Sunday, October 14, 2012


More Words

SAC words or 
SA words or 
FAN words






Saint or Holy



Highly emotional words in a highly emotional world
that have nothing but absolutely nothing to do with reason or anything rational at all.

I am always amazed at the optimists that think that one day reason will prevail even though reason itself has its own issues of interpretation often warped by emotions themselves.

But the older I get the more I think that religion itself is a mental illness and certainly an affront and insult to any reason or rational thinking at all.

Maybe not a FA word like ProFAne but another PRO word like PROpaganda or propagated does not help either.

Public and National Schools teaching HATRED and twisting History from such a young age.
Who has a chance to escape all these traps?

Burning flags, foaming at the mouth, the good old hair pulling clothes ripping drama of offense like a sad soccer player drama queen, like hired mourners payed to lament.

Millions and millions screaming in hysteria, demanding blood for the slightest so-called offense or sacrilege. 
It makes you miss the cool protestations of pothead hippies in the sixties.

None of this will ever stop until only one things is “sacred” and it is LIFE itself, that blood we so easily poor for the slightest disagreement.

As long as there are sacred things we will remain tribal monkeys killing each other over sacred territory or what not.

Cosmic Hatred will only lead to utter destruction as chaos is fed constantly and order is starving.  
Chaos leads to more Chaos so maybe yes life is but a circle, 
we started with Chaos and will end up with Chaos: 
Chaos out of utter and sheer stupidity unfortunately 
but here is that word again, another word, FORTUNE.

I would Say that Stupidity will beat Fortune any given day given the odds.

So much for our Sapiens, what a misnomer that was.

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