Tuesday, August 29, 2017

pre post not erous

August 29th last day in Arles after a long month of trials and tribulations LOL good food good cheese and good wine.

The plans of mice and men have gone somewhat awry but then again not making plans is our awry style.

 “The best laid schemes o' mice an' men /
 Gang aft a-gley.”

Not sure how to feel at the mo, too early to tell

Underwhelmed? Overwhelmed? or even whelmed at all? 😇

Something will hit hard when I get home if I am to go by previous experiences.  
My post-travelling depression is usually quite abysmal.

Wherever you go there you are! 
So there I will be.

Fortunate to travel? 
But then again HOME SWEET HOME 
is always a good place to go back to.

Every time I travel I have a feeling it is the last time ever. 
Financially and physically and emotionally.

Good to see different places and people and there are many ways to travel but I am often reminded of Paul Kelly's song though:

Every Fucking City is the same.

So anyway we did Paris and 
we will always have Arles Darl 
but memories are a fleeting thing and just seem to "fleet" at light speed lately.

Expensive memories but we don't take either when we die anyway: 
the money or the memories.

More coming soon I suppose, as always this is not your typical travelling blog more like a temporary stream of consciousness.  Temporary here being a redundancy.

It was mostly fun while it lasted: 5 long months of expectations and 1 month of "living it up"

Most back burner projects went off the fucking stove as they usually do but I am fairly satisfied with the way it went despite some drawbacks and a comedy of error and all.

What we ended up doing as far as outgoing trips are:

Abbaye de Montmajour

St-Remy ( in a tight race for return bus)
and Avignon after almost giving up on it after a few strikes out:
Miscommunication galore inside and out.
That Arelate festival interfered with our shuttle bus hours and it took us days to realise it.

Then also my mini depression when we faced the closed doors of les Halles as I had planned this for 5 months.

But altogether it was alright with the cute little touch of calling my mum as I was standing on the Pont D'Avignon so she would have something to proudly share with the old folks at the residence.

Today is the last day and with the tiredness and the heat my last mouse plan will prolly go awry too but I don't care.  I was kinda missing that Pont Langlois on my Van Gogh trail but it is not the same bridge and not even at the same place.

As a matter of fact nothing is the same since over 100 years have passed since Vincent but I tried to appreciate the light as much as I could me not being a real artist and all.

But anyway enough rambling for now here is my shortstop stream of semi consciousness for now.

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