Friday, February 21, 2014

The score will say Oblivion Won

Seasons go
And seasons past
Years go on
A bit too fast
First thing you know
It’s winter time
Your life force is
A distant chime
Your best days behind
And what’s ahead?
Plans and dreams are
All but dead
Clinging to Air
To consciousness
Remembering the
Ghosts of Past
Hoping for a last feat,
A legacy
Before you passed
To history.

A tiny unit of
The bungled and the botched
One more out of a thousand myriad of myriads
Whether you shine and leave a notch
Is getting closer and closer to naught
Plus what does it matter what the world said
Once you cold and forever dead?
You are part of Stardust and Greatness
But greatness has no consciousness

While you were searching for truth
You just forgot
There is no such word
It’s just a thought
You were fighting the river Lethe
Let it be, let it, Let. Delete.
The opposite of truth is Oblivion
And you forget that in the end
The score will say
Oblivion Won!

So enjoy this consciousness while it lasts
For no one knows no one can tell
If lack of consciousness is the only hell
For all we know it could be even
That Oblivion is the best Heaven

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