Saturday, February 5, 2011

Faith in Humans?

I am kind of puzzled lately by the media reaction (if not the people since these two are totally separate entities at times) over looting in a natural disaster:  name and shame and all that game.

For one thing there is a show call Shameless and there is a reason for that.
Most Yobbos, Bogans, Chavs, Rednecks don’t have any shame at all most of them don’t even have a conscience.
The one that surprised me the most was the owner of a bottle shop “losing his faith in humans” because he had been robbed of his booze while vulnerable.  You work in a bottle shop for crying out loud where did you get your faith in humans to begin with?

And why or why the surprise pray tell? What planet have you been living on?

Yes you may find a lot of “good” people in a disaster. Yes many of them will fill endless bags of sand to help each other for many reasons and motives: a sense of belonging, a fear of rejection, a million reasons some very good, some very bad or wrongly motivated. 

The perfect test is would you leave your children alone for one week with this “good” stranger?  And yes there is some good on this planet at times but why do people think of mankind as a whole as intrinsically good I will never know.

There will always be some mad ignorant mischievous peasants and some mad ignorant mischievous authorities at any time, at any place on this planet. Not to expect evil is senseless and dumb.  This is why we lock our doors at night and this is why we try to have a similarity of law and order.

Just look at all the evil civilian killing and raping done by both sides in any war?

It all seems to be a stoned hippie fantasy to me like someone has been smoking too much of the good stuff or is on some sort of oriental philosophy trip deluding themselves that men are just hindered by ignorance and greed and once they see the light they will be okay.

Law and order will always and I mean always be struggling and at times really struggling against lawlessness and chaos it is the law of the universe.

So go on living in your bubble if you wish but keep locking your doors and warning your kids about “strangers” which happen to be of the HUMAN race also.

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