Friday, October 9, 2015

Division and Projection

I know, this argument 
can go back and 
fourth (sic) FOREVER and that is what THEY WANT! 

Divide and conquer!

It is a bit sickening and 

exhausting at times to try to  follow anything on social 

media or the internet.

There is such an insurmountable amount of bullshit that it 

is hard to sift through anything, nauseating at best.

The opening statement for instance is from an anti vax fanatic 

cult leader. 

What a perfect example divided by one period

I know, this argument can go back and fourth (sic) 


and that is what THEY WANT!

Back and forth you can say that again but as soon as you say 

that is what THEY WANT what do you do?

YOU establish the 
good old US & THEM,

YOU DIVIDE in order to conquer THEM

then what is next?

Well the famous Freud defence mechanism 

par excellence:


of dividing and 

There are so many fallacies , countless really, and so many 

confirmation biases and cognitive biases and what not that 

any debate just become a stinking pile of shit only meant to 

be left alone and never stirred for we all know what happens 

now when you stir shit.

When I was young and poor I was offered by my landlady $10

 to help me towards my room and board if I’d only shovel 

some of the pigeon manure from the neighbour. 

I stood on top of the dry hill and planted my spade in there.  I 
still remember to this day my kneed buckling, my eyes

 watering and the horrible taste that stuck to my throat for 


Well Facebook is a bit like that at times.

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