Thursday, April 20, 2017

The N word

April 20 th 2013

I don’t have a PhD in psychology or psychiatry or for anything at all really but the media madness to declare themselves all-knowing and ride the popular waves as if they created them irks me to no end.

Even in so-called professional magazines with licensed psychologists and crap Reader’s Digest's like Psychology Today,the term is used and abused and thrown away freely. 

The term being a word I have personal issues with: 


For one thing everyone’s fucking ex was a fucking narcissistic pig because he didn’t worship me, or understand me, or cater to me or lost his will and everything to me.

Who is narcissistic now pray tell?

Does this make me narcissistic now to think this way? 
Frankly at this point I don’t care and I don’t wanna know anymore.  I have dealt with this doubt many a times and now put it aside. 
The jury is still out.

But it still remains that like people do always they love throwing names they don’t know shit about. People love being judgemental and sit on their little home made thrones and pretend to be Napoleon or the pope.

The outrageous reaction described above calls for many names right away: 
neurotic at best, 
utterly callous and selfish ,
and certainly devoid of empathy altogether 
but to me it doesn’t spell the N word.

Anyway to go on and on on this would defeat the point wouldn’t it?

Nuff said methinks.

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