Friday, December 2, 2011



Quite often an English word takes many French words to translate and explain
Jig:  Appareil de Montage
Pry: soulever avec un levier
but once in a while a French word comes that does not have its full one word meaning and translation in English
Bredouille translated as empty handed but in French it has all this imagery of a fisherman. a hunter, an angler going at it for the whole day sometimes for days and coming back with fuck all, an empty bag, nothing to show for all his testosterone and manhood wasted at trying to be a Neanderthal hunter and gatherer.
So my blog has apparently been bredouille for 2 whole months but then again it was part of my very first principles somewhere established in one of my first blogs and according to Kerouac's philosophy and mine when you have nothing to say the best thing to do is to shut the fuck up. Also there was bad health and a cruise and some other excuses blah blah blah.
So all my ideas are the same blah blah blah Religious people are scary, War is Stupid and what not and what else? Oprah is our modern Jezebel and I am not Elijah etc
but here anyway is a little sign, a little hello to all my non followers to say I am still alive (not sure about the kicking part  though) the health seems to be going down at exponential speed. 55 going on 95 and only Fuck knows what's gonna happen next but I do intend to be around for a while to bitch and moan on the stupidity and ignorance of the greatest majority of  this whole planet we call Earth in English Terre in French  which also means dirt and in the old King James English Dirt = Shit so we might as well call this planet Shit anyway .

Au revoir et a la prochaine meaning Arrivederci and  Auf Wiedersehen

 and hope to see you soon with more of my premium top quality bullshit.
With a new year (2012) coming and who knows maybe the end of the world too I'll find some last words to write soon

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