Saturday, April 20, 2013

Down the rabbit hole again

Anthropomorphism is the ultimate hubris/arrogance.

To even imagine and 
give human attributes to forces 
we don’t understand is insane.

Life, The Universe, Nature itself 
do not have wills, limited intelligence, petty emotions or even cares.

One might as well ape morph 
or ant morph while we’re at it.

Being is not necessarily thinking.
Having is not necessarily thinking.
Doing is not necessarily thinking.

We come,
we go,
we try to understand
and in the meanwhile we invent a million fallacies in our passing.
We invent thousands of gods
and try to give life, the universe and nature some meaning.

It HAS to mean something?
Doesn’t it?
It HAS to WANT something?
Doesn’t it?

Whatever IT is.

At one point in time IT will all be gone.
Life, Nature, the Universe AND Meaning.
All gone and no more whys and what ifs.

Our temporal minds are so puny. 

To contradict myself here Nature has not seen the need 
to extend life of any form for too long 
if we can understand anything into this 
and humans do not have a preferential treatment here either.  Trees and Turtles come before us here.

What a funny idea that someone something is out to teach us something, at times with a vengeance.

Nothing is out to teach us anything.

It is up to us to learn if we want it or not 
or even more if we are able to or not. 
An awful lot of us will never learn and that’s it and that’s all
more than often due to no other fault than
a genetic or geographical or sociological dice throw really. 

We do not choose where and when to be born 
and we have much less choices 
than we imagine that we have most of the time: 
the old battle between nurture and nature here. 

Most of us do not choose when and where to die either
and more than often what goes in between those two:
being born and dying.

Anthropomorphism should be left to children stories really,
to Beatrix Potter and Lewis Carroll and other FICTIONS.

Life, Nature and the Universe as a rule do not give a fuck.

They are the kingdom of random.

And the house always wins.

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