Friday, March 15, 2013

Buona Fortuna James Eugene Carrey

La gloire est éphémère et tout et tout mais…   

Glory is short lived and all and all but…

I find it sad that Jim Carrey is playing second violin to Steve Carell.

Hell! He is fourth billing, how the mighty have fallen.

I do understand that these fragile fires burn erratically at best
but to me 
Steve Carell doesn't come to the ankle of Jim Carrey
as far as funny genius is concerned.

I do admit I know next to nothing of Carell 
but that is part of the point. 

I don’t think that it is some lame patriotism either,
maybe an attachment to mental sickness at best
or maybe the same initials :)

Obviously Carrey like Kerouac is burning the candle at both ends
and the end cannot be good. 
It would seem that the only way for these guys to live forever is to die young.

A prolonged death preceded by oblivion 
and oblivion (Alzheimer’s) 
is never too good, 
like Columbo not KNOWING he was Columbo.

Maybe Comics have a shorter life in general I suppose. 

They burn the fuel faster.

O well maybe Jim will have a comeback or two
if the bipolar daemons are graceful to him.

Buona Fortuna James Eugene Carrey.

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