Saturday, April 12, 2014

My face is not a pipe.

This is not my face.

Many won’t repost but 
I, I, I, 
will be a 
monkey see, 
monkey do 
and try with the others to bully you into conformism as if MY reposting will change ANYTHING at all .

Social Medias and their sheepish trends I tell ya!

It almost makes you want to turn into an Orwellian Conspiracy Theorist or at best a Huxleyan one anyway.
The mad rehash is enough to question your sanity every day
and asking yourself What the Hell am I doing here?
I don’t belong here …  
♪ ♫ ♪ ♫  humming along with Thom Yorke’s Creep.

Facebook is just not FACE book anymore.  
For one thing many don’t have FACES 
but either faces of their animals, their children, 
or a picture of them 40 years ago.

I know I know that my face is not a pipe! ☺
but still I personally like my Facebook to be my recent face. 
Plus I tend to disagree that my life on Facebook is far different from my real life and a false representation of a happy life… 
ok maybe it is as  narcissistic as anyone though because I am good at the Pond Admiration Thingie.

Plus instead of PERSONAL news which is mainly why I got on the fucking boat to begin with, almost forced to, having children and grandchildren at the antipode of the planet, 
all I get is news rehash, and the one I hate the most a pseudo GUMTREE where someone is trying to sell me some shite
OR trying to help
their grandmother second cousin’s neighbour
to sell her shite for “free”.

Another is the photos that will make you puke your breakfast the Barnum & Bailey Freak Show of tortured animals or other horrors. 
Hell if I wanted to walk into that tent I would pay the fucking quarter but since I don’t want to, keep that fucking curtain closed to my sensitive heart and eyes will ya?

 there are a million horrors in the world, 
correction a trillion, 
but I don’t want to see all of them at once.

I have this very strange idea 
(and PETA would kill me for that) 
that as far as PRIORITIES are concerned 
the day we treat ALL HUMANS right and properly 
then I’ll move on to animal welfare. 
In the meanwhile I will treat my animals properly and try to live with myself while I eat chicken or lamb.

I mean I am not an activist at all, they are crazier than I am, but if I was one my cause would be humans, 
preferably children as this one alone is an endless, ungrateful cause to serve to begin with.

Write about what you know they say 
so since I spend too much time on Bookface 
I thought I’d write about that a little now. ☻

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