Saturday, July 31, 2010

The unbearable triteness of being!

Trite: Lacking power to evoke interest through overuse or repetition.

Sick of it all and depression are trite too I supposed!

Wants to fast forward to 2110 to see the world history still inaccurate still full of lies but with hindsight.

T`would be interesting to read that 911 as proposed by a few was an inside job for the bloody purpose of greed and greed alone because greed is utterly numb and merciless.

But like UFO`s and so many other fables we will not get to the bottom of truth in this century, in this millennium or in this eon nor on this planet.

Most books on thinking try to teach you the million fallacies one can use to excuse, defend or force their wrong point of view on another. It is like trying to study all the counterfeit money bills that they have out there one said I only have to study the real bill¹ really well but the problem is here that the real thing is absolutely unfindable as if it never existed. It finds a way to be buried deep very fast.

Plus it has been practised for thousands of years see old Greek Schools of philosophers and rhetoric, mix a little Hegel with Plato and Kant and Aristotle and Socrates and thousands more and all you succeeded at was to drown yourself way deep in the mire of understanding, to choke to death in the sinking sands of deception.

My constant point being here that when one cannot find and one just sinks himself deeper every time he tries what does one do? Swallow the million lies offered or just refuse them all and hide in some nice little other world one has created for himself where one day Truth and Beauty and Love will reign.

Those who forget history and all that jazz but one forgets that history is NOT an exact science, far from it, it is the product of very sick and conceited minds who are not interested in truth but in glorification and justification of their point of view (good old adage, victory is always written by the victors and somehow the victors are strangely enough ALWAYS the good guys) and considering that a serial killer is a master at self justification and self-righteousness that does not tell you much about what REALLY happened: Triteness of wars, triteness of lies, triteness of being after a while.

Nothing stays pure for long on this planet. What starts with the very best intentions is quickly subdued, captured and soiled inevitably. Ideas, Politics or Religions all good things are attacked and destroyed. As if some tantrum prone control freak bully was in charge.

Yes my world is or seems alright at time, yes I can take a Buddhist Zen approach play "The Glad Game" and keep a Pollyannic smile on the green grass and the blue sky but that seems like the greatest illusion/delusion of all and quite an ostrich approach

¹ the real bill well unlike a dollar bill and all its intricacies at least there IS such a thing as the real bill but when it comes to dogmas we are left with a canon and all these canons have killed more people than the long hard round one that spit fire and mayhem. For one thing there is no such thing as a canon as no one can agree on it. So we are left with thousands of interpretations of what a canon should be. Coming from the Greek κανών it has the same root as cane in fact: a reed to measure the length, a standard (étalon in French). In Maths and in Measures we have a standard; in fact some of them I understand are kept deep in laboratories or in museum under vacuum to keep the exact measure, the exact comparison. But when it comes to holy manuscripts there is no such thing in any religion all is speculations and interpretations and thousands of sectarian approaches.

And this is why I love maths! J A religion or English teacher can give you 100% approval or fail you on a whim and justify himself. A Math teacher might hate your guts as much as he likes but if your answer is right, your answer is right and he can go and stuff himself.

That canon/cane/reed/rod is often used to beat followers into blind submission as well. So when it comes to canon I say: Spare the Rod and Do Spoil the Child Please!

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