Friday, November 19, 2010


Why do we have a notion of sense but don’t have any of it?
From my present point of view there certainly seems to be no sense to anything at all.

Expressed also in the good old Vanity of Vanities I suppose.

Things don’t make sense! Humans don’t make sense and
too many people just don’t have any sense at all.

No sense! Futile! Vain! And so much more! 
No Sense as in no wisdom and no intelligence and no sensibility.  World leaders being the less sensible of all as if that is what we as a society ordered, and that is what we also want: 
a whole world of Germinal angry mobs all over the world 

and a government of the Fools, by the Fools, for the Fools,

to the point where the word people is synonym with fools

except that unlike Gettysburg the Fools WILL perish.

Our so-called reason does not prevail, wisdom does not prevail. 

Foolishness prevails, always had, and always will.

We can talk about it but we absolutely cannot act about it and as we know actions speak louder than words so our actions say we are senseless fools, all of us.
For all have come short, all have failed and blah blah blah!

Furthermore and subsequently we always have been senseless fools and the infallible mathematical extrapolation says indubitably that we will always be senseless fools.

Our very little feats of wisdom always being quickly buried and utterly destroyed to the point where it would seem in the space time continuum that they never really existed and were missed in the blink of our eye.

Needless to say, I have no faith in human nature whatsoever and moreover there is no faith to be had at all unless you are blind or utterly delusional.

We are utterly, indubitably, absolutely, irreparably, intrinsically, and profoundly, FUCKING HOPELESS.

Greed and Hatred and Lies and Fallacies and Delusions and Wars should be vanquished one day, one would think, among and along many other “evils” but obviously, at this rhythm again, mathematical truth says that the exponential projection does not look too prosperous or promising. 

That is probably why we have religion, myths and utopias written to try to fit the madness in our mind and try to explain “goodness” in a world “TO COME” but as of now never coming.

Ha Olam Haba!
The term olam ha-ba (literally, "the coming world") in contrast to olam ha-zeh (liter-ally "this world") refers to the hereafter, which begins with the termination of man's earthly life. 

Interesting also to notice that many myths do include the termination of man's earthly life in order to restart with a better one which I really would tend to agree as I see no way out of this nonsense.

So if the trend of modern thought were true and there is no such thing as afterlife, god, heaven or hell etc the only “sensible” outcome is and will be that we will all disappear eventually anyway either in 5 billion years which is not that long really or much sooner by self destruction which is another living proof of our madness and senseless constant behaviour. So either way sense will prevail and win anyhow.

Maybe this planet alone is much smarter than us and doesn’t need us to save it at all quite the contrary, the planet itself HAS to get rid of this terrible deadly virus it produced the so-called Homo Sapiens with no Fucking Sapience at all.

Then it can rest and prosper for the next 5 billion years and breathe easy with other creatures much more sensible than us like plants and birds and rocks and things until it’s time for her to go to the desert on a horse with no name with its sand and hills and rings and that fly with a buzz and the sky with no clouds. 

The heat was hot and the ground was dry but the air was full of sound but none of our senseless noise.



Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas to us all!


  1. Yip! I believe that...the earth does not need us and it will take much less than 5 billion years, you can say that again.
    Not much hope...but you're right action speaks lounder than words and I see no planetary/global revolution happening. Unfortunately, David Suzuki will not live to say "I told you so you bunch of morons."

  2. I love the scene on 'Independence Day' where Jeff Goldblum is recycling. A responsible act and there should be more of that and more like it. It did tickle me though, because it reminded me of the futility of doing anything at all. With a blink of eye, we could be gone, with no time left to start again or make amends. The universe does not care one way or another.