Thursday, April 25, 2013

Time well wasted

Wish I’d do something constructive today.  

My usual road to ‘hell’ paved with good intentions.  

The last days have been quite dreadful except maybe for a little reading of Voltaire which is what I call constructive… fulfilling, positive use of one’s life.

No one on his death bed will wish to have crush more candies.

Did spend a decent ‘morning’ though sifting through 20 readings of scientists quotes on their belief or disbelief in a god, some of them Nobel prizes woop tee doodle doo.

And that of course created a few thoughts, maybe not new thoughts but more ‘productive’ thoughts than planning my strategy through the next level of Farm Heroes Saga.

Also a bit of ‘meditation’ on the irony of having museums of all kinds, one contradicting the other. 
One museum to remind the Americans of their external crimes against the Japanese
one  museum to remind the Americans of their internal crimes against Japanese.

Talking about the RohWer RoHrers of a previous document and research here.

RohWer RoHrers
Takei was ‘interned” at RohWer  Japanese American Internment, Arkansas(Museum in McGehee)
Not to be confused with Rohrers Island OHIO, which is right next to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum
And now please if you would follow me to  the Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum (what’s 600 miles between friends now? ) where the B-29 Bomber Bockscar is held along with a replica of Fat Man full size: the bomb that flattened Nagasaki. 
Kokura can thank their good star.
The original target for the bomb was the city of Kokura, but obscuring clouds necessitated changing course to the alternative target, Nagasaki. An estimated 40,000 people were killed outright by the bombing at Nagasaki, and a further 25,000 were injured.[5] Thousands more died later from related blast and burn injuries, 

So I could go on finishing Voltaire 
(3PM is always a critical time here) or write some more thoughts on this world and scientists and gods and religion and hope and delusion and madness and superstition and ignorance and sadness and soul searching and meaning and purpose and other Sisyphean tasks or some other nice words oh yeah like Panglossian approach to life which is so so ridiculous by the way and I think I might have covered Leibniz myself previously however  briefly and in my most ignorant manner. 

I do not need to read all of Leibniz or all of Voltaire or all of anything to create and have thoughts and opinions which might be as bright as the brightest and as dumb As the dumbest.

In fact some of them brilliant minds wrote and said some pretty obvious stupid stupid things.

Billions and billions of monkeys and not one of them can write or think a decent thought, not one truth amongst them and by saying billions and billions I am also reminded that Sagan too had some pretty silly wants and needs and beliefs and wishful thinking.

So, I am no Einstein, no Camus, no Sagan, no one really 

but my quest is as valid as any of theirs, 
my questions matter to me much more that it mattered to them, 
much more that they matter to me.  

I like the good old bible saying

And he makes no acception of persons.

The good old idea that a perfect god would certainly not play favouritism and see right through hearts and minds and souls and lies and deceptions and delusions and men would not impress him one single bit.  

Men are bound by chains of all sorts: money, sucking up to superiors, fear, greed, and delusions of all sorts when they are not bound, to begin with, with a very poor gene pool.

Nobel Prizes for instance don’t bother me none. I mean they give these things to just about anyone and are certainly not above biases and corruption.  Same applies to Pulitzer or any other frail human prizes given to frail humans.

Intelligence of the highest part does not seem to make you immune to emotional errors and infighting with other intelligence of the highest part which only tells you that one of them is BOUND to be totally wrong.

So what is left? Not much to lean on I tell ya, 
no rock higher than I here.

My ageing belief is becoming that 
there IS no god and 
no afterlife 
and all is the subject of absurd 
and I mean absurd random and chance. 
That man is no better than a monkey 
or other animal if not much worst in fact.

I would have loved to be born on a planet with no predators at all and 
I can only dream about that now 
about my Elois without the Morlocks. 
( I should read more H.G. Wells, obviously he had a great mind) 

Altered States of Consciousness seem to be much preferred to an unaltered ones as depressive realism is no fun to live through. 

I mean there would be absolutely nothing wrong for me at this point except maybe for one person or two to disappear in Darkness 
to let my Vaisseau D’or sink in the darkness of artificial Light.

I want a permanent dreamland, a NICE dreamland where everything is perfect, innocent and sweet, where 

“Everything is Beautiful and Nothing Hurts”.

Death does not bring that and 
Life certainly doesn’t bring it either.

I am not the first to imagine the lion sleeping with the lamb.

No ants to be ever stepped on. 
Spiders eat grass.

Right there one would need some sort of an ethereal body, a mind energy with the power to travel anywhere and anytime.

Of course it will never never happen and some would say it is useless and silly to waste one’s imagination towards such things but that’s what books have been written and read for. 

I want to write my own book and live in it.

To others it would be madness but to the dreamer it would be bliss.
Add to this a millionaire’s death in your sleep of old age (since we MUST die) and what more could one want?

The only hick and drawback of course of all this is that it doesn’t create much of a real social life and a world would not function too long with seven billion LSD trips going all at the same time.

Even Alanis’s Utopia seems a bit odd at times as it never includes one bad apple 

and that is the real problem with this world ain’t it?

The ONE bad apple.  

We cannot afford the one bad apple as many religions have known and tried to instate by killing right away all “heretics” 
people who made a choice, 
a DIFFERENT choice.

Even Doctor Who’s world does not seem very nirvanaesque.  

And the last thing I want in my Panglossian best of possible worlds is a Valhalla for sure.

Nirvana seems to bring the kind of peace I dream of, at least the word does.

Heaven has been really muddled up over the ages and seem now to represent more my idea of hell filled with self-righteous, holier than thou, foaming at the mouth hateful hypocrites with an angry god in charge somewhere who somehow is not angry anymore and doesn’t seem to care much that the greatest majority is STILL suffering and burning in hell for all ETERNITY which is a very very long time BTW.

So Nirvana it is then but not attained by submitting to some asshole with an agenda.

And I don’t see the necessity either of this hatred for sex drugs and rock and roll or the good old women wine and songs. That could be part of a certain paradise for sure can’t it?

O well so here is another productive hour and so be it, que sera sera.

Maybe Voltaire or some more wasted time being a Farm Hero Saga maniac like millions of others.  Not the kind of Saga I always dreamed of but it carries you through time which is short and it brings the night and dreamland a little closer.

If I can put more hours together like this maybe one day, one day, I will come up with the best dream glued together in what used to be paper but is now bytes, but either way it transports one in a dreamland of his own for a short time,

After all, man has always been a story teller apparently
which might be one of the best things that separates us from the animal
or maybe one of the worst too. Who knows?

Hope it helps you in the five minutes it will take you to read this. One hour of my time for your 5 minutes.  5 minutes multiplied by many people makes for a lot of good time now.

And this is why we blog or write I suppose.

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