Saturday, October 13, 2012

They made me do it LOL

Ok here goes another one.

All them cute and not so cute too often mindless sayings, mantras, constant repeating and reposting and retweeting and what not.

FFS. Don’t people realise how utterly stupid some of them are sometimes?

Whoever came up with that crap obviously knows nothing about lies OR stupidity especially their own.

Are you telling me you are so utterly smart you can’t be lied to?

Apparently no one has any ideas of how many lies one swallows hungrily every single day. Lies we are told, lies we tell ourselves, eons old lies we’ve been believing forever.

This whole world is a lie one after another. Everything and Everyone. Ask Dr. House he’ll tell you!

Too numerous even to start mentioning.

Anything to do with religion for a starter is nothing short of mental illness, deception and self-imposed delusion.

Add on all the new age crap about the universe wants this and the universe wants that when truth says the universe doesn’t give a flying fuck.  My aura, my chakra, my asshole tells me along with birds flights and guts reading and hand reading and cold reading and hot reading and whatever horrorscope you prefer.

Media lie. Politicians lie. Friends lie. Lovers lie. Everybody lies.

And to think we are too smart to fall into any fallacies or deceptions is the biggest lie of all … to ourselves.

So yes be aware of lies but know one thing:


We are not built that way. We are utterly defective when it comes to detect lies,
Living a lie ourselves and being fed lies constantly from day one and beyond.

Pride cometh before the fall they sayeth

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