Friday, July 16, 2010

Hosts, Vessels, and Recipients!

There are certain tragedies and possibilities in real life that I do not like to speculate about or extrapolates on the “what ifs”. My line is almost always I`ll cross that bridge when and if I get there.

When it comes to some sci-fi impossibility though, it sure is fun to consider and play with.

Having watched a few strange stories recently brought me back to questions of old.

One I always loved was the physical vessel of one`s “LOVE”.

The latest was Paul Giamatti asking his wife if she would still love him if he had the same body but a different soul. It is kind of hilarious actually coming from Paul even though the question is just as stupid coming from Brad Pitt or some other vessel of lust.

A similar story but reversed once appeared in Star Trek Next Generation where Dr. Crusher fell in love with an alien which was some sort of a big virus needing a symbiotic relationship with some sort of a host body in order to survive. When the body was tall and good looking male it was easy, but when the “soul”/virus had to be transmuted temporarily in Stryker it became very difficult and at last when the “soul”/virus had to be transmuted in a FEMALE body that was it, that was more than Crusher could handle.

Understandingly, in our limited spirits, we cannot separate the appearance from the person, the soul from the body or the sinner from the sin. I can relate to Crusher’s problem for sure, many go through the same ordeal in many ways here on earth to the “If you ever get fat as your mother, I’ll divorce you” up to the couple where one member is hit with paralysis, or disfigurement or others catastrophes of life. Soul and body are funnily intertwined that way.

I don’ t know if I am learning as a wannabe writer or thinker but there was a few lines I wanted to go here but for the sake of clarity I’ll keep this one on the ONE subject, time travel will have to wait.

Not that there is much more to say on this first line anyway. In fact, Giamatti’s impossible question in Cold Souls did not get much of a reaction from a stunned Watson. My immediate answer was no way or at least a very careful we’ll see when we get there and what kind of “soul” you become or carry next. Anyhow Soul Transmutation is always such a great subject right? From deal with the devils to reincarnation to simple Lobsang Rampa’s transmutation of a Tibetan Monk’s Soul in an Ugly and Old English body not mentioning him writing a book dictated by the wise souls in his 2 Siamese Cats! Always loved Siamese Cats since then maybe they could make me a successful author too or at least get me some drinking money.

So how far can our mortal eyes stretch and love and believe? How many scars does it take to make one ugly and repugnant? Deep down I am more concerned with the inner scars and sometimes the new inner scar that life brings but yes many stories are based on external scars and tragedies and catastrophes that stretch the boundaries of love too far for many not mentioning the boundaries of self love as many even contemplate suicide over a small change in appearance quite irrelevant to most and many.

Alright, it should be enough on this subject for now to get the thinking gear going and to be Socratic about it and to enable one to “Know thine own self” a little more.

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  1. interesting
    really makes you re-evaluate how deep human bonds really go