Wednesday, September 28, 2011


That is the madness we get with 300 millions idiots on the loose.

No wonder they wanna keep the lid on 1.2 billion idiots in the east.

IF there was a conspiracy
it would be 
that the conspiracy theorists are PART of the conspiracy itself
cuz they're fucking nuts and scary
and always go way overboard
to scare the common people back into the fold and the "system".

This planet is naturally stupid and self destructive
without the help of any conspiracy thank you very much.  

That would have to presume intelligence in the human race 
which is our greatest delusion.

Bottom line is we are monkeys with guns 
but monkeys who think they are smart
because they moved 
from stick and stones to nuclear power to KILL faster:

Smart Bomb is an oxymoron you moron.

(proof we are mindless and heartless: Dow Chemicals employees and execs sleep very well at night with no nightmarish visions of children being slowly burned alive with gooey petroleum jelly aka NAPALM melting their skin)

The company carefully considered their position, and decided that this was a matter of principle, and "its first obligation was the government".

PRINCIPLE? How can one talk such nonsense? Not really surprising since the whole race including Serial Killers specialises in "Rationalisation" and "Justification" of anything we do no matter how dark and evil it is.

We satisfy our endless needs and
justify our bloody deeds,
in the name of destiny and in the name
of God 

~ Don Henley

Some might say that Dow is "old" history but there is nothing new under the sun there are STILL plenty of DOW people out there and trigger builders, buffers and shiners.

 As Andr√© Fortin once said:

Kalishnikovs & Cie
pour faire rouler l'économie

The mass is idiotic even in the best hands or "shepherds".

Read Zola's Germinal!

A: the best leader will lose all of his integrity under the universal or at least earthly rule that:
Power corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely.

B: Even if the leader is apparently good and "holy"

1. he will only manage to get killed (Jesus, Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr. etc) and
2. His message will be destructed, ground into a million little pieces unrecognisable from the original very early, sometimes even before the leaders untimely death.

Because that IS WHAT WE ARE. 


as a rule as a group as a race.

There was no need for the Tower of Babel really since we can do it to ourselves without any outside help thank you very much.
WE, mark my words, WILL NEVER stop the wars the killing the stupidity as long as there are 2 human beings breathing on this planet. 

Sorry to bust your Nirvanic Bubble here.

We are defective engineering and unrepairable.

The rest is just part of the whole system of self-delusion we live in trying to imagine ourselves good and under control.

7 billion times zero still equals zero: simple maths.

 On a further note on Henley it always surprised me that Paul using the word NEEDS ONLY mentions Food and Clothing, not EVEN SHELTERS and he was a tent maker himself.
Henley had to rhyme his prophetic poetry I guess but NEEDS might be a strong word here:
Cravings, blood thirst , egotistical whims might be more like it but here we fall into funny semantics AGAIN.

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