Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Locked Room


Eu- topia ! Eulogy of topography! A “Good” “Place”!

One would think there should be only ONE eutopia right?

That forever imagine place of no pain and no death and no harm and above all no “evil”.

It certainly is nowhere BUT in a few people’s IMAGINATION. 

The Image of a Place!

Which reminds me of: “The Map is Not the Territory”.

And as much as I keep saying I would love to leave the greatest utopia behind me I cannot begin to even write a simple sketch of it.

Aldous Huxley certainly comes to mind as he appeals to me somehow in his rigidity or he appealed anyway since I read the book such a long time ago. I might have read it in French for all I know.  But the fact that parenthood as a rule is not such a good thing, that we are the cruellest animals of all towards our offspring makes me want government engineered test tube babies.

Songs like Mother for instance and Freudian approaches and what not makes me want to eliminate parental authority figures from the planet for good and for the good of the race too. (Movies like the General’s Daughter and other examples, what is worse than gang rape? Betrayal for personal profit)

So where does it begin and how does one get rid of dissidents without sounding like Mao or Stalin now? One would obviously have to eliminate dissidents at the source straight from ‘programming’ Day One.
So a Utopia without religion is one thing but a utopia without “POLITICS” now is an impossible challenge and we all know these two subjects ruin everything.

I don’t want a Harrison Bergeron, I don’t want a ruling class, and I don’t want a Philosopher Kings approach.

What I want is a planet of champions, no elite since all are at the top and equal.

It is impossible to imagine even with an apocalyptic cataclysm that would leave only two people on the planet (preferably intelligent and preferably male and female as well J )

In fact the only new beginning I can imagine is from scratch
with two “RE-ENGINEERED” human beings.

For let’s face it the original engineering utterly sucks.

So maybe Aldous was on the right track after all.  To refresh my memory I should really reread his work and its addition to it but let’s try to imagine one with what I have now, what I know now.

Now it seems quite a challenge to have a planet full of Alphas don’t it?

But the classes and the castes system horrifies me as there is so much room for horrific behaviour here and fucking colonialism and self-righteousness and what not.

So what could it be then? A new and improved Scandinavia but in a warmer climate? What if we needed the cold to cool us down now? Even though freezing does not come in my Valhalla at all.
In fact, I want 25°C, all day long, all year round and rain only at night! J 

Which would allow for another feature of my new paradise:
no clothes, so done with fashion tyranny.

So where does it begin? And how? And when? In a future where genetic engineering is possible but yet with a future not encumbered by technology and a new beginning triggered by violent nature rather than violent men, i.e. a planet wiping virus rather than a nuclear clean up.

How do you build now from 2 to a decent 1000 as close to the original as possible?

In this world it is impossible since as soon as a new religion is born, a new political party, schisms start right away and heresies as they call them and divisions and what not.  It certainly is a biological tendency for cells to tend to split.  On one hand one does not want cancerous cells but on the other hand we can’t all have exact clones either.

How to manage to get no debate necessary on all the ‘essentials’?
How to establish these ‘essentials’ once and for all in the human psyche?
So many questions which will ever only have answers in the imaginary.
School? Education? Bullies? Sibling Rivalry? Early problems in life.

And since this would be my utopia there is no sense in establishing a committee to try to form it, establish it.
That committee alone would not be very utopic to begin with.

Many would disagree with my rule number one which is no religion at all, no myth and no lies. (No Santa, No Tooth Fairy, Fantasies presented as such fictive and not real)

Religion is fact in this world is a virus that has to be quickly eliminated with extreme prejudice
and no mercy whatsoever unless we go back to what we have now.

A mental sickness with no cure provided by denial and self-delusion. 
No one is harder to cure than the one who think he is healthy.

Which brings me to this citation here:

Certain linguistic anthropologists think that religion is a language virus
that rewrites pathways in the brain, dulls critical thinking.


Korzybski's work argued that human knowledge of the world is limited both by the human nervous system and by the structure of language.
Korzybski thought that people do not have access to direct knowledge of reality; rather they have access to perceptions and to a set of beliefs which human society has confused with direct knowledge of reality. Korzybski is remembered as the author of the dictum: "The map is not the territory".

What to do with all this now?
Rewrite our genetic faulty code in the original re-spawn?
Correct our nervous system and rewire the brain
and more importantly
mightily improve in a very primitive semantic/linguistic system?

And the one billion dollars question here obviously is in a “written” utopia How the HELL do you do this with WORDS?

Wow some task here!

Come to think of it while I am at it would be to eliminate death and sickness by placing consciousness in a mechanical repairable ‘eternal’ body a la Terminator meets Spike Jonze.

Now for this consciousness not to be too Vulcan either and remain ‘human’ when the word itself ‘human’ seems to be so much more part of the problem than part of the solution.

Love without hate? Try to imagine that now.

Without reviewing my old ramblings on Utopia here my recreation of one would probably be very similar to my basic idea of it I suppose.
So here is a beginning somehow?

When? Good question. 2500 seems too early. 

I like the good old Herbert George AD 802,701

I like what the urban dictionary has to say here

supposely the year where Morlocks and Eloi are the only races.
802701 A.D. the year where there are only two races.

And here is the hick again: Two Races.
This Dualism and more importantly this monotheism which creates a duality right there and then with this Us & Them attitude and this Chosen better than thou bullshit.

This Dualism must go. What we need here is an Eloi without the Morlocks. 

And more importantly,
an intelligent Eloi that cannot die, cannot drown or burn or have an accident even and absolutely no Morlocks at all in this world, 

no Paul no Stalin.

And yes it might take 800 thousand years to get there.  By this time I’d like to hope that we’ve moved way up on this Kardashev Scale and can move our consciousness to more viable premises.

It doesn’t have to be here.

Therefore my 25°C, all day long, all year round and rain only at night! J

A gigantic DOME comes to mind here J

Also the room to expand but here rises a problem somehow there must be the birth of a brain and a ‘soul’ in this immortal world, apparently nurtured properly and then transplanted in a more durable vessel.

It is hard to imagine harmony though in an expanding race/world. 

 As if chaos must come to reign at one point as if the universe cannot just spread forever without EXPLODING.  

But we could also keep it small scale but it implies again stagnation and some sort of death.  

After all we don’t want a Logan’s Run Carrousel at any age do we? L

 Altogether an ultimate exercise in futility
but much funner than reality anyway :)
A permanent LSD trip where one totally escapes the harshness of the environment for a while
not so different from everyday life really.

It would be proper to terminate this with Rust Cohle's last heard words
In that last nanosecond, they saw what they were,
that you,
this whole big drama,
it was never anything but a jerry-rig of presumption and dumb will
and you could just let go
finally now that you didn't have to hold on so tight...
to realize that all your life-- you know, all your love, all your hate,
all your memory, all your pain-- it was all the same thing.
It was all the same dream, a dream that you had inside a locked room,
a dream about being a person...
and like a lot of dreams...
there's a monster at the end of it.

So I want my dream with no monsters that's all,
I want my locked room to be a happy place! 

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