Saturday, November 8, 2014

21,500 days on earth

Copying someone again as I said again and again none of us are ‘originals’, none of us are free.

What’s new? Same old same old, last spree was getting quickly bored by a young American with nothing new… another form of Amazing Atheist, another vlogger vaccinated with a gramophone needle pushing his shite, selling his snake oil anywhichway he can.  One good way is to comment on popular issues and viral YouTube’s videos this way you can ride the coattail of someone else and STILL cash on the leftovers: the American way.

What is he selling? Hot air and bullshit like everyone else. Snake oil accompanied by many flavors to get the maximum attention. A young kid who has watched too many YouTube in fact selling the old libertarian idiocies he has learned from Penn & Teller, a little bit of Osho here (without the abort and sterilise hypocrisy) a comment on news and popular criminals, opinions galore on many subjects, a seethed machoism and hate for feminism if I get the gist right ..all that to point to a pseudo matrix cure all who can’t seem to be enough of a cash cow to afford a fucking tripod.

His dissing of education because HE doesnt have any makes it lame and his dabbling in heavier intellectual subjects becomes even lamer.  

Maybe it is Alanis Morissette all over again! J Oops Alzheimer’s slip AGAIN!  Not Alanis but Jewel rather the Kilcher one.  Maybe he IS Pieces of Me. J 
But then again he too could listen to that song.

Another manic vlogger, 400 plus vids in less than 3 years, consistent so far but then again it is like a free commercial innit?

Why bother about him? Why bother about anything? 
Got sick of him quick, got sick of his Osho fake bullshit as well.  

The most important thing about Osho that his popular video on Marriage and Children does NOT mention is this:

“There were no children born in the ashram." 
" About 87 per cent of residents had a sexually transmitted disease "

Nuff said!

That was a short break anyway in my favourite escape to which I should go back soon really. 
I mean what else is there better to do? 
I just ran out of dopamine feeding for a while and got deflated, 
tired of it but it’s a life as good as any if not better.

All this thinking might be overrated after all you may be right young man! J 
But unlike you I got nothing to sell, not being American might be a help here since this selling bullshit seems to work so much better in America for all these young Anthony Robbins out there who are totally oblivious that there are 7 billion people on earth not a market of 300 million that there are such poor countries and continents as India and Africa and even huge part of China and Brazil the so called BRIC where all their bullshit is exactly that: bullshit.

In the meanwhile I’ll go back to ‘breathing’ on something else while I still can.

On another note last night was interestingly sad watching Warren and Glen all led to it by the inevitable love of cracked! J

Alzheimer’s always seems to me to be a fate worse than death, like being buried alive… was it Nick Cave or someone else lately that said something like what are we if not memories? 
No memories = No meaning.

Now on another note

Attachment is the source of all suffering.

All this Buddhism bullshit is really starting to sound deadly wrong to me.
As if in being a sentient animal was never meant to be.
All life has always suffered and as far as I know always will until the end, until death, 
to some the last suffering to others the end of all suffering.

Avoiding all suffering at all costs now is a strange way where many mystics have got lost. 
Avoiding all suffering at all costs is also a good addiction motto,
alcoholism and heroin preach that as well in their way.

Since suffering in general is often as inevitable, inexorable ( I love this word) as death 
and maybe both are not meant to be avoided at all cost.  

We are lucky in the western hemisphere at least and in the present time span to be able to avoid much suffering thanks to many drugs and anaesthesia. Just a short time ago, an amputation for example was a lot of alcohol and bite something hard and try not to pass out from the pain.

Anyway my point is that this ‘detachment’ on top of a holy mountain is an extreme not better than the attachment to the right or wrong thing or people.  
Osho comes back to mind here as he is somewhat interesting in his “brave new world” approach of children being raised by the commune but his practical approach utterly sucked as it does usually among imperfect humans, the most imperfect always being the leader totally corrupted and drunk with power.

The good old power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
It IS in our DNA and that too is inevitable and inexorable.
Therefore there is no solution to the human problem.

So this “do not get attached” not love anything or anyone is just bullshit selfish narcissism.  

Sentient beings are MEANT to suffer as long as we have a physical body and a soft heart.

So here it goes as always all problems and no solutions, all questions and no answers à la Socrates.

Now you do the thinking I is too tired! J

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