Sunday, September 13, 2015

Never forget?

Never forget?

Forget what?

That expression is always used in the media to justify the expenses and horrors of war and organised murders, to rationalise past mistakes.

I LOVE the fact that truth is not a word in Greek there is no word for truth, only for its negation.

Aletheia, the absence of oblivion or forgetfulness or concealing, disclosure.

The absence of that Lethe River we all have to cross when we die.

There ARE many things we certainly should remember but the media is very very keen on which “they” want us to remember.  Remembering that the media is a big money machine for one thing is not a thing they want us to remember and that money corrupts and soils all it touches via greed is not among the remembrance meditation list either. As the old wisdom says the love of money is the source of all evil.

Of course we should remember some Western things like Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Napalm, Agent Orange, My Lai, Drone bombing children etc. but you won’t see that in our newspaper since history is written by the conquerors.

Not to me to tell you what to forget and what to remember.

What I remember is that is old world is senseless and absurd and I shouldn’t be sad when I leave it and finally get to that river Lethe.

Sure there are some beautiful things out there and some people see them and don’t let the bad things negate the good ones but I don’t think I was ever built that way. I am afraid I might have swallowed that other lie about Capricorns being taciturn and melancholic.

Black bile seems to be my daily business when I don’t find a way of escaping it.

Anyway the good part is always to question everything, look at the source and try oh try to think for yourself if we are still capable of doing so.  Thinking seems to be a business of the past since most of us now are literally trained to be totally unable to read a book even in this world of 140 characters or less.

On another note I am glad we’re over that 911 hump as I am so sick of hearing of it and also of all the other conspiracy theorists out there who go all Halloween orange and Chimney red on that day.

And now I forgot all I was going to write about but then again I have said it all already a hundred times so just reread my old blogs then! J

But it’s always good to stay far away from any site that has the word truth in it.

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