Wednesday, September 15, 2010


These polls are not scientific and reflect the opinion only of visitors who have chosen to participate.

NOT SCIENTIFIC? NOT SCIENTIFIC? You can say that again.

When 60% of the pollers (more like pollerettes I bet) voted that we, Australians, should pay 3 million dollars of our tax money to get the richest woman of America here.

Armageddon cannot come just fast enough.

Ok I know I will attack a Sacred Cow here, (God I love the pun!J) but what’s with the blind worshipping of the greediest goddess we ever had?

She gives so much they say. Give so much? Not from her deep pockets she doesn’t. Ever heard of SPONSORS? DUH! Easy to give away when it doesn’t come from your deep pockets and all you have to do is smile and bathe in the false glory like a hypocrite while you chew miserable people one after another and spit ‘em out when you’re done. And once they’re spat out and had their 15 mins of glory while the cow was cashing in they go back to their miserable world not any better than they were.

If I am to believe all we read the woman’s got a 1 million dollar a week shopping addiction and she needs our 3 millions? How fucking greedy can one sacred cow get for Christ’s sake?

I guess it’s as old as the world to have bloody and sanguinary and murderess goddesses. Let’s bring our miserable and virgins to her altar again so she can protect the next crop and burn me as a heretic. J

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