Saturday, January 11, 2014

That kiwi commercial bugs me.

That kiwi commercial bugs me.

For one thing millions of people die of stupidity aka ‘mistakes’.
A whole franchise, ‘JackAss’, is made to bankroll on that.

PLUS what more than really happened here it was not a ‘mistake’ of judgement or a lack of vision it is simply the general attitude on the road of males (and more and more females  apparently) with too much arrogance, not enough patience, cutting off and cutting in aggressively , with children in the car or not.

In this commercial as in so many times in life there was not a car for miles behind the incoming car, you’d think the incoming traffic could wait eh?
HE is gonna have to slam on the brakes
cuz here I come
brace yourself for his majestic Fuck here.

Then on top of all that we are supposed to have a very gentle pleading here where AGAIN in REAL LIFE it would have been a jerk fest of road rage and swearing each accusing the other and blaming the other where the law says and the laws of logic too that small road traffic should ALWAYS yield to big road traffic.

104 or 100 or even 90 would have made no difference at all when stupidity and arrogance are involved
and stupidity and arrogance should not procreate but that is a nother entirely different subject.

It is done every fucking day on our roads and the only mistake here is the mistake of arrogance and machismo that kills plenty in bars and on the road and everywhere.

Not sure what the message is here since it seems to blame speed where speed definitely wasn’t the culprit here,
that car was clearly seen and totally ignored
or someone was stoned at the wheel,
here is a nother entirely different subject again,
needless to say if you’re stoned and driving
don’t take your kids with you either.

As much as it is liked and promoted it still bugs me to no end because the real situation has not been addressed here and I somewhat feel that the millions of dollars spent on this propaganda are wasted since it is preaching to the converted and the jackass ijuts will continue their usual ways
and it will be water on the back of a duck for them. 

It comes from the same attitude as the so-called king hits.  I hate this misnomer so much as for once the Americans have a better term for it, sucker punch but in reality it should be called low-life scum coward punch.

If the man is driving the speed limit or slightly over, let him go and wait half a second your precious majesty.
Usually ijuts like that cut you off and then drive 20-30 kms below the speed limit except in passing areas where they speed up a little to slow down again when the double lines come back. In a hurry to cut you off but in no hurry to go anywhere after that.

The problem is not speed it is what used to be called

My two bits again on common sense.

There are instances where speed kills (especially mixed with alcohol and/or drugs) but this was not one of them.

It is too late to place the blame once the damage is done and lives are lost

but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


  1. I totally agree with you. The idjits in Wagga pull out in front of you frequently when there is no traffic behind your vehicle, THEN they pull over to the left of the lane so you can pass! Duh, mobile accidents just waiting to happen!

    1. Glad I am not the only one now! :)
      Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
      ~Mark Twain