all wannabes gurus, shamans, or charlatans, psychics, astrologers and such: The panacea. 

Most people are stunned by such remarks and react like 

WOW! You are so right!
How DID you know?
Damn you must be wise!
You ARE good and you know me so well. 

Where if you THINK for one nanosecond you would realise that you can spew this bullshit to just about anyone and no one will ever disagree. 
Elementary my dear Watson.

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