Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Not infinite but very ephemeral.

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite".

But man, especially this man or any ‘man’ for this matter, is NOT Infinite. 

No Life is.

Life: A very temporary thing for the fruit fly, the tsetse fly, the mayfly (ephémère in French), the rabbit and the impala, the lion and the wolf and US.

My consciousness is very finite and the future of my billions and billions of atoms is of little concern to me, stardust or not.  

And what we do with this little consciousness while we have it is probably very limited as poets of the like of Blake, Huxley and Morrison would say.

Ephemeral from the Greek Epi Hemera, upon one day:
a day being a conceptual length of time.

Limited consciousness to the point where the highest IQ could easily be a psychopath or a criminal, an arm dealer or worse. 

Limited consciousness where there is no solution visible for this race in an infinite amount of time except maybe total and complete extinction and annihilation, the ultimate solution. 

In fact we are no more important to the "laws that be"  than any other species who have all gone extinct and will go the same way no favour granted here for our so-called superior intellect.  

We have been here for a very short time all considered and all our endeavours will disappear with us. 

I doubt it will take all the four billion years this little ball has left.

So in the meanwhile
we can all fuss and mutter
and pretend we matter.

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