Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the big honcho in the sky

Let’s say for the sake of argument, for rhetorical purposes, that the God of the Bible is real: He is The God, The Head Honcho in the Sky.

First thing I am not sure I could even describe the Head Honcho because he SEEMS to have some split personality problems especially in the transfer from the OT to the NT and even in the OT alone. Come on now tell us is it the application of the law and off with all the rebels’ heads or is it MERCY and COMPASSION all the time? So what’s with all the killing laws then and so on and so forth and so fifth?

Islam and OT at times seem to be almost Siamese twins to me and I don’t like either of them always coming back to hypocrisy and let he who has never sinned cast the first stone, not mentioning the foaming at the mouth self-righteousness and fanaticism. They should have kept the old Susanna’s story in Daniel’s book to prove that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Ok the softie in me prefers the forgive as and the let HIM decides who goes and who stays even if that rule seems a bit skewed too, Mafioso dying at 99 in his sleep and Johnny-Do-Good kicking the bucket quite early it SEEMS; Which always brings my MAIN prob with the atheist position: RETRIBUTIVE JUSTICE!!!

OK! The lion never gets RETRIBUTIVE JUSTICE for the antelope but for Christ’s Sake or anyone’s sake for that matter there has GOT to be a difference between all the Hitlers and Stalines of the World and the poor goody two shoes who hasn’t done that much damage in his short stay.

So OK Soul and Spirit CANNOT be VERIFIED but some Reason seems to demand for some Justice Somewhere, Somehow and at Some “Time”.

So it SEEMS again that so far I might remain an Ignostic and an Ignoranus (an ignorant AND an asshole) for a while. Not that I am likely to find any answer ever but conjurations and hopes beyond hopes.

And for now I say AMEN to that too SO BE IT. My only purpose SEEMINGLY again being to keep the search, the sempiternal A.S.K.: Ask, Seek, and Knock!

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