Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Rosenberg emphasized that evil “needs to be desperately explained.” The Christian theologian responded by saying: “The problem here is that we are assuming that God's purpose is just to make us happy in this life, but on the Christian view that's false. The purpose of life is not worldly happiness as such, but rather the knowledge of God. There may be many evils that occur in this lifetime that are utterly pointless with respect to producing worldly happiness, but they may not be pointless with respect to producing the knowledge of God and salvation and eternal life.”
Audience members, the formal debate panel and online viewers all said that Craig, the Christian theologian, won the debate.
I hope there was more to it than that but still I seem to have missed the point here or the whole boat.
The purpose of life is the knowledge of God?
Empirical knowledge?
Epistemological knowledge?
Emotional Knowledge?
Intellectual Knowledge?
Scientific Knowledge?
First define Knowledge and then go on and define God.
And those were the second and third assumptions only.
The first assumption was to ASSUME that life has a purpose.
1.       We ASSUME life has a purpose
2.       We ASSUME we know what knowledge is despite all the contradictions of epistemology and
3.       We ASSUME there is such a thing as one God vaguely defined amongst 1000 myths.
That is a lot of ASS and U and ME if you ask ME.
All these debates seem so absolutely pointless to me.  The rules are bent, the audience is bent, pride and prejudice play the biggest part in it and it is as invalid as democracy.
We haven’t moved a single inch forward from the days of the Aeropagus
and public intellectual masturbation. 
Rhetoric is not a science.
Rhetoric is a mastering of fallacies to fool the many.
Paul was just one more rhetorician among millions.
The truth is that there is NO explanation for our race of violent apes.  We are evil and that’s it. We are cruel and we don’t need no gods and no demons to be so we can do it all by ourselves same as any other apes do.
What is the point at all of master debating with another monkey?
Are we going to convert the planet to reason and good sense?
Greed and Ignorance will rule forever or until the day the last human dies after having destroyed all other humans around him.  There is no redemption in the universe. 
So what is the point anyway with debating with greed and ignorance? What does it achieve?
Majority and numbers on your side mean nothing at all here.
So Craig could have just STFU after his first seven words then
The problem here is that we are assuming PERIOD. STOP. 

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