Sunday, February 3, 2013

Missing the Mark

Missing the fucking mark is such a big deal in this world. 

An awful lot of religion seems to be founded on negative words.

Aletheia, (Truth)  Hamartia (Sin) all express the lack, the removal, 
the negation of something.

The removal of the river Lethe, the missing of a lot or destiny appointed to us by some mysterious will somewhere.

So much foaming at the mouth over other people missing their mark while totally forgetting how many times they have missed the fucking mark themselves.

All empowered again in our darkest subconscious twisted minds, the so-called Freudian defence mechanism which bring the absolute worst of us all and which apparently are inevitable AND inexorable as well.

Projection, Repression, Regression
Denial, Displacement, Dissociation,
Rationalisation, Intellectualisation
Passive Aggression, Isolation.

All sicknesses found in large numbers in religious people.

If one is worried about missing the mark one should worry about missing the mark of reality and mental health really.

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  1. This blog is way off. It missed the mark for me ;)