Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sorry Satchmo!

Sorry Satchmo
but as long as I live I will stand with another big black bloke because it is NOT a wonderful world and none of us are free.

Watching an old video of Cranberries’ Zombie made me sad at the reality of the immense suffering of us all and in our human perception also the ‘worse’ suffering of ‘innocent’ children too often by other not so innocent children as well.

I was reminded of how much I hate the word resilience and the need for it even having it in some primary schools guidelines and motto.

Life itself needs to be ‘resilient’ I know but I am a dreamer, a Herbert George dreamer of Elois without Morlocks of ‘good’ without ‘evil’.

We are apes after all.  Our only biggest problem is hubris being the dominant species we think it means we have achieved some special status.  The dinosaurs were a dominant species at one time too and look what happened to them.  

We are no better.

A two year old can enjoy the suffering of another two year old and it will always be like this. There will always be mindless senseless wars crimes and violence.

One would think life is fragile enough without this added killing right?

Strangely enough one of the biggest killers is a silent one but still an affront to the ‘special gift’, the privilege, the random lottery of Life: Suicide.

Anyway back to my muttons here, (artistic freedom free translation), our biggest fault is hubris to think that man is the cat’s meow of ‘creation’, the ultimate good act of an all knowing all powerful all good super fairy.
Man is the dominant species for NOW and that’s it and in TIME it means nothing.

We’re the big lizards of this temporary minute in the space time continuum.

But we ARE lizards.

Always will be.

Our medulla oblongata will always be much larger than our tiny pineal gland (the size of a grain of rice) the seat of our dreams of grandeur and all of our delusions.

But all this won’t matter in time again as the circle of life will all bring us back to this tiny unimaginable nothingness of the beginning and the end of the universe, either a tiny dot containing all ‘creation’ (so impossible to fathom) 
or better a huge big black hole of nothingness, 
no consciousness, 
no feelings, 
no knowledge, 
no nothing 
and certainly no big ape temporarily called homo sapiens sapiens.

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