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Open letter to Blizzard

Open letter to Blizzard

Who am I to complain right?

I am 60 years old I have been playing Diablo almost exclusively for 20 years now.

So what do I know? 

Well not that much since I have been playing solo most of my life and my amount of hours in D2 and D3 is past insane.
'Tis well known  that Blizzard hates the solo player.

Now the reason for this letter, pardon my French,
 is this cock up of a mess you made with the insane and totally unnecessary Helltooth Ring of Emptiness bullshit.

Your very worst so far, if I may say.

The Carnevil mess was a beauty also but this beats them all, 
it takes the cake. 

Besides all the other giant nerfs I forgot. 

I used to play the Demon Hunter a lot, I don’t anymore.

Strangely enough you make me feel like a helpless child again with a cruel mother who would use what you like to hurt you: 

-Oh so you LIKE this right? 

-Poof it’s gone now. 

Puerile Power Trip!

And then you have the gall to call it good news and always deny a nerf and are very much afraid to call a spade a spade in your pseudo-political world.

You could go on and fix REAL problems like the density in Grifts and stupid useless maps where one gets lost in a far corner and come back for miles wasting precious time in a tightly timed event, but no that would be too easy now.
Or hitting 2 shrines in a row to waste them on empty space for miles.

It is really time to move on from the abacus to proper maths device.

All I am trying to do here and maybe I am deluding myself is get somewhere close to a hundred without having to run mindless rifts as a support with an A-Team.  
Something that hard work and long hours should provide no?

Maybe it’s me, maybe I am getting too old for this game,
maybe I don’t understand the rules.

One thing I certainly don’t understand is your constant desire to destroy something that works: 

the good old “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” comes to mind here.

So I HATE it! I am mad at you ever since. 

The new one shot Helltooth WD doesn’t work for me personally and I am not much of a fan of the Jade. 

Jade’s time was years ago before you fucked it up too.

So your player base is going smaller and smaller and maybe this is your endgame.  Keep your job while doing as little as possible.

On a positive mode I should say that the Kanai cube was a good move and that to have an order of bounties acts to follow is pure evil as far as addiction and dopamine is concerned. Add to this a couple of rainbow goblins in the chase and you got a nice time wasting night drawing close to sunrise. Kudos to your shrinks for that.

But say what you will and hide in your mistakes with pride if you like
but the ROE business STINKS~! 


If I had one wish and one way I’d say put it back now.

(Mind you later note here at this point I don’t really care anymore.)

To add oil to the fire, it is very long and arduous and time-consuming for me to Caldesaan one character to its maximum value for me, my maximum being high 70s.
And I had just spend days if not weeks Caldesaaning my Helltooth on the information I was given at the time. 
I try to reach an average of 77 since 13 times 77 gives me a nice 1000 round total kind of.  

If I had the right info I might have Caldesaaned  the Jade instead or even the Unhallowed or any other char.

So please tell me which one is next on your nerfing axe list so I don’t waste my time AGAIN.

Anyway it’s just me one old player getting tired of my love/hate relationship with Blizzard.  

I quit once I can quit again I suppose not that it matters to you but your early days of D3 were too much for me and ROS had brought me back with joy.

The customer is always right! Right? :)

It had to be said despite the full forum of complaints about it that nobody reads.


Plus obviously according to the leaderboard in season 7 your evil scheme hasn’t worked and Jade is STILL not cutting it.

ALSO the new HT build is just plain ugly. 

Sacrificing survivability for the extra power needed now
i.e. Confidential Ritual AND Pierce the Veil instead of Spirit Vessel
making the build a one shot death strongly depending on the timing of Spirit Walk which itself is strongly dependant on the power of killing.
Grave Injustice = no deaths no cooldown and therefore YOUR death.

Not mentioning how stupid and frustrating the build is in barracks like mazes with lots of doors and barriers. 

At least with haunt we could open a bloody door.

So what are you waiting for to see the light and admit you have made a huge mistake here?

No bloody wonder the advocate of this ROE change Tchevs and Co. are HC.  

They don’t give much of a hoot about power being all about sustainability.

Mean pure petty puerile evil if you ask me.
Kids whining: well if I can’t have power neither can they. 
Neener Neener Neener!
Get off your HC superiority complex and try SC with the rest of us.

Now I got this off my chest your turn to do nothing about it.

Addendum to the addendum

You're always welcome to provide feedback on our forums in a constructive manner. I spend time every day reading them.

And this is when I decided that my frivolous, non-pc, non-”constructive” thoughts would go on my unread blog instead.

What an Orwellian world we live in where people want to hear sugar-coated meaningless words. Where they will respond with more sugar-coated meaningless words.

Mind you if I was customer service I might not want to hear the likes of me either! :P

Another non-constructive thought I forgot about this witch doctor fuckery of theirs is how utterly fucking dumb these infamous Gargantuans are. 

In the age of Moore’s Law one would think today’s AI should be better than 10 years ago right? WRONG! 

They are as D.A.F.T. (Dumb As Fuck Turds) as the skeletons were 10 years ago getting lost miles behind at the slightest curve in the maze.  

Those big annoying noisy fuckers can stay right next to the Rift Guardian, I mean one or two yards even, and do absolutely fuck all watching you die mindlessly. 

Talk about retards! 

They say God created man to his image, well the gargs were created at the devs' image for sure: D.A.F.T. * see description above

So what is the point of all this you say as everyone is a fucking Napoleon and it only awakes man’s best feature: 
Self-righteousness, justification 
and the favourite of serial killers: Rationalisation.  

In a world without justice or reason.

There is no point like everything else in life just an expression of emotions and opinion.

Opinion I am full entitled too with 2o years on the game, 60 years of age,

 and 5,000 hours on D3 alone 

despite my year off.

Maybe not top league like Quinn and such but certainly a good minor league at best.

Not too many top leagues left anyway after the great culling with some exceptions for some favourites obviously.

So there goes nothing, up with the wind little opinion of mine, dust in the wind marooned somewhere.

P.S. it is well known that older players are disadvantaged at video games and 2 seconds goes much faster at 60 than it does at 30 but still I would like to see ONE build capable of doing 100 solo.  I would tend to affirm here that it is impossible alone as one needs multiplayers games to get his gems to 100+.  I don't think you can have gems at 100+ when your max solo is 90.  

Preferably the ones with cheats that haven't been caught yet; Like this well known barb/sader who seems to know very well where all the pylons are but yet is still on as if nothing was.

Actually anyone who follows/plays with  such an individual is guilty by association and guilty of profiting from its illegal gains.

I do understand also that once this is done the whole level of the game will be raised as well by multiplayers and the new goal would be like 150 now so it is probably a Catch 22 either way.

and I also understand I am certainly not even part of your demographics so technically I don't count at all.

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