Sunday, March 24, 2013


Chasing God by Dawn French???

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. that’s what it come down to I s’pose.

Why the fuck would I want to read an article about theism or atheism by Dawn French of all people now?

For reasons unknown I have no respect at all for Dawn French OR Ricky Gervais while we are at it, which is strange because I almost worship George Carlin and every word that came out of his mouth.

Truth is I suppose that there are assholes of every creed colour nation or race.  Some creed, colour, nation, or race have more assholes than others I suppose oh and yeah let’s not forget sexual orientation too another important division on our explosive planet.

Authority is a big meaningless word really and expert means even less.

Dawkins is a biologist not a theologian.  
Hitchens for all his reading and awesome brain 
has been all over the spectrum so he can’t be right all the time.

A lot of these atheist loud mouths all over the internet seem to be nothing short of ignorant angry bullies and their support of atheism does nothing to help the cause.  They are just as bad and ignorant as any fanatic believer.  Bottom line I suppose again is,

a fanatic is a fanatic 

no matter what his/her colour, creed, nation, race 
or sexual orientation is too.

The motives of the hearts at times 
are more important than the correctness of the brain methinks.  

For instance I somewhat resent an atheist who is an atheist because he is gay and god hates gays so fuck you god. 
Or the poor mother who prayed intensely for god to spare HER child and god did NOT listen to HER so fuck you god again 
I will be your worst enemy now. 

It somewhat reminds me of that familiar Salieri scene in Amadeus.

I don’t know how Camus lived with the absurd but I do find it really arduous at times. And I’d hate to be French on top of all that too. J  I mean I am French-Canadian by nature but “THE” French to me are a really contentious snobby bunch almost worse than the Knesset and add on a French Jew and you have double-contentious here.  We Canadians I suppose are not very well known for our contentious spirit quite au contraire.  Some nations might be perceived as more contentious than others I guess. I know, I know, an awful lot of guessing and supposing here. J 

To achieve the right goal for the right reasons is just impossible on this planet.  We are way too twisted, ignorant and warped to come anywhere near the truth and true reality. 

Too apelike even at our best.

Our very best minds (make it an IQ of 200 or even an impossible 300) are nothing and often totally wrong in so many ways.

Our polymaths, our geniuses are still primates in so many ways.

The randomness of it all is unexplainable to the best of us.

Words like justice and truth will remain vague concepts forever and ever.

The randomness of life 
and all its innumerable factors and conditions to survive.

The randomness of death 
and its strange unexplainable, inexcusable dice rolls.

The total randomness of everyday life, of every nanosecond life.

The rewards of the wicked, 
the punishment of the poor, 
all of it is ABSURD.

Politics and religions are the ultimate Absurdities of them all.

And in the end the love we gave
… and eat and drink and be merry
… is about the sum of it all.

And maybe leave some offspring for some to prolong the absurdity.

Strangely enough both of Mozart’s sons 
who survived to adulthood 
died childless. L

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