Friday, January 21, 2011

Logophile or “Misologue”?

 Funnily enough misologue is NOT the antonym of logophile as I was expecting!

Hmmmm! I will have to create a few new words like misonewspeak or misospin J

If I could concentrate for more than 30 seconds I would write the modern newspeak dictionary.

The article of the day being

The newest term to describe the birth mother in a surrogacy arrangement is ''gestational carrier''.

Collateral Damage, Climate Change, Gentrification, Weasel Words and thousands of others I forgot or simply missed. Not mentioning the mindless corporate and business meeting jargon out there.

It is in everyday news absorbing us, swallowing us, destroying us by osmosis.

We might have been the salt of the earth whatever that means but the “salt” is slowly removed until we become pure INDUSTRIALLY produced H²O:  Liquefied Brains!

Also on the subject of words:
That FEAR word really puzzles me. 
In etymology quite often the opposite of philo is miso but also phobia showing that fear, hatred, dislike and disgust are so often intertwined.
And FEAR is a constant concept of many religions.  Go figure when LOVE is the “other” concept!

Well 30 seconds at a time I might be able to find an editor somewhere someday! J

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